So the hotel I’m staying at apparently doesn’t have free Internet in the room OR in the lobby. This could make blogging a little tricky. Frick.


Stupid Hyatt.

12 thoughts on “Frick.”

  1. Free internet at a hotel is rare these days. Hotels have to nickel and dime their customers ever since the advent of Priceline.

  2. Its usuall $25.00 and redic! So go find a near coffee shop or library to do it. Keep it! Or ask managment at the desk to just give you access for a second. Or use your phone! But don’t pay it!

  3. Maybe some of your apple fanboy friends know how to connect through your phone. Droid devices have some free apps out there.

  4. Should have stayed at the Hotel Harrington. It has the batman symbol on it, has pretty awesome/crappy rooms, does, shockingly, have internet, has a great restaurant as well.

    Next time.

  5. The nicer/more expensive the hotel, the less likely it is to have free internet. Or so my experience goes.

  6. I have worked for Hyatt hotels for the past 2 years, they unfortunately do charge for internet if you are at a full service hotel. It doesn’t make much sense since you are paying full price for your room instead of going through third party websites but that is the hard truth. If you stay at a select service hotel for example: Hyatt Place or Hyatt House they do offer free internet. But be warned: with the free internet you must give up in room dining, prompt wake up calls and a friendly staff (since they get paid less to do more). Just friendly tips from an old Hyatt employee.

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