Freakin’ Frugal Fruitcake

Yo, yo, yo people. Hope your weekend was equally as unproductive as mine 🙂 I’ve got a fever and the only cure is more cowbell money. I’m a freakin frugal fruitcake (take that alliteration)! My first week back from my workcation and I’m stressed. I forgot how expensive it is to have friends, eat food, and drive a car.

Over the last seven days I had an unexpected vehicle incident, which ended up costing me $180. I dropped $224 on renewing my car’s registration. Spent about $50 dining out with friends. Paid my cable bill, blah blah blah….

Basically I made a bunch of insignificant purchases, but still feel overwhelmed. WTF? I have plenty of money in my savings account, most of these expenses were anticipated, and most were unavoidable. Why the heck am I having an internal financial panic attack?

I definitely don’t want to become so frugal I can’t enjoy spending my money, but I’m afraid I might already be there. I embrace frugality, but at some point it just becomes an inappropriate love affair that can ruin happiness.

Fortunately, I’m not quite to that point. I’m using today’s post as a reminder (to myself) that it is okay to spend my hard earned money. Do you other frugal dudes and dudettes suffer from a borderline OVERsavings problem? Ever felt guilty about going out to dinner, even though you deserve to go out and have the finances to do so? Slap some sense in to me and cure me of my disease.

p.s. check out this story about a woman who was so frugal she lived in a small condo even though she had a networth of $35.6MM

7 thoughts on “Freakin’ Frugal Fruitcake”

  1. ….Exactly why I said a while ago that frugality sucks….

    After going unexpectedly over-budget on my computer build, I was kind of freaking out financially. And, it's now early Monday morning, and I still haven't taken care of my biweekly power-budgeting due to payday last Friday, but… meh… sometimes you just gotta chill and go with the flow.

  2. I think I need someone to slap some sense into me, too. I hardly spend any money on myself, and tend to feel guilty if I do. So it's not just you!

  3. I get those moments of anxiety too, even though I don't have any debt and a pretty healthy savings. I think it's the blogging community. It makes us hyperaware of our spending and that isn't always a good thing. We get competitive with each other in our heads and feel like failures when we don't measure up. It's okay to spend some money and have fun! I just need to remember that too!

  4. That is why I just give myself a very comfortable amount of spending money with every paycheck. I usually have a lot left over and carry it over to savings. But if I wanted to splurge, I could do so without feeling guilty. I hate the guilty feeling so I do anything and everything to avoid it.

    But we're supposed to make you not feel so guilty, so STOP FEELING GUILTY. K?

  5. Well, I think the downturn of the economy has us being hypersensitive to spending money.

    Me? I'm going to end up one of those old ladies who stuff all their money in the mattress for family members to find my fortune when I die. 😉

    Alas, I have my husband who tells me kindly that it is okay to enjoy life without having to go way overboard.

  6. Ninja, it sounds like you're about to cross over the threshold from frugality to cheapness. Don't go there!

    As long as you have a bit of a plan for your future, and a budget to help you get there, you shouldn't have anything to stress about.

    I used to budget my pay checks down to the last dollar, but I learned awhile back that it needs to be alot more elastic, for all those events or purchases you just don't anticipate.

    Have you got a bit of money set aside for 'fun' in that budget of yours?

  7. I think I'm a bit of a nutcase when it comes to saving….and over saving. I think I find myself avoiding spending money if at all possible. We need to remind ourselves that, as long as we're still saving as planned, it's okay if we slip up once in a while…especially since we probably underspend most of the time. The average spent probably evens out pretty nicely.

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