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Gone but not forgotten.

Girl Ninja flew out of Seattle Friday night to attend a friend’s baby shower in San Diego. To say she was excited about leaving the cold and wet snow in Seattle, for the warm sea breezes of Diego, would be an understatement. I wasn’t expecting to hear from her much as I knew she’d be busy catching up with friends and prepping for the shower. On Saturday, she called me crying.

Her grandfather, who has been battling lung cancer, was in the hospital and on a respirator. He had contracted pneumonia and was struggling to breathe on his own. She went to bed Saturday hoping Sunday would bring better news. The next morning she woke up to a phone call from her mother; Grandpa was not doing well and she and her three sisters needed to drive to Palm Desert to say their goodbyes. He passed away while they were en route.

Girl Ninja flew to San Diego to celebrate the life of her best friend’s unborn child, but the Lord had different plans and instead she is in Palm Desert, celebrating the 80+ years of life her grandfather had.

Losing a loved one is difficult, but peace is found by reflecting back on her grandpa’s impact on the world. He was a simple man, at least that’s the impression I got over the five years I knew him. He enjoyed golfing, volunteering and serving at his church. He was a writer. A thinker. A theologist. He was the former executive of a company most of you know. He wrote many books (yes, they were published). He even started a blog with a little help from yours truly. He was a Korean War veteran. He loved telling jokes (even if you’ve heard them before), spending time with his wife, four children, eleven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren, and he loved, I MEAN LOVED ice cream.

Although he was an accomplished individual, doing more in his 80 years than I could do in 180, he will not be immortalized for these things. Instead, he will be remembered as a man who wanted nothing more than to be an obedient follower of Christ. For all of his accomplishments are merely byproducts of his deep rooted love for Jesus.

Although many tears have and will be shed as a result of his passing, we find encouragement and strength in remembering who he was, how he lived, and most importantly how he loved.

I leave you with a short snippet from an article he wrote many years ago…

Listen friend, the will of God isn’t wrapped up in the details of what we do, but the character of who we are. It’s not just the large choices, but the daily small choices that cumulatively build us into who God wants (wills) us to be. God cares about the little things and His will can include details, but these are secondary. What is primary is that we choose to follow his clear direction in spiritual and moral arenas. Then all the details fall into place.

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  1. I love you Girl Ninja, I love your family, and I am thankful that even though my grandparents passed away long ago, I got to inherit yours. I might not be able to be with you right now, but know that I’m thinking of, and praying for, your family. Love ya.

  2. My thoughts and prayers will be with Girl Ninja this week. Losing a beloved relative is always hard, but the Lord gives us the strength to carry on.

  3. My heart goes out to you and your family. What a life your Grandfather chose to live! Praise God that he left behind such an impression.

  4. My thoughts are with girl ninja, I’m so sorry for her loss. I too lost my grandfather two years ago, and still miss him – I hope that she takes time to remember some happy memories of him, and maybe eat some ice cream in his honor.

  5. Very sorry to hear this, Ninja. With my parents being 86 and 90, I worry every day that I might receive a call about losing one of them.

  6. What a lovely tribute to a wonderful man. It pains me that you can’t be with Girl Ninja right now, but this beautiful post will hopefully put a smile on her face even for just a minute. When my grandfather passed, hearing people recount how much they loved him and all of his wonderful accomplishments made me feel so much better.

  7. Very sorry to hear this, Ninja. I lost my grandmother last year & I know how dificult it is to say goodbye to a beloved one. I send you my prayers.

  8. I’m so sorry for GN’s loss. One grandfather was the only grandparent I knew, and he died when I was nine. I do regret the time I didn’t get to have with him, but more so, I appreciate the time I did get to have with him. Praying for God’s peace for your family.

  9. I got a similar call about my grandma a couple of years ago. Like Girl Ninja, I hurried up to see her, but I was fortunate to make it to see her before she passed away (she died just a couple hours later). You guys will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  10. Tell Girl Ninja I’m sorry for her lost. Sounds like a great man will be missed here on Earth.

  11. My deepest condolences on your loss. One of the hardest parts of becoming a grownup is saying goodbye to those special to us. I struggle at this.

  12. Many condolences to GN and family and you. It isn’t easy losing someone who’s been there for so long and with such a positive attitude and impact. May he rest peacefully with the Lord.

  13. Like GN, I, too, hurried to see my dying grandfather back in 2003, and I also got a call that he passed away before I got to see him. My prayers are with GN and her family.

  14. Sorry to hear this – my condolences. I would add that I really like the article that he wrote which you have posted above. I have emailed it around my close family and friends. VERY fitting for modern times.

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