Don’t forget the smaller things

Fridays are so legit. They give me warm fuzzies inside and make me want to be a happier person. You know what though? I often forget to appreciate some of the smaller things in life. I watched a YouTube video the other day of a guy that was freakin’ out during a “double rainbow” spotting, granted he was probably on some sort of drug, but nonetheless he still was appreciative of something as insignificant as a rainbow. So today I share with you all, some of the small details of life I often forget to appreciate.


For those of us that live in a developed country, we often forget roughly 1/3 of the world’s population are malnourished. While I debate having the Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Burger or the Chicken Salad Sandwich, there are over a billion people just hoping they get access to clean water. Today I’ll make a conscious effort to appreciate the ability to feed myself on demand.

Girl Ninja

Yup, I’m guilty of taking GN for granted. We’ve dated for 4 years. Been engaged for seven months. And are 30 days away from tying the knot. I want to be a pretty freakin’ awesome husband and the best way I know to do that is to tell her how much I appreciate her. While I may never understand why she loves flowers so much, I find it important to meet that need and surprise her with the occasional bouquet. I’m convinced the three ways to make a woman feel loved are words of affirmation, flowers, and a coach purse ๐Ÿ˜‰


I grew up in Seattle. Obviously this means I am use to rainy weather. After living in San Diego for the last seven years, I’ve almost forgot what the stuff looks like. That was until yesterday. While everyone else I knew was b*tching about the crappy weather, I couldn’t help delight in the gray clouds and falling rain. It was a nice change of pace and much welcomed.


Yes, bagles. I bought them from the grocery store this last week and I gotta tell you, my mouth is in bagel heaven. I’m totally diggin’ the cinnamon raisin bagel and cream cheese combination right now. I haven’t bought them in probably three years, but you can guarantee they will be on the shopping list the next couple of trips. Mmmm… I think I’ll have one right now.

Alright, so there are a billion more things I’m thankful for (puma socks, craigslist, dove cucumber and green tea body soap, weekends), but I’ll shut up now and turn the mic over to you…

I know it’s not thanksgiving, but I’d love to hear some of the “smaller” things you forget to appreciate

Oh and here is that double rainbow video I was talking about…
Happy Friday!

17 thoughts on “Don’t forget the smaller things”

  1. All the little things we are grateful for are what makes life so wonderful. This post reminded me of a country song by Tom T. Hall from 1973 called, “I Love…”

    I love little baby ducks, old pick-up trucks, slow-moving trains, and rain.
    I love little country streams, sleep without dreams, sunday school in may, and hay
    And I love you too

    I love leaves in the wind, pictures of my friends, birds in the world, and squirrels.
    I love coffee in a cup, little fuzzy pups, old TV shows, and snow
    And I love you too

    I love honest open smiles, kisses from a child, tomatoes on the vine, and onions.
    I love winners when they cry, losers when they try, music when it’s good, and life
    And I love you too

  2. I could go on about being grateful for my awesome kids, but I won’t. That would be way too long.

    I loved the rain yesterday. I just beamed as I watched the lawn and flowers get the water they so desperately needed.

    I loved seeing this really ugly dog yesterday while going for a walk with my daughter. He was the best!

    I enjoyed just seeing a friend the other day I had not seen in while…

    I love being able to see fireworks from my backyard.

    That is just a start!

  3. i found a place that sells very good soup at a very agreeable price. For the time being i do not mind the monotony because that soup is very good.The free internet is something that i am very appreciative of. Surfing all day long without having to worry about the cost.

  4. I love mornings that I can stay in bed and read as long as I want. I appreciate seeing my husband sleeping peacefully when I wake up for some reason in the night. I adore the excitement my dog expresses when he knows its time to for a walk or ride in the car. I love the sound of my niece’s laugh. I love that I can always sing a song and make myself happier. I love that I can pick up a phone whenever I want and speak to people I love. I could go on…I always tell my husband that little things make me happy, and it’s true. You just have to make sure you notice them!

  5. Hurray for food, shelter, ac/heat and medical care.

    My mom grew up in WW2 Poland and she lacked all of these things on a regular basis. She had siblings die of benign illnesses, and frequently talks of her days of being hungry and cold.

    Just yesterday when we were at the eye doctors she was marveling at her vision post cataracts and knee surgery. She said back in the day, you’d be blind and in a wheelchair. AND..I probably would’ve been dead because my kid didn’t get delivered naturally.

    We are very lucky indeed.

  6. Other than my friends, family, and hubby, I am really thankful for A/C, having my own transportation even if I am annoyed by my actual car, loratadine (Claritin), the head-tilt my dogs do when they try to understand me, DVR, Netflix streaming through the Wii, waterproof cameras since we got some great photos on our cruise, and fruit being cheap right now (I have stuffed myself with watermelon and cherries this week). Oh, and I have recently re-discovered my love of Yoplait Yogurt…especially the blueberry…

  7. “Iโ€™m convinced the three ways to make a woman feel loved are words of affirmation, flowers, and a coach purse”

    Or better yet words of affirmation while giving flowers in a coach purse.

    Yes, thats love. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I am happy every morning I wake up looking down a the grass instead of up at the roots, everything after that is gravy!

  9. Food, clothing, shelter, electricity, gas, water, and internet…good stuff we take for granted. Hopefully, family is a good part of your life too although sometimes it is not. Oh ya, health shouldn’t be taken for granted either.

  10. I’m not super greatful for my food security but I am super greatful that I have access to herbs and spice for without which all food would taste like gruel!

    I’m also greatful for living in perfect climate brisbane. Never gets below 10deg never gets above 40.

    Soap is pretty good

    But T and the dogs are perfection!

  11. I am exceedingly grateful for turning on the faucet every day and having clean, safe, cheap, delicious water come out. I’m drinking some right now, in fact.

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