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Five Easy Work from Home Jobs to Boost Your Income

Most of us know what it feels like to have a regular job that doesn’t pay enough to make ends meet. Such situations are unfortunately growing increasingly common, with the number of people taking on “side gigs” to boost their earnings rising significantly over the past decade.

Fortunately, there are now a huge amount of options available to people who want to make a little extra money from working at home, options that won’t leave you feeling completely burned out. Whether you’re trying to boost your savings or pay off some credit card debt, here are five easy work-from-home jobs to help boost your income.

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Everybody has something about their life worth sharing. Whether you have an interesting job, some recipes you want to share, or just some opinions that might be worth hearing, you should consider marketing your greatest asset – yourself. Set up and blog/vlog just to document your daily life, and soon the ads will come. Successful bloggers can make thousands of dollars a month from home, just by sharing their life with the public.

Virtual Assistant

The one covers a lot of different options but is available to anyone working from home who has strong soft skills. You basically work for a company in some kind of assistance capacity but from home. This could be as a remote receptionist, diary planner, or even in the entertainment industry.  Technology has enabled people to do almost any job remotely. This same live streaming technology can also be applied to those wishing to work from home, for example by streaming reviews of products in return for payment from companies. This pay is often good – around $25 an hour – and can be done with minimal training.

Airbnb Host

This one only applies if you’re fortunate enough to have a spare room going. If so, consider posting that room on a rental website, allowing travelers and visitors to pay you for use of the room at no cost to you. Airbnb hosts make on average $6000 a year for virtually zero effort, with some making many times more than that. Just make sure you’re legally allowed to rent out your room.

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Website Tester

Websites of all stripes, from Amazon to even the smallest blog, require testers to find out if their site is user-friendly and functional. You can make on average $17 an hour just by trawling through websites and providing feedback. Demand is especially high for native English speakers who will be able to tell international websites if their language isn’t up to scratch. Easy money.


Transcription work is currently in huge demand over a range of fields, but none more so than the medical sector. Doctors need people to dictate their reports, which can often run up into thousands of words. The work is demanding and can take hours out of your day, but it’s fairly simple and pays decently – at around $20 an hour, so it’s worth considering while demand is as high as it currently is.

Working from home isn’t for everybody – it takes plenty of motivation, especially when getting started. But once you do, you could find yourself significantly boosting your earnings all from the comfort of your living room.


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