Financial unredo (yeah I made “unredo” up)

If you’ve been scoping PF blogs for a while, you’ve probably seen some posts realted to financial do overs. Ya know, a time in your life that you made a terrible financial decision and desperately wish you could rewrite the past. I thought today we could take a fun little twist on that topic and ask what would you financially unredo.

Yes I know, unredo is not a word. But I’m a Ninja, and one of the perks of being a ninja is this: Ninjas can do whatever the heck they want… including make up words, drink soda and eat pop rocks at the same time, and sleep with their eyes open. Let me define unredo for you.

Unredo transitive verb-  to not want to do over again (although common sense says you should)

Are you catching on yet? What is one particular financial decision you’ve made, that you know you should want to redo, but deep down inside you are kind of glad you made the “mistake”.

Here’s my financial unredo…

I’m really glad I only worked a few hours a week while I was in college. This was a terrible financial decision, because part-time  campus jobs, don’t pay squat. Needless to say, I graduated with $28,000 in student loans. Financial wisdom (whatever that means) would say, go to a cheaper school or at least work full time to cover the bills. But if I could do it over again, I probably wouldn’t change a thing. Afterall, $28,000 isn’t that much to pay for four years of pure crazy awesome fun right!?

To see a second example of a financial unredo, you can check out my post about my favorite dumb but fun expense.

Now that you hopefully understand what I’m asking, I would be tickled with warm fuzzies (that sounded pretty gay) if you all share a financial unredo from your life. Did you buy a new car, realize it was kind of stupid, but like it too much to wish you could change the past? Whatever your unredo is, I want to hear it!

18 thoughts on “Financial unredo (yeah I made “unredo” up)”

  1. The sad part is that I immediately recognized a) the character (it's Mileena from UMK3), b) the actress and c) that I have the spandex to make it squirreled away for after I lose the baby weight. Also d) she's not technically a ninja, but I won't get geekishly pedantic on you 😉

    My unredo is having a gigantic wedding. I know people like to get into pissing contests about how they hosted their wedding in their backyard and only spend $.23 on it, but I have no regrets about having a $20,000 wedding/honeymoon. A lot of our expenses came from having charter bussing running all night so people could fly without worrying about their car and so our sloshed guests (open bar all night) could safely get to the hotels in the snow and from paying for quite a few family member so they could afford the trip.

  2. I'd unredo my fifth year of college, I think. It wasn't really necessary (I could have graduated with just one major) but it really saved my butt in terms of helping me figure out what I wanted in life and actually made me more marketable (yay math major). So while racking up debt for yet another unnecessary year was so not the smart financial thing to do, I would do it all again.

  3. Paying for 2 kids to go to private colleges instead of insisting they attend state schools. Financially the cost would have been easier on us and each child would not have had a portion of student loans they are paying.

    While knowing that state colleges do just fine I know that both children did better in a private school. Debt Ninja found a place of comfort and learning while also finding future wife Ninja (shout out). While child number 2 found a program that let her work at her own pace which is what she needed. I have guilt about the student debt they each had to take on but know that letting them pick their education path and understanding the price involved was a valuable lesson and hey, without that debt, Debt Ninja would have probably never found a voice so in reality his debt is serving the greater good!

  4. This is going to sound lame (but I haven't made too many financial mistakes in life so…), but I guess buying a 37" tv my sophomore year in college. It was about $1,000 (I know can you believe that mess??) If I hadn't bought that tv, I probably would have "partied" more, so I'm glad that I did buy it, so it could keep me and my friends entertained for hours on end!

  5. My unredo would be the amount of student loans I took out during school. I went to a local university and did not heed the warnings about "only borrow what you need" … yeah they mean it! go fig. I came out with close to $26k and I believe I could have easily completed it with around $19k.

    Also, shortly after graduation I got married and had a big wedding that created so much debt ($23k) that I was paying for it even after the divorce. Ha, heck of a way to remember it that unredo! Great wedding and I would only wish we had picked a less expensive venue. Next one is elope to a beach or that jazz.

  6. Our timeshare! I know so many people think timeshare owners are crazy…but ours has been put to great use. In the last 6 years we have used the resorts in Australia, Mexico (twice), Vegas, San Francisco, and we go to the WA coast every year for my birthday. We have had some wonderful family vacations and now that we have kids it is amazing to have a full kitchen where ever we stay. We have also been able to gift vacations to friends and family over the years, which is a nice perk. Financially, we paid for it in less than 6 months and feel that the memories made are well worth the cost…even though everyone thought we were crazy when we bought it.

  7. Awww you have a Sister Ninja. I don't think I knew that.

    My unredo would probably be a vacation I took in 2008 to a part of Europe. It meant a month off work, and paying for stuff. But I also wouldn't trade that experience! I liked it so much that I'm doing it again this summer! A future unredo.

  8. Unredo: The majority of my credit card debt.

    As much as I hate the debt, I wouldn't redo it any other way. Why?

    Well, in 2002 my brother was diagnosed with cancer. (I was 21, he was 19). During my grad school my brother lived with me in San Diego. As you can imagine rent for two people in San Diego is much, much worse than just for one. I was getting $1,800/month on my stipend. My rent was $1,300 for a two bedroom apartment. My brother got about $600/month from the state of California since he couldn't work.

    So we had very little to live off of, but I wanted to make sure that my brother still had fun before he died. So we went to the zoo, we made nice dinners, we traveled to New York to see his favorite Opera and the Philharmonic there (he was a huge music buff). I sent him on trips to see some of our family members and his friends in between chemo treatments.

    While I amassed nearly $12,000 worth of debt in those two years before he passed away, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I wouldn't have him not live with me, I wouldn't have not done the things we did. I got to spend quality time with my brother before he died and he got to experience some great things in life while he still had the chance.

    So there is my personal finance reundo.

    (Also, I can never comment on your blog from Chrome. I find this annoying.)

  9. Does your mom REALLY read your blog??? No wonder half the honeymoon comments went missing…. bummer.

  10. Hey MomNinja commented!! I wish my mom was a ninja….

    I'd unredo my decision to leave the state for school. I could've gone to a state school for free (and possibly have gotten paid for it too), but instead I chose an out of state school. Obviously more expensive, but it could've been worse (it was still a public school). I graduated with close to $36k in debt (but paid off maybe $6k within the first year, so it was right at $30k), but with experiences you can't buy, and a degree at a more prestigious school (although some would argue about that, lol).

  11. I think my unredo would also be going to an expensive school. My redo with it would be trying for more scholarships beforehand. But yeah, as for my unredo, the experiences I had and the friends I made trump the possibility of graduating college debt-free. I really don't know what my life would have been like had I gone to my state school. But I wouldn't give up my experiences and friendships to find out.

  12. My undredo was all the vacations I took why studying abroad in Hong Kong. I had a scholarship that helped with basic costs, but it didn't cover trips to all the awesome countries nearby. I literally came home with ZERO dollars in my bank account plus some extra student loans I took out in advance to be sure I'd make it through.

    I unredo that — it was amazing. And I'm SO GLAD I didn't know a lot about pf back then, because I probably would have talked myself out of some of it.

  13. I started my retirement investing in March 2009, about 10 months after I graduated from college. I was making a hot $34,000/year. I started small and contributed about $100/month. I started to invest in the stock market around the same time, but put more money there because I wanted to tap into that money sooner. ____So if I could alter your steps, I would also ask her to think about her financial goals first. I mean, does she want to rent after college, does she want to own, invest in real estate, etc? The answer to those questions can change her investment strategy. In my situation, because I am looking to invest in property in 3 years, I need more cash now. So I don't have too many contributions going to my Roth/401K, but a lot going to my savings account/brokerage account. Although, I think you can withdraw up to 10K from a 401K for a DP on a house…____

  14. My unredo would definitely be having kids. Can you get more expensive than that? I think not!

    It goes way beyond the cost of clothing and food. You also have sports, music lessons and miscellaneous activities. Add to that the cost of health care and the unexpected face plants that result in flying teeth. Oh and the big one, lost income from one stay at home parent…

    But even with all that cost, each time you get a hug or an unexpected thanks, each time you hear your son rockin' out with some Metallica on his guitar or see your daughter performing in a play you forget every penny because frankly money just no longer matters.

  15. My unredo is buying my Mini Cooper. It's British racing green, it's stick, and it's supercharged. I bought that sucker used for $16,500 and have a little under $6,000 left to pay on it, a year and a half later. Financially, I should have driven my old car into the ground, because it was working just fine and it was not financed. But my car is soooooooo sweet….

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