Your finances in 140 characters

Alright y’all, this will hopefully be my last day being a lame blogger, but when Girl Ninja flies 4,000 miles to come see me the last thing she wants to hear about is Punch Debt In The Face. So in the name of brevity I’m keeping things simple. As in 140 characters simple.

If you don’t have a Twitter account then you can’t follow me on twitter. And if you aren’t following me on twitter, you’re either super lame or a pedophile.

The thing that makes Twitter so interesting is you have to communicate an entire thought using no more than 140 characters. Sometimes this is easy, for example, “My farts smell like burnt toast.” But other times it can be quite difficult. Let’s make things a little interesting and try and communicate our entire financial history via a 140 character (or less) sentence. Here’s mine….

$28,000 student loan debt. Punched Sallie Mae in the face. Now just trying to be Less stupid with money. Oh and I hate cats.

See that was easy wasn’t it!!! Alright I have to get off this iPad before Girl Ninja starts beating me (she’s been known to be abusive :)).

25 thoughts on “Your finances in 140 characters”

  1. $10k credit card debt. $1k medical debt. $6k federal school loan debt (brand new). May take Sallie Mae debt so I can take double course load. Working full-time, learning/trying to budget.

  2. Debt adverse so zero debt. DINKS. Modest incomes, spending less than we earn. Paid off small home quickly. Burned in the dot com boom, avoided housing bubble, sitting on a war chest now 🙂

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