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Finance Blog Rap Rebuttal

If you are wondering where this rap came from please see this article over at Budgets are $exy where I had a little rap battle.

Ms. K.S. Katz brought some game so I needed to step it up a bit and produce this gem…

Shout outz to my girl K.S. Katz the CreditGoddess
But listen here closely, out my mouth comes the hotness
Rapping about money seems to be a lengthy process
With my lyrical flow, P.F. is what I address

My first rap discussed the financial trinity
To these three authors I lost my blogging virginity
Keeping up with their three articles is my divinity
Ignoring their advice is pure insanity

A flow about money is what you’re sure to get
Follow these three rules to help evade debt
Spend less than you make, avoid using credit
And you’d be a fool not to save for retirement

The name of the game is personal finance
Making love with money is my favorite kind of romance
My bank account is going to enhance
My flow is sick and probably cannot advance

Round two is over, yes it just went down
The CreditGoddesses’ rap has been pushed to the ground
Unless she’s got it in her to go a third round
I wouldn’t recommend it, my spittin’ is profound


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  1. Oh my gosh kid, you killed it! i am dying over here – good work sir!!! I nominate YOU to produce my theme rap song for Budgets are Sexy…you’re already half way there!

    you up for it?

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