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Festival of Frugality = New Best Friend

Holy Guacamole! I just made a new best friend yesterday. I recently wrote about my 9 month blogging hiatus . In my short lived blogging stint last year. I was averaging about 5 to 15 viewers each week. During the 9 months I fell off the face of “bloggers earth”, I was averaging a solid two visitors per day. Fast forward five months and it has been a little over a week since I got back in to it, and with the help from J. Money  at Budgets are $exy, and a finance rap, my veiwership skyrocketed from 2 visitors to about 10 visitors a day. After, submitting my article “a dilemma ” to the Festival of Frugality for this weeks carnival. I hit my record for unique visitors in a single day 97!!! That is like an 11,000% increase. That makes me very happy. So I just wanted to take time to say thank you to the Festival of Frugality and all who stopped by to read the article. I’m totally motivated to keep on truckin’

P.S. Im a huge dork cause when I saw the statistics I called my girlfriend to tell her that I almost had 100 visitors to my site…she pretended to care (isn’t she sweet).




  1. yessir kid, you’re on the up and up! keep rockin’ it out and doing your thing and you just might hit 200 soon (Gasp!).


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