Get less fat…for free :)

Hi personal finance bloggies! It’s ninja’s sister-in-law and I’m so excited to be able to jump into the world of blogging and write my first blog post ever! I don’t really know anything about personal finances, but I am very passionate about health and wellness, and being that I’m a college student, you know I live on a budget. Today I’m going to give you guys some tips on how to be healthy, but not break the bank. You don’t have to have a gym membership to reap the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle!

Take advantage of YouTube

Part of my daily routine is to do 8 minute abs and arms. It’s 100% free and so quick and easy. All you have to do is type in “8 minute abs or arms” into the search engine and 8 minutes later you’ll have a flat stomach and toned arms. (Of course you’ll need to do this more than once to see some results)  Bonus tip: play the video on mute and use your own music for the workout…you WILL be thankful.

 Read healthy living blogs

This past year I have discovered some great healthy living blogs and have learned so much from reading them, everything from different workouts to healthy recipes. You name it, there is a blog that writes about it. My personal favorite is Peanut Butter Fingers, go check her out, she’s funny , totally personal, and has the best workout advice and yummy healthy meals that anyone could whip up in a kitchen.

Take advantage of your environment

I know that we are not all lucky enough to live in beautiful San Diego, where the sun seems to shine everyday, but wherever you live, it is not hard to get outside, lace up a pair of running shoes, and go for a run. If you give it a chance, running can become one of the most rewarding, and free exercises you could ever do. Anyone can become a runner, believe me. Three years ago I loathed running, and now I’m running marathons, once you start, you just fall in love.

 Find free workout classes in your community

There are always deals going on at different gyms, yoga studios, plates classes, ect. Core Power Yoga offers a week of free classes for new students, and gyms are always giving out free week passes for new people to come check out their facilities with the hopes of luring them in to a membership. If you’re willing to hunt around, you could potentially never have to pay to use a gym or take a fitness class.

Obviously there are a million different ways to incorporate healthy choices in to our daily lives. Hopefully you’ve found some of these tips/tricks helpful, but what I’m really hoping is that you share with me some of the ways you make healthy choices on the cheap. How (or where) do you workout? If you have a gym membership are you getting your monies worth? If you read any health blogs please leave them in the comments below so I can start following 🙂

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  1. similarly to the youtube tip, I use The site is free, even without a magazine subscription and they have tons of cardio and strength training workouts so you can always mix things up and keep it fresh. For healthy delicious and easy meals I go straight to, another magazine that posts tons of free content online. When its my boyfriends turn to cook dinner he’ll even look here for recipes not because he cares about eating healthy but because everything we’ve made from the site is delicious.

  2. Great tips (I’m checking out PBF blog right now…). I would also suggest that, if possible, people try walking and/or biking as much as possible – obviously this is only possible in a condensed area, like New York, but I find that when I’m too busy with classes or studying to make it to yoga, knowing I’ll be walking a mile and a half to and from class makes me feel a little better!

  3. Great post Sister-in-law Ninja! Welcome to Ninja posting family!

    I also like to use the on demand excerise section of cable if you have it. They change them all the time
    and it is a great way to try different types of workouts.

  4. A little motivation to take advantage of what is available doesn’t take that much. My wife goes waling and I ride my bicycle for exercise. The food we eat is healthy and tastes good too. It is up to you.

  5. I do belong to a gym…but then again, I live in a really cold area and cannot run or walk outside comfortably for about nine months of the year. My area has lots of inexpensive gym options (see: freezing weather!) for fitness enthusiasts to choose from. During the cold months (especially if work is light) I definitely get good value from my gym. That’s less the case in the summer- I’m only there once or twice per week, but I totally make up for that in winter months.

    That being said, youtube videos are great. The best part about them is that they are totally portable- easy to bring with me anywhere, and easy to do on a moment’s notice.

    I think great advise (that I don’t live by) is to make sure to get enough sleep each night. Lack of sleep can really pack on weight- and add to stress levels, which can also pack on weight. It’s quite the cycle.

  6. One inexpensive activity my friends and I do is we play tennis every Sunday morning. Most high schools or parks have tennis courts that are open and free to use. For the cost of a starter racket ($15) and a 3 pack of tennis balls ($4) you’ve got a free (almost), fun way to exercise and hang out with your friends!

  7. Another thing I love about using Youtube for working out is that I tend to get bored with my workouts easily – but there are so many options! I especially loving looking for pilates and yoga videos.

    Another great resource for runners is, which helps you find music based on the heart-rate you want to be at. Music is an incredible motivator while working out, and I need to switch it up a lot!

  8. Great tips from a first time blogger! You should blog about health and wellness more often cause it will help a lot of people. I will definitely try that 8 minute abs! Thanks for posting! 🙂

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