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Everything you ever wanted to know…and some stuff you didn’t

*I feel slightly creepy right now, like I’m writing a personals ad*

Well I’m a 23 24 year old dude that is making his best attempt to navigate the intricacies of adulthood. I currently reside in San Diego, Ca but am hoping to move to Washington state in the coming years. I graduated from a small private school in San Diego two years ago and currently am working for Uncle Sam. I’m pretty happy with my current situation. I became addicted to finances about one year ago after a conversation about Roth IRA’s with one of my friends. I have always had decent spending habits (never had credit card debt) so I wont be preaching the gospel of a 180° turn around in my financial situation.
I have absolutely no financial credentials (got my degree in Psychology) and only took one economics course in college. I’m pretty dang frugal and am currently in the process of saving to buy a house. I love reading finance books ,google news, and other blogs to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world.
I plan to use this blog for two puporses:

1) Accountability. Maintinaing a website about my financial priorities, habits, and opinions will benefit me 2, 5, and 10 years down the road as I will be reminded where I started and how far I’ve come.
2) As the headline of this blog suggests, I want to make personal finance less boring. There are a ton of PF blogs out there, some serious, some not so serious. I plan to find a happy medium between relevant and useful content and having crazy delicious amounts of fun. I guess my target audience is for the twenty somethings of the world, mostly because I am in that category. I don’t claim to be the best blogger out there (actually there are quite a few blogs I read that I enjoy FAAAR more than mine) and will probably make mathematical, grammatical, and typographical errors in some posts.
Previous Blog Attempt:

I originally started a different blog in May 2008 with the sole intention of making some dollar bills…let’s just say that didn’t go as planned. I took a good nine month break from blogging and decided this go around I’m going to write because I actually want to, not some lame attempt to make some extra cash flow.
If you’re looking for crazy in depth financial information you probably won’t find that here, but I’ll do my best to bring relevant entertaining information to the plate. I love getting comments and constructive criticism is a good thing. If you like my site let me know, if you hate it let me know.
Oh and did I mention I like long walks on the beach, puppies, jack johnson, sunsets, and punching debt in its face.
Much Love,



  1. I also went to a private liberal arts college in San Diego and then subsequetly taught at the other private liberal arts colleg in San Diego (with 5 years in between where I went to UCSD for graduate school).

    I miss San Diego so much!

  2. Nice shades. So heres a question for ya, your banner is a right fist, your favicon is a left, the fists next to your banner are rights and the icon with you punching George Washington’s silhouette is a left fist.
    Are you left or right handed, or maybe you are just mad crazy and are ambidextrous?
    Shouldn’t the two fists on the sides of your banner be alternating fists?

    Am I the only one that thinks that silhouette is of George Washington?

    Why are you punching George Washington?

    There is my constructive criticism, enjoy!

  3. Just stumbled on your site today and I like! I will add you to my blogroll for sure.

  4. Here's my constructive criticism: Get off of Blogger! I hate Blogger, and I hate leaving comments on Blogger blogs. Move over to Wordpress, and bring your theme with you (somehow). Shame my attempt at starting a hosting company didn't last, but I *can* point you to a very good one. Well, it's the one that I use, and I love them.

  5. Just came across your blog recently thanks to your fantastic PF madlib that is going around!

    Btw, I currently live in SD too and also graduated from a small private school in SD one year ago… and I'm from Washington State!

    Go figure. Great blog, btw! 🙂

  6. Great blog! I too am a liberal arts graduate and I didn't take any finance classes. Dropped the personal finance class I signed up for because it was too boring!

  7. Your site is great! I'll definitely be back!

    I'm a liberal arts graduate too (Spanish), but I took 3 econ class in college. I'm actually a Financial Analyst now, interestingly enough.

    Anyway, keep up the punching. It's amazing.

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