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Okay forget Rebecca Black. Tonje has just won my heart with this gem…


“I don’t want to be a crappy housewife!”

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  1. Wow.

    My singing is better than that, even when I’m not autotuned. Rebecca Black is so bad it’s good. That is so bad it’s horrible

  2. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. I missed my shuttle for watching this, but it was worth the laugh. 😛

  3. Thank you for posting that. This is officially favorite thing that has ever happened on YouTube. I am hoping it isn’t a parody. SO GOOD.

  4. Where did you find this? I just lost 3:27 of my life. That was hideous. The musical track was ok. Her singing was weak and the rap was painful. Do these people really think this will sell? I’m going to puke now, thank you!

  5. I’m humiliated for everyone involved.

    Also, was this made in Eastern Europe? This is former Soviet Repulic stuff, right?

  6. Yeah, it’s so much better to be a fat little porker in too tight clothes, too high heels and too many hair extensions. Seems to me these fat little porkers SHOULD be ‘crappy housewives’ cos then they’ll have some poor sap wage slave to pay their way through this life. As Sidney Pollack said in ‘Tootsie’ : No one will hire you.

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