Don’t tell my girlfriend, but I’m in love with Craig.

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, but you have to promise you wont tell my girlfriend. I’m in love with Craig. I first met Craig about four years ago in college. We met via a mutual friend and it has been love lust at first sight. He has been there when I need him most, consistency is Craig’s strength. Craig made it very clear as we began this relationship that he does not like to remain exclusive and that he has anywhere from 1 to 200 milliion boyfriends and girlfriends. Although I am a fan of monogamy, Craig’s whorish nature is what makes our relationship so sweet. If you haven’t caught on by now, it’s quite possible you never will. Craig is not a person, but a website. Craigslist baby, and I love him/it.

To piggy back off yesterday’s post about finding a good bargain, it is only appropriate to dedicate today’s article to the most wonderful website in the world (besides this one of course). If you don’t use CL, then you are either A) living in Antarcitca B) Mentally handicapped C) Amish D) All of the above. Here’s just a few reasons I love Craig.

1) He’s reliable. I have never, ever, ever, repeat, EVER hit up the site and not been able to get on. Most site’s that I visit occasionally can’t be accessed due to “site maintenance.” Not true with Craig, there will be no blue whale telling you the site is overloaded (twitter). Morning, day and night, you can count on Craig

2) He doesn’t age. There have been very few changes to the site since I have been using it. Usually this would be a bad thing, could you imagine if YouTube hadn’t upgraded in the last four years, but in Craigs case it is awesome. The layout was simple yet functional from day one. I don’t know about you all, but I sure do get pissed off when Facebook decides to change their entire layout every couple months. It gets confusing and often frustrating. Craiglist is quite possibly the most user friendly website ever.

3) You can make money from selling junk. Have a crappy dresser that you don’t want? Put it on CL for $10 bucks and that bizznatch will be gone in a matter of days. It’s amazing the things people are willing to buy. Think of it as an online garage sale where thousands of people are browsing at any given time.

4) You can make money selling valuable ‘ish. When my grandma passed away a couple years back I paid off her remaining $1,700 car loan and took possession of her vehicle. I rolled deep in a minivan, straight soccer mom style, my junior year of college. At the beginning of summer I decided it was time for an upgrade. Where did I turn? That’s right, Craig. I put the van up for sale for a cool $5,000 and within a couple hours had someone ready to buy. To date, that minivan was the best investment I ever made.

5) It’s the best place to buy household objects. Don’t limit Craigslist to “everyone’s junk”. You can find couches from $10 to $5,000. The majority of my apartment is furnished with gently used, but quality items. Looking for a new desk? Poke around CL and see what you can come up with, I bet you’ll find something you love.

6) You can barter. Who doesn’t love to finagle a good deal? Do you see a hamster cage you want, but it’s posted at $100? Give the dude a call or email and offer him $50. You will be surprised how willing people are to get rid of the items they posted up. It’s kinda like going to Tijuana, they tell you the T-shirt costs 20 bucks, but you know you can get it for $5.

7) It really works, and it’s free. I have had success with every item I have posted on craigslit. Some sell within minutes, others in a couple days, but it always sells. Here is just a short list of some of the random crap I posted up and their sale price. Ugly red chairs x 2 ($50 each), Elliptical machine ($200), Clothing rack ($20), minivan ($5,000), bicycle ($200), Cell phone ($200), printer ($60), old underwear ($10)…okay I didn’t sell my underwear, that would be gross. It doesn’t cost a dime to sign up, you don’t have to register with some sketchy third party company that is going to sell your information to a billion other websites, you don’t have to pay to post things on the site, and you don’t have to cut CL in on the profit from that sale. Whoever said “Nothing is free” can suck it, because craiglist is.

Now is the time when I turn it over to you blogging gangstaz and see what your experiences have been with CL. Have you had equal success buying and selling things? Furthermore, have you used it to find things like jobs, pets, or boyfriends? If Craig was a person would you date him to?

p.s. click on the YouTube link above to get a special treat. 

6 thoughts on “Don’t tell my girlfriend, but I’m in love with Craig.”

  1. I have had mixed experiences with Craig. I don't want to date him, but he is like a hot guy at the bar. I might ogle him all night and let him buy me a couple drinks.. but I'm pretty sure I would catch diseases from him, so he stays at the bar.

    My first experience with CL was with the BF. He bought a boat motor that was a dud. It worked a couple times, but we were scammed. Same goes for the BF's experience with his motorcycle that he bought on CL (it leaked all of its oil within a couple days). He later sold it on CL and made most of his money back after fixing it up( which he enjoyed doing).. but still, a messy situation at first.

    My very own personal experience came when my bunny died. I listed the cage, all the leftover food, and supplies and within 2 hours of posting I had $20 cash in my hands. It was awesome! I got rid of the old cage that I didn't want anymore and got the cash money in just 2 hours!

    That said, as this comment is now a novel… I trust CL for small things (pet supplies, some furniture), but I wouldn't trust it for big ticket items because there is no return policy and you are SOL if something is wrong. you can easily be conned if you don't know what you are doing(which is me most of the time).

  2. I've never sold or bought anything on CL, but Mr. Baseball successfully have.

    I have however successfully started a book club (now 4 years old and going on without me in SD), found a great roommate, and dated a guy who is still one of my great friends – all on CL.

  3. I love Craig too! Not sure about dating him though, although he is good about spending equal time with every lover. I haven't sold anything there yet, but I'm thinking about it. Probably when I go back to school in the fall since there are so many more people there and we have our own group. But I've been buying things all summer for my new apartment, since I am moving from a furnished one to an unfurnished and I've got close to nothing. In this case, Craig is definitely my BFF.

  4. I got a FREE couch when I was first moving to the city and was surprised to find out the person "selling it" was only a block away from me. Scooooore.

  5. @Calquist- I feel ya on the potential sketchiness of purchasing expensive items on CL. No return policy is definitely scary. I guess one has to weigh the pros and cons of gettin off craigs for cheap or purchasing it at a store. I think keepin' it safe with low cost purchases is always a good bet.

    @ Faith- Glad to see you are utilizing the other features that CL has to offer. I notice you left out your browsing of the erotic male section…haha.

    @ Ashley- If Craig is your BFF does that mean he isn't mine? I guess we can share him 🙂 There are plenty of diamonds in the rough as far as furniture and appliances go

    @ Pretty Pennies- Can't beat free now can ya…unless someone was gonna pay you to take there couch.

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