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Did you know I’m a villain!

I found out some pretty exciting news yesterday. I’m a terrible person! Not only am I a crappy human, but I also have a “very appalling attitude.” Earlier this week, I wrote an article “The PF Diet“. If you read the article, it’s pretty clear I hate fat people. I also hate rainbows, puppies, sunshine, and people that are happy.

Yesterday was a rather large traffic day for me. I didn’t really know why I had a boost in site traffic, so I looked at websites that referred people to my blog. The number one referrer yesterday was I Will Teach You To Be Rich. I got super excited, thinking that maybe Ramit, had mentioned me in one of his blog posts. Turns out that isn’t exactly what happened. Instead, he wrote an article titled “Ugh, Why Don’t Fat People Just Eat Less?” Someone left a comment to his post referring to my PF Diet article. This is what they had to say…

Thank you! I just read one article that vilifies fat people, and I was appalled by the attitude that the blogger has about them. Thank you for saying that it’s not about willpower.

I don’t even really know how to respond to that ridiculous comment, but I’m going to do my best to clear my name. Did I really attack obese people? Did I imply that they are in any way, shape, or form less important than a thinner individual? For anyone that was offended, I would apologize, but I can’t, instead I offer some advice: Quit being so darn sensitive. I’m not naive. I am aware some people have conditions that leave them far more susceptible to weight gain than the average Joe.

My post wasn’t implying fat people are lazy. Instead I was expressing frustration with people that declare they only want to lose weight, but only do things like diet for a week or exercise once a month. Their actions are counterproductive to their stated goal. If getting frustrated with people that want one thing, but work against their desires, implies I hate fat people, than I am guilty as charged.

All obesity discussion aside, The PF Diet, was not even focused on weight. The majority of the article discussed people that complain about their financial situation, but do nothing to improve their situation. Yes, I don’t like people that complain they wish they had more money, after spending $300 on Anime DVD’s at best buy. So Mneiae, I think you missed the point of my article, and villainized the wrong ninja. Afterall, I am quite angelic and pretty sure I have never done anything wrong….ever.

So PF’ers, what do you think? Was The PF Diet a fat bashing article? Did it offend you? If I really am a villain, than there are quite a few of you who have to join me in this wickedness, as there were quite a few commenters who shared my frustration. Okay I have to go, there is this one fat kid I have to go punch in the face.



  1. I re-read that article and I agree, people need to stop being so freaking sensitive. It clearly wasn't an attack against fat people and there was nothing insensitive about the tone or the language of your post.

    I understand that overweight people have to deal with a lot of crap from strangers about their weight but just because an article doesn't praise and encourage fat acceptance doesn't mean that the article's poking fun at the fatties. It's not a "You're either with us or against us" kind of deal.

    If you had, for example, used "smoker" instead of "overweight person" and "quitting" instead of "dieting" I'm sure no one would've been like, "WTF?! I smoke? Are you calling me a lazy? You don't know me! I'm genetically predisposed to addiction!"

    I think you just hit a very sensitive nerve with people who want the easy way out (with their weight and/or their finance), people who confuse "as hard as I can" and "best to my abilities" with "as much as I want to" and "until it stops being fun and I lose interest".

  2. You're a hater – face it Ninja. =)

    BTW… I'm wearing my alumni sweatshirt today. And a GE rep came in to fix a piece of equipment and he was like "Oh! – I know that school! Did you go there?" And I was SUPER happy that someone in the Midwest had heard of our school – cause that rarely happens. Just thought I'd share.

  3. I definitely agree. People need to lighten up. That was clearly not the point of your post!

    Hey, at least they got you some good traffic!

  4. Yeah. At least you got some great traffic out of it 🙂

    I don't think you vilified fat people at all.

    Perhaps they were just uber sensitive that day… for whatever reason.

    Whatever. It comes with the territory of being a blogger. 🙂


  5. Ninja, I'm with you on this one. I believe that managing your finances is like anything that requires willpower and delayed gratification, whether it be dieting, studying, exercise, etc.

    The majority of overweight people don't CHOOSE to be overweight, but their lifestyle choices lead to that outcome.

    I guess it's easy for these fatties to leave comments say how offended they are while remaining anonymous. Don't let em get you down too much

  6. OH NOES, you weren't 100% and didn't cater to the BS 'Fat is Beautiful' movement.

    For every person with genetic issues, there's nine people whining that they can't lose weight even though they're not trying. My darling hubby, I'm looking at you. Losing weight isn't easy and not every method works for everybody, but it's still possible for the overwhelming majority if you really, really want it.

    For every person who lost their job and fell into some financial crisis outside their control (like ridiculous medical bills) there's nine who can't follow a budget and are driving around in $45,000 SUVs. It's not easy to trim all those wants and reign in your spending so your financially secure, but it's possible if you really, really want it.

    Let me tell you which two I have sympathy for and which eighteen I want to punch in the face.

  7. I <3 U Ninja

    They must be pretty despsperate…or lame…possibly both.

    I <3 U Ninja

    They must be pretty desperate…or lame…possibly both.

    Reading your posts get me through my mornings with a chuckle (sometimes even a LOL!). Thanks for your inspiration.

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