Are you dependent?

Today is moving day!!!! Since, I’m moving out of my current apartment and in to my Ninja Lair I had the cable and internet turned off. That means I’m totally being a wifi whore and stealing internet from one of my neighbors open connections. I’m a criminal.

For the first half of the day, I couldn’t help but feel extremely pathetic. I realized I am completely dependent upon an internet connection. Ew. That makes me feel gross just saying it, but it’s true. I could barely function. I contemplated painting my nails black, my face white, and writing poetry. Yeah, I was just that emo.

I decided to make a list of things I couldn’t imagine living without…

1. Air, water, food, shelter, blah blah blah…self explanatory

2. Internet. What the heck would I do if I couldn’t watch cute dog movies at the click of a button (watch til the end)…

3. Cell phone. Holy cow. It’s disgusting how anxious I get if I am not within earshot of my celly cell. What if mom ninja wants to get a hold of her baby boy? I can’t have her worrying by not answering.

4. Puma Socks. These lovely little socks make my feet want to say “Oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh, Oh my gosh” (did you pick up on the Usher reference?)

5. Razor. Seeing that my facial hair grows in about as awkward as a 13 year old Russian boys,  I need to shave almost every single day.

6. Rainbow sandals. If you are from California you know what these are. If you’re not then let me inform you: They are the greatest sandals known to man kind. That is all.

7. Bedroom fan. Let’s face it there is one fundamental difference between man and woman. Men are always hot and women are always freezing. I turn a fan on every night when I go to bed, even if it’s 40 degrees outside. At first this was so I didn’t overheat, but now I’ve gotten so use to the gentle hum I can’t go to sleep without the background noise.

I could probably keep rambling on, but instead I’d love to hear some of the things that you couldn’t live without. Makeup? Bicycle? Bananas? Let’s get quirky up in hurr.

12 thoughts on “Are you dependent?”

  1. hahahah, Michelle!

    I moved last week and due to hook up complications had to go without internet for 5 days! I thought I was going to die! …there was no unlocked wifi around to “borrow.” I had specifically scheduled the hookup to happen so that I would not be without for more than 24 hours but then it all went awry. I’m trying to forget those five days ever happened. Horrors of all horrors…

  2. I just bought a house this past month. For about the first week, I didn’t have internet and I thought I was going to DIE! When I finally got internet, two days later a pipe burst under my house. I had to have the water shut off and it took 6 days for my home warranty company to get a plumber found that could fix the problem. So I went 6 days without running water. During that time, my dad jokingly mentioned that it looked like I’d traded my running water for internet. I told him “Well, to be completely honest, I’m not sure which I’d rather live without. Both are basically life necessities in my mind, but I’m kinda leaning toward needing internet more. I can always bum showers off friends when they’re around, but it’s when friends aren’t around that you really want to bum internet off somebody.”

  3. Re #7: Get ready for the fan on/off argument with Girl Ninja! Been married 8 years and we still have them (except I call them discussions).

  4. o man ninja im totally with you on #7. its not even about the temperature anymore, like you i just enjoy the background noise of the fan and it definitely relaxes me. anyways, i couldnt live without my car as there is no public transportation in my area and my life would grind to a halt real quick if i didnt have my own car!
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  5. My husband can’t live without a tv in the bedroom. He has to have it on to fall asleep. It drives me nuts! However, he told me before we got married that it was something he needed(tho he lived fine with out it for 4 years of collage) so I have conceded it to him.

  6. More proof I’m more the guy in my marriage than my husband is. I completely need #7 and I am a girl. Thankfully, my husband agrees, so we have a fan on all year round, regardless of weather. I don’t need the noise, but I need air circulation.

    I can easily live without the internet. I actually enjoy going on vacation and being completely out of contact with everyone for a week or so. It’s fantastic.

    I think I’ve decided that I can’t live without carbs. I’ve looked into the Atkins diet and every time I think about going without carbs, my skin crawls and I freak. This might be a bad sign.

  7. I can’t live without Star Trek! When our TIVO service was set to end, I near had a full blown panic attack thinking I couldn’t watch Star Trek whenever I wanted to. I get anxiety just imagining a time without Star Trek.
    *** yes I’m serious, and no, I’m really not pathetic – just addicted to Star Trek! ***

  8. LMAO at that dog video! That is hilarious! I don’t know what I’d do without funny dog videos on YouTube. Have you seen the one of the dog running in his sleep? It’s particularly funny. Search for it on YouTube if you haven’t seen it. 😉

    I’m the same way about fans, though you’re right that men run hot and women run cold. I run mine even during the winter. I need to air to be circulating, and it just feels good to be just cold enough that snuggling up in the blankets in comfortable.

    I can’t live without the Internet or my cats. If I had those two things (plus all the obvious necessities like clothes, shelter, food, etc.), I’m a-ok.

  9. We lost electricity for 8 days after Hurricane Ike, and I was the crabbiest you-know-what ever. I have to have:

    1) Necessities – food, shelter, blah, blah, blah
    2) ELECTRICITY – I thought I was going to whine myself hoarse…my poor husband got really tired of me using his Prius as my A/C and connection to the world.
    3) A/C – I am inherently hot too…I need my A/C.
    4) INTERNET – I’m an addict, I admit it, and no, I don’t want to get better.
    5) Books – I usually have a book with me wherever I am, so I’d be sooooo up-the-creek without them.
    6) Conditioner – We didn’t have any on our vacation and my hair was tangled all the time…pain in the butt…

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