HomelifestyleDear Debt Punchers, quit being so awesome!

Dear Debt Punchers, quit being so awesome!

I freakin’ love you guys. Like seriously, I have a huge crush on all my readers. You have consistently provided solid feedback, comments, and suggestions. On more than one occasion I have proposed a personal dilemma, only to have you PF’ers beat some financial sense in to me. It started when I was having a dilemma about how much extra cash I wanted to pay down on my student loan. You all advised that I pay down my school debt faster and I am oh so grateful.

Well about a month ago I posed a question regarding my motorcycle “To sell or not to sell?” I listed the pros and cons of motorcycle ownership and you all basically busted my chops and in a 3 to 1 vote, demanded the sale of my murdercycle.

Well, you debt punchers will be pleased to hear I sold that thing last night. I’ll walk you through the process. About a week after the votes were in I posted it up on craigslist for $2,800 (the amount I paid for it 1.5 years earlier). I didn’t get a single phone call or email on the thing and was a little discouraged. I had been riding it for the last three weeks and decided this last Sunday it was time to go round two. This time I posted the murdercycle for $2,500. Within an hour I received my first phone call from an interested buyer. He ended up flaking out and never made a second contact. About an hour after that I got another phone call from a second prospect. He seemed pretty interested and inquired a little about the bike and asked me to email him a couple more pictures.  He drove down late Sunday to take a look at it and decided he wanted it. We mad an agreement to meet yesterday, Monday, after work to complete the transaction.

Here I sit, less than 48hrs after I posted my bike online, with a cashiers check for $2,500. It was seriously the easiest sale I have ever made. Am I sad to see it go? Sure, but I am way happier to have cash in my pocket and a feeling of relief. It would pretty much be impossible for me to die in a motorcycle accident now 🙂 Thank you all for your words of wisdom and speaking common sense in to my life. I guess all I have left to do is convert the depreciating asset (motorcycle) in to an appreciating investment (retirement account). Roth IRA here I come!!!!

Lookin’ forward to the next time I need some help!

Here was a picture of the former murdercycle…



  1. Eh, I'm not convinced that you should have sold it. It was paid off, you can afford it and you enjoy it. The cash is nice, but are you planning on buying another one someday?

    My BF sold his, but he had credit card debt and no space to really keep the bike.

    As long as you promise that you really really wanted to sell it, I'll be happy, but I'm giving you the stink-eye to make sure you aren't turning into a stingy Scroogebag who favors cash over fun!

  2. @ Calquist- I definitely didn't sell it because I needed the cash. The primary reason for the sale was knowing that it was dangerous. I had 1.5 years of fun with it and was fortunate enough to walk away without ever crashing it. I had my fun and was ready to move on. I don't think I will ever ride a street bike again, but I do think I'll buy dirtbikes when I have kids so we can go ride together.

    Don't worry I'm not that frugal 🙂

  3. he gave you a cashier's check huh? He didn't give you one for $3000 and ask for $500 in change so he could pay to have the motorcycle shipped? I hope not 🙂

  4. Yessir cashiers check, but it was local and I cashed it today so all is good. No shipping bikes needed and no Africa scam here.

  5. Yeah, part of me was hoping you weren't gonna read today's post. I knew you'd be upset. What's done is done. I hope you can forgive me 🙂

  6. You know, you really should funnel that cash back into the community of readers you have grown to love and trust 😉

  7. Oh Jesse, I'm far too greedy for that 🙂 But I will give you a virtual high five!

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