DC bound

Writing this blog post from the shuttle van that is taking me to the airport. The other people in the van are wondering why I’m on my phone at 5am. They’ll just have to keep on wondering….haha.

I’m on my way to DC for a short business trip through Friday. As I always ask when I travel, I’d love some recommendations on things to see and places to eat. With so much going on in the city, and most of my time taken up by work, I’d love it if you literally just left me your top one or two things. If you tell me 20 things I’ll get overwhelmed and do nothing 😉

I’ll catch up with y’all tomorrow.

***update**** I just volunteered myself for a “bump”. I get in four hours later than planned, but I got a $400 voucher out of the deal.

p.s. I’ve always thought it was weird when people say “Fly safe.” As though I have any control over the matter.

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  1. Pps. Or, “have a good flight” or anything of the kind.

    I have nothing in the way of rad stuff to do in DC, but was thinking maybe one day you can do a post on rad, have to see stuff in Seattle. We are going out there for a week next year with das children, and my head is exploding trying to figure out where the “have to go” places are, that do not require breaking into any college funds!

    Ps- guess who scored first class tix from dallas to seattle for 1200 bucks. Hollah!

  2. I don’t know where you’ll be staying, but try to walk around the monuments at night. I personally like starting at the FDR memorial and walking around to the Jefferson Memorial and back. If you have a car and can figure out how to get there, there is parking at FDR, but it’s not the easiest place to get to. Otherwise, just get in a cab. Metro doesn’t go all that close, unfortunately.

  3. Depends on where in DC you’ll be. The National Mall has most of the museums and statues people are looking for all together. The American History Museum is particularly great; White House, Capitol not to far away.

    If you’re not sticking to just the mall area, Washington National Cathedral is a fantastic visit!

  4. The Library of Congress. Seriously, it’s fabulous, and they have a great cafeteria upstairs! It’s free, there are lots of displays and great stuff. The last time I was there, they had a kind of scavenger hunt for school kids at the front desk. I did it myself, had a blast and learned a lot. http://www.loc.gov/index.html

    If you don’t have time for that, the National Building Museum is cool. Very few people know about it, so there aren’t crowds. http://www.nbm.org/

    Finally, remember that you can get your National Park Passport stamped pretty much on every corner. (If you don’t have a passport (yet), that’s good reason to grab one on this trip!)

  5. The good thing is that most museums and things in DC are free so if you are up for that. I second the National Building Museum, usually there are not many people in it and its a very cool museum.

    Chinatown is a fun area to spend some money on food.

  6. Eat at Founding Farmers, Ben’s Chili Bowl or one of the Ray’s Hell Burgers. I have not eaten at the latter two, but hear great things. I have eaten at the former, and reservations are highly recommended. Founding Farmers is also a little bit pricey, but worth it for the quality of the food (all natural, local farming, etc). If you end up being in the suburbs, let me know and I’ll have more suggestions.

  7. The spy museum is one of my favorites. I lived in DC for almost five years, and took every visitor and guest through the operation spy portion. SO MUCH FUN.

    for food, Kramers/Afterwords in DuPont. Half bookstore, half semi overpriced cafe with amazing food and good drinks (both boozey and non). Enjoy your trip!

  8. Your biggest problem if you’re working 9-5 will be that most of the best sites don’t have evening hours. Library of Congress, NASA Museum, American History, National Gallery of Art – fuhgeddaboutit; they all shut down by 5:30. Tours of the Capitol and White House are great, but need advance reservations, daytime only of course. The Washington Monument is still closed for repairs following last year’s earthquake, but even if it were open, you need to get timed tickets early in the day.

    The free monuments are your best bet at night if you don’t mind walking around the Mall or towards the Jefferson at the Tidal Basin. The new WW2 monument is perhaps the most beautiful of all, and the Vietnam Memorial, just NE of the Lincoln, shouldn’t be missed either.

    Fly safe.

  9. It has been a long time since I have been to D.C. I would definitely take in a museum or two as time permitted. Just walking the city is exciting because it was designed to impress visitors.

  10. I was just there in August :). So much to do and see. My favorites were the Capitol building, Library of Congress, National Space and Air museum, and the Natural History museum. For a quick bite I liked Chop’t and Roti in the Union Station. For a nicer dinner we enjoyed Bistro Cacao. Oh, I liked the Postal museum too, quick and easy. Probably the most enjoyable event was a free concert at the steps of the Capitol building by the President’s Own. Have fun and grats on the bump!

  11. Oh yeah, we took a night tour which was jam packed but too quick to really enjoy any particular spot.

  12. The Korean War Memorial is spectacular at night. The millenium stage at the Kennedy Center also has good, free performances every day.

  13. The Korean War Memorial is spectacular at night. The millennium stage at the Kennedy Center also has good, free performances every day.

  14. Ninja,

    As one fed to another, does your agency allow you to volunteer for a bump? One guy from our office got into alot of trouble for doing it while on travel status.

  15. Ben’s Chili Bowl is a must – 1213 U St NW
    I’d recommended the monuments by night – ie: Jefferson, Lincoln, and all the war memorials
    I always stop by to see the Einstein Statue memorial too – Constitution Ave at 22nd street (it’s really close to the lincoln memorial and Vietnam veteran memorial)

    hope you have time to have some fun in DC!

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