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Daily Question July 9th

Read it and weeeeeep

What is your favorite exercise to do??????

Answer and win a prize.

It can be a certain workout routine, sport, outdoor event activity, etc…

Unacceptable answers: getting out of bed, 40oz curls, slapping people.

BTW eat your broccoli



  1. My fav exercise: bench press. I know it’s pretty cliche, but i’m always amped when I’m about to do my reps on the bench – freeweights of course, barbell.

  2. Most of my days start with a 2k jog down a rather big hill. I wouldn’t exactly say I like it, but it just seems to be something I do almost every day.
    By far my favorite is jogging along side the tour boats in Ottawa. They’re the best for keeping pace over a decent distance and the tourists seem to get some amusement as well. I don’t live there anymore though.

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