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Daily Question July 1st 2008

Today’s daily question(s) relate to credit card use.

How many credit cards do you have?

What are their balances?

What do you use them for?

What’s the highest interest card?

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  1. – 2 cards
    – $150ish and $300ish
    – i use them for budgeting my personal spending, and our house spending. they get paid off each month!
    – both are at 5% interest (holler.)

    What about you BJP?

  2. 1) 4 Cards (one is cut up and wont be used again, another is a company credit card and two personal)

    2)I only carry a balance on my rewards car. Usually totaling about $1000 by months end.

    3) It is used for normal purchases and gets paid off every month. Usually totaling about $1000 by months end.

    4) I have no idea the interest rates cause I have never missed a payment (is that bad)?

  3. nice nice. yeah, i’m all for credit cards as long as they’re paid off each month.

    good job on paying on time!

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