We now own a crib…you know what that means ;)

It’s no secret I’m quite frugal. I rarely pass up a good deal. Take for example the time my grandma passed away and I paid off the $1,700 loan she had on her van. I took possession of the vehicle and rocked a minivan my entire junior year of college. Best part is, I sold it the next summer for $5,500.

Or how about the fact that Girl Ninja grew up taking piano lessons and wants our future baby ninjas to play as well. I don’t know if you are aware, but pianos aren’t cheap. So when my other grandma passed away I asked if we could have her baby grand piano. We didn’t have a place for it in our 600sqft apartment at the time so we paid to have it stored in a climate controlled unit. Finally, three years later we will now have a place big enough to display this beautiful instrument. Has it been cheap paying 36 months of storage fees and moving the thing 1,200 miles to Seattle? Heck no, but I promise you it’s cheaper than buying a brand new one. Not to mention it’s pretty cool to keep this piano as a family heirloom.

Oh, and did you know Girl Ninja and I own a stroller, a crib, a bassinet, a changing table, and an infant mattress. Last time I checked we didn’t have any kids, at least not any that Girl Ninja has told me about. When we moved out of our rental last week, our landlord asked if we wanted his $4,000 baby furniture set. Even though we have absolutely zero need for this stuff now, how could I pass up something we will need within the next year or two? Oh that’s right… I CAN’T! It’s in storage waiting for the day Girl Ninja pees on a stick and a little + sign appears. Which, by the way, I think is a really weird way to find out you have a fetus inside of you.

So yes, I will gladly be a minivan driving, piano storing, baby-furniture-owning dude if it means I  some benjamins along the way. Goodbye pride, hello savings. 

Have you taken advantage of a deal you knew you wouldn’t actually get a return on for a few years? In what ways would you say you demonstrate frugality?

p.s. we take possession of our house today. weird.

p.p.s. I’m leaving Thursday morning to take 50 high school kids to summer camp for a week. I will have no internet access which means you will be subjected to random YouTube videos or pictures of unicorns for a week if some of you don’t send me over a guest post. Any readers want to be featured here?

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  1. I used to fall for your post’s headlines, but alas I think I know you too well these days 😉 Again, congrats on the house even though you are “weirded” out by it. Just look at it as an investment that can go up and down but trends upwards regardless. If you have faith in the stock market, have a little bit in the real estate market. It’s how I convinced myself and my better half to drop pretty close to all our money into our brand new house! 😛 We went into contract yesterday and it should be built before Thanksgiving, at least that’s what they tell me, I’m guessing after Thanksgiving. Can’t believe it is happening considering we’ve been looking since 2006.

    Did you get that baby set for free?

    • Dude congrats on going under contract. Knew you’d been looking for a while. Want to write a guest post for me. 🙂

      And yes the baby set was free. That’s why I had to accept it 😉

      • Maybe one day I could muster up the courage and time to write a guest post on your awesome blog 😉

  2. Be sure to have a qualified piano technician inspect your instrument once it arrives at its new home. I suspect it will need several tunings to stabilize itself before it can maintain its proper pitch. Once it’s stable, tune it twice a year.

    As for the image of GN peeing on a stick . . . .

  3. Nothing like being prepared 🙂 I totally would have done the same thing with the piano. My aunt actually kindly stored my Nana’s piano for about 12 years before I could move it into my own home. It’s so special to me to have the piano that I first touched (I took lessons from age 4, but had lots of fun on this one way before that), and I know that my dad and aunts played it too. My son (age 2) loves to “play” it and I hope he’ll take lessons one day. I also took my cousin’s pricey stroller when she moved away and was done with it. I was at least 5 years from having kids, but who cares? It didn’t take up too much room, and I knew it was one less thing to buy one day, not to mention, I would never pay that much for a stroller! No shame in being frugal Ninja 🙂

  4. I read your blog all the time, and I am commenting from the parent side of things. If the crib is a drop side it is dangerous, but check the company name and serial number and see if it has a recall on it. You can usually get a repair kit or maybe even a brand new safer crib for free just by making a phone call. Onto the crib mattress if it is more than a year old toss it.

  5. Toss the mattress if it is over a year old? Most kids stay in their cribs for more than a year. Buy a mattress protector. At the risk of sounding old – my siblings and I had the same mattress over a 10 year period and it was fine – in fact I think my mother still uses it for grand kids. My son slept on 12 yo mattress, and I passed it on to someone else – no dramas.

    However if it has lead paint, or is a car seat over 7 years – pass. we suddenly realised that the car seat my son was in belonged to a 14yo, after he’d sat in it for 2 years. Bad parents!

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