My Credit Card Balance

Seeing that I still haven’t fully adjusted to the eight hour time change here in Germany, I’ll be keeping things simple today. Let’s play a fun game called “What’s your current credit card(s) balance?”. I’ll go first.

Girl Ninja and I have one credit card with a balance on it. I just logged in an almost soiled myself at the sight of the ungodly high balance. Especially when you consider the fact we pay it off in full each month. Are you ready for this…


Man oh man, is it gonna suck making that payment. Here are some of the larger purchases included in that balance…

  • Girl Ninja’s Plane Ticket to Germany: $811 (p.s. I can’t wait for her to come visit)
  • Budget rental truck/tow dolly for move: $964
  • Gas for rental truck: $560 (my $760 guess was way over…thank goodness)

And then there are just a crap-ton of random miscellaneous charges between $10 and $100 dollars. I’m definitely not looking forward to April 1st (the day my bill is due). Perhaps I should take up prostitution as a side job while I’m here in Germany since it’s legal and all? Something tells me Girl Ninja wouldn’t like that too much.

Alright, creepy blog stalker….What’s your credit card (or cards) balance? Will you be paying it off in full? Can anyone beat $4,311 in purchases last month?!

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  1. Current Balance of all credit cards is $4,852! YUCK! Two of the cards get paid off every month, one will be paid off in 3 months, and the other…. well, I’m working on it. I’m hoping to have them all paid off to the point where I pay off the balance every month come my Birthday at the end of August though!

  2. Yep, wifey and I have an MC that we pretty much put all of the expenses we can on it and get airline miles in return. Current balance sits below $1000 and by the time it’s due (Apr 8) it’ll be around $2K which we’ll payoff entirely like we always do!

    Question: Didn’t you budget for all those expenses, so a high credit card balance is offset by the cash you have waiting to pay it off?

    That’s how we see it, really. After our honeymoon, we had a $4000 credit card balance, but since we had extra income that month (cash money from the wedding) it was no big deal paying it off. AND we got 4000 AAdvantage miles. WORD!

  3. $1010.31 for a recent car repair. I’ll pay it off by the end of April. I had other random charges, but I’ve paid them before any interest could accrue =)

  4. Currently? $6720:

    1) $2000 is on a 0% financing for 48 months for some furniture purchases – I have the money in the bank to pay it, but I’d rather receive the interest in the bank.
    2) $3140 is on three cards, at varying degrees of promotional 0% offers – again, when these expire, I will pay them in full, but I take advantage of the free interest.
    3) $1580 is on “normal” cards, and these cards already have scheduled payments in full – in my budget, I’ve already removed the money from the checking account, even though it’s still there, to simulate the payments.

  5. $308.20 so far this month:
    ~$100 for utilities (cable/internet & water/garbage)
    ~$100 at the grocery store
    ~$50 for a tank of gas (grrr)
    ~$50 dining out (Chipotle, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Culver’s)
    ~$10 on a book. (I love my member coupons at B&N!)

    Yes, quite the exciting life a lead.

  6. My balance was $445 and DH’s was $254, and yesterday I paid his off and $200 on mine. We don’t make a whole ton of money and we have some other debts to pay off. At the end of April we’ll only on on our car, and I can maybe have that paid in a year. But his credit card and 1/2 of mine is a weight lifted off.

  7. I like using debit cards for the kinds of small purchases (grocery store, bookstore, etc.) for which I used to pay by check. That way the money comes right out of checking.

    There’s no rule that says you have to wait for your statement each month. If you bank online, just transfer money out of checking to pay the current balance in whole or part at any convenient interval. I have both my checking, debit card, and credit card linked together at Citibank for that reason.

    My CC balance? As of today, $425. As of tomorrow at this same time, $0.

    “Perhaps I should take up prostitution as a side job while I’m here in Germany since it’s legal and all?”
    Always keep your options open.

    • Speaking of prostitution, a quick Wikipedia search tells me that male prostitutes in Germany primarily service (lol) other guys. So Ninja, you’d have to switch teams to really make money.

      Off to delete my browser history…

  8. No credit cards and no credit card debt here, (after years of using them irresponsibly and getting into big trouble with them).
    It is freakin awesome to not be chained down with credit card debt anymore-I highly recommend burning those babies and living without them!
    I don’t even use a debit card anymore-we’re followers of DR and it’s all cash, all the time over here πŸ™‚

  9. $175, but that’s just because my returned order didn’t credit to my account yet. Then it will be $0 once again, and all will be right in the world. ;P

  10. We JUST paid ours off yesterday (we’re on a mid-month to mid-month schedule), but the bill was about $800, which is pretty typical.

    It’s a good thing you guys don’t have to pay rent for the time being! Hopefully that will ease the pain of this month’s enormous credit card bill. πŸ™‚

  11. $0…no credit card here. Would LOVE to get back on Alaska Air’s good side though. We are seriously missing those companion tickets…full price to Hawaii=ouch!

  12. Too much! But that’s why we’re on this journey. Two years ago, the balance on the credit cards (including the line of credit) was almost $50,000 and we thought we were going to have to declare bankruptcy. We buckled down and right now it stands at $28,000 and when the income tax returns come back in a few weeks, it will be below $20,000. Estimated debt free date is June 2012.

    • I was starting to wonder if anyone had crazy debt levels like I do. We are somewhere in the $38,000 range for CC debt. We are just starting to really work on it, but trying to do that while moving doesn’t work too well. Here’s hoping we can follow your lead and get rid of our debt as fast as you have.

  13. Currently at $40 because i goofed and grabbed the credit card instead of the debit card when i ran out to gas up. Will be paid before the bill is due.

  14. I use 2 cards regularly, and pay them both off every month.. One generally has charges of $1-250, the other $2-2,500 every month. I use the second to accumulate miles and I put everything on it.

  15. $2020.42 as of right now. Trip to San Diego and a home air conditioner repair make up the bulk of that bill. As usual, for the last 20 years, the entire balance is paid off every month. It is because of that, I know and feel your pain. There were many times I looked at the minimum payment due and laughed because I knew it was a trap for those with no financial discipline. What is the minimum payment on your card, Ninja? I bet it is ridiculously low.

  16. $2136 – That’s from two cards, one which has 0% interest. Like Larry, I just transfer money from checking and pay it off in a few chunks but normally I don’t carry a balance this high. It’s usually $500-$700 total.

  17. 2 grand. We pay it off twice a month and just experienced similar spending as Ninja. Relocation costs are a biz nitch. But all worth it when you’re buying a brand new 2200 square foot house for $244,400. Peace out So Cal….. hello pacific north west.

  18. $284. Payment en route.

    Back in October I had an ~$18k balance due to the wedding. 1% cash back is your friend!

  19. $847ish….. Basically is under 900 but over 800…. Will be paid in full when my tax return comes in and I will then be consumer debt free!!! Next step student debt!!

  20. $0 πŸ™‚

    I don’t have CC as of yet. I’m waiting until my finances are more sound until I get one. Then I will use it to pay bills and pay it off each month. I make less than minimum wage so money is tight every month and I don’t want to get a CC until I KNOW I will be able to pay it off every month. πŸ™‚

  21. I came close to you with $4262. Ugh. This month had a number of unusual expenses, not all unplanned though. $1100 in car repairs, $600 in emergency house repairs, $1300 for airfare/car/tickets for an upcoming trip. We’ll pay it all off when we get the statement, like we always do, but like you, I just don’t like seeing such a big number.

  22. Since the divorce three years ago, I haven’t had a credit card, BUT, I have a loan that WAS a credit card that is still at about 8K. Workin it.

  23. Currently $6,721.69 on one credit card. (….it’s for a week trip to London/Paris for me, hubby and kiddo)

    We did save up money for it, so it will be paid off next week. Not looking forward to how much food will cost over there….

  24. On the one I’m working on paying off- $4,338. Can’t wait to have that gone! On the one I use regularly but pay off every month (actually, more like every week): $19.62 from paying for turbotax so I could do my taxes online.

  25. Lat statement was $2085.29. I anticipate this next one will be bigger, as I’m moving–it is already at 633.86 and I’m less than a week into my billing period. Like you, I throw everything on one credit card and pay it off at the end of the month.

  26. I am like Sara and others my last credit card bill was a big fat ZERO and is cancelled – so I don’t have one any more and I don’t want one every again. Am waiting to be inundated with credit card offers as soon as my credit report is updated.

  27. I’m still paying off old debt on my cards. I’m at $3,500 – down from $15K six years ago. I paid $500 this month, and will pay $1000 next Friday (payday), which will close one card. WOOHOO getting closer to financial (credit card) freedom!

  28. Yep. Have just over 6k, almost entirely in flights. We’re wedding photographers and we fly around the world to shoot nuptials. People pay for the plane tickets, but I usually wait until I get several deposits and then buy all the plane tickets at once. I have our flights bought for the next 5 cities within the U.S. and then Chile/Argentina and then Europe and back to the U.S. all paid for though, so I shouldn’t have to buy more plane tickets until July, woohoo!

  29. I have two cards, both paid off each month, but current balance is about 1900 each! The first holds three plane tickets (404, 643, 643) and a collection of smaller purchases with everything from the pharmacy, ballet shoes, liquor and one trip to the grocery store. The second one has 200 travel purchases, 635 gymnastics fees (three months worth!), 300 on more purchases related to recent trip and then rest is 215 groceries, 203 gas. And miscellaneous stuff. Wow. So much for paying down my line of credit as I don’t have the cash to cover both of these cards and that’s where these will be paid from. Sigh.

    On a positive note, I will have about 1400 to put back into the line of credit by the end of the month but the rest of the debt will stick around for a while more.

  30. Two cards, one w zero-rarely used and the other always used… Target card. I love target, hate buying groceries even with a discount because I did not always pay the balance (I know sadness). Beside the bulk in groceries I would get household items, not a lot of junk extras, but those add up fast. So now I have stopped using it and got a target debit card. I can still get extra discount and not have the finance charges. This card is only good at Target and not online. That is ok with me. I have paid 2000.00 on balance and might have that much left. Two months. done.

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