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Creating content for your side hustle blog in the right way

Running a side hustle is a very effective way to pay off your debt faster. If you have a regular job that covers your day-to-day bills, 100% of what you earn in your new business can be used to service your debt. One side hustle that works well for a lot of people is running a blog. Something I have talked about doing, in the past.

There are plenty of free courses and YouTube videos available online, that show you how to do it. It is hard work, but, if you persist and create good-quality and informative articles, you can still make money from blogging.

Be factual and give credit to your sources

However, before I dive in and tell you more about how to create the right type of content for your blog, I want to talk about the importance of using an APA citation creator. This free tool enables you to quickly and easily tell your readers where you got the information you are sharing with them.

Doing this helps to build trust with your audience. When they see you explaining where you got your facts from, your audience knows that you have done your research. It is important for your readers to be able to see that you are a source of good quality information and that you are genuinely there to help them.

Get to know your audience

It is important to get to know your readership and create content that is relevant to them. You need to speak to your target audience as much as possible. To understand what their concerns are and what questions they have. There are lots of ways to do this. As you will see when you read this excellent article.

Use a mix of content formats

When creating your content try to do so using different forms of information. When you write an article, try to find a relevant YouTube video. Ideally, you want something that emphasises and builds on what you are saying.

If you cannot find a video that does this, consider creating one yourself. It is not hard to turn the main points of your post into PowerPoint slides, upload them to a video creator and follow the instructions.

Include photos. You can use stock photos or take a few yourself. With the help of the GIMP tool, you could even turn one or two into interesting memes. But, if you are using photos you have not taken yourself check to see if you need permission to edit or upload and use these photos.

Infographics can also be useful. They add colour and appeal to a certain type of reader.

Take your time

My last piece of advice is not to try to rush the creative process. You do need to publish regularly. But, it is better to create one good piece of content per week than it is to rush and publish 3 not very good articles.


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