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Commenters are like cocaine

Is it just me or am I the only one that get’s a little turned on when people comment on a blog post? Okay, maybe “turn on” was a little strong, but I sure do get excited. I have a few readers that I can count on to contribute to a majority of my blog posts each month. I think commenting is an essential part of the blogging community as it is one of the many ways we can interact with eachother directly. It allows readers to voice concerns, provide advice, or just encourage one another. I always try and drop a line when I stop through other’s websites. I seriously think I might be addicted to getting comments. I was thinking about joining Commenters Annoynmous: “Hi My name is Debt Ninja and I have a cocaine comment addiction.”

So now I must pay homage to those persons that I can count on to throw in their two cents. Take a minute and check out their site and drop ’em a line….

Dr. Faith– She’s legit for two reasons. First she is a freaking doctor, I mean come on that makes her ten times cooler than any of us. Second, she writes about her financial situation and lays it all out there. Doctor + Finances = Awesome.

Calquist– Unfortunately I can’t look at your website because it appears to be blocked to strangers. I do, however, appreciate you contributing to my posts 🙂

Dolly Iris– Dolly and I hit a little rough patch towards the start of our relationship, but we have worked through it and I have thoroughly enjoyed her suggestions and help. She’s one bada$$ blogger.

Josh- My Australian homie. Unfortunately, I also can not check out your site. I don’t know what the deal is or why I can’t connect, but each time I try to hollar at ya’ it never works. Do me a favor and go punch a kangaroo in the face 😉

J Money– I consider J Money to be like my big brother. We have similar writing styles and both have finance raps. He’s a pretty darn successful blogger and I’m always honored to see him make his way over to P.D.I.T.F.

Jake– Gotta love the name of his site…Debt Sucks Blog…haha that automatically makes you one of my best friends. Keep doing what you do dude!

There are plenty others who have contributed to some wonderful conversations and I give you many thanks. You blog-whores are what keep my addiction going.



  1. OMG I haven't had any comments in several days… I'm going through withdrawal!

    No, really, I absolutely feel the same way you do about comments, and it saddens me to not get any. So, I just continue to leave comments for others, and hope I get a larger subscriber base so that more comments will flow my way.

  2. Don't worry, I'm not keeping you out of the loop, I just don't have a blog. I've started the same one multiple times, but end up deleting it since I don't think I have enough substance/get bored/fear boring others. I'll stick with my attempts at witty comments for now and I'll let you know if I decide to make the leap. :)!

  3. Hey Ninja. Thanks for including me too. I always like seeing what you've got to say on your blog. I don't run a blog myself or have a website so I just put my email address in as the URL (I'm not sure why it always asks for a website address) I guess I'm just a blog whore 🙂

    Keep up the good work.

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