Creating content for your side hustle blog in the right way

Running a side hustle is a very effective way to pay off your debt faster. If you have a regular job that covers your day-to-day bills, 100% of what you earn in your new business can be used to service your debt. One side hustle that works well for a lot of people is running a blog. Something I have talked about doing, in the past.

There are plenty of free courses and YouTube videos available online, that show you how to do it. It is hard work, but, if you persist and create good-quality and informative articles, you can still make money from blogging.

Be factual and give credit to your sources

However, before I dive in and tell you more about how to create the right type of content for your blog, I want to talk about the importance of using an APA citation creator. This free tool enables you to quickly and easily tell your readers where you got the information you are sharing with them.

Doing this helps to build trust with your audience. When they see you explaining where you got your facts from, your audience knows that you have done your research. It is important for your readers to be able to see that you are a source of good quality information and that you are genuinely there to help them.

Get to know your audience

It is important to get to know your readership and create content that is relevant to them. You need to speak to your target audience as much as possible. To understand what their concerns are and what questions they have. There are lots of ways to do this. As you will see when you read this excellent article.

Use a mix of content formats

When creating your content try to do so using different forms of information. When you write an article, try to find a relevant YouTube video. Ideally, you want something that emphasises and builds on what you are saying.

If you cannot find a video that does this, consider creating one yourself. It is not hard to turn the main points of your post into PowerPoint slides, upload them to a video creator and follow the instructions.

Include photos. You can use stock photos or take a few yourself. With the help of the GIMP tool, you could even turn one or two into interesting memes. But, if you are using photos you have not taken yourself check to see if you need permission to edit or upload and use these photos.

Infographics can also be useful. They add colour and appeal to a certain type of reader.

Take your time

My last piece of advice is not to try to rush the creative process. You do need to publish regularly. But, it is better to create one good piece of content per week than it is to rush and publish 3 not very good articles.

Thank You Ninja & The Future of Punch Debt in the Face

Like many of you I have been reading Punch Debt in the Face for the better part of a decade, so when I saw his post about being done with Punch Debt in the Face I was completely bummed.  I actually found my first comment on the way back in 2010 in a post about optimism and stupidity.  So who am I? and why did I buy the site?

My name is Evan and I own and run MyJourneytoMillions an 8 year personal finance blog.  While I never gained the popularity or notoriety that Ninja did, I have always enjoyed blogging and couldn’t bear the thought of this becoming a landing page when the domain expired.

While I won’t be writing here that often I hope to share some other fantastic voices!  If you have a story to tell please contact me!

I guess this is Goodbye.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 10.54.16 PMIf it wasn’t entirely obvious, my blogging flame has finally flickered out. It’s been nearly six months since my last post and I’d be lying if I said I had a desire to write again. My season as a Personal Finance blogger has come to an end.

It’s been a wild ride and I’ve been fortunate to have many successes over my six year blogging career. Girl Ninja and I were flown to Chicago to appear on the Steve Harvey Show. I was featured in a print version of Reader’s Digest. Had a huge interview and feature on And even won the “People’s Choice” award at the largest personal finance blogging conference in the world UNIVERSE, meaning a bunch of random people thought I was the best PF blogger alive!

Thanks for sticking around for so long. If you want to keep somewhat abreast (hahaha, I said breast) of my current life happenings, feel free to follow along on my latest hobby, furniture flipping. I started (not so much a blog, but a showroom for my furniture, with an occasional random life thought), or on instagram at…

Midandmod (my furniture instagram)


B_patch (my real life, day-to-day, instagram)

Or you can always shoot me an email if you’d like to stay in touch ([email protected])

Also, Girl Ninja has another human/fetus/baby/thing inside of her, a Girl apparently. Due in May. Jury is still out on a name. Oddly enough Baby Ninja 1, Weston, was named by a random reader of this blog when I asked you all to help name him. Perhaps you have some gem of a name you’ve been saving that you wouldn’t mind us considering 🙂 If so drop it in the comments.

I’ll do my best to respond to any comments this post gets (within the two weeks before my anti-spam robot closes the comments section of this post), so feel free to ask any questions if you have them.

Oh, and our current Net Worth is like $420,000 (for those of you weirdo’s that would feel like you were left with a big cliff hanger if I didn’t do one last net worth update).

Well, I guess that’s all.

As the cliche saying goes…


That end is here.




p.s. If you’re interested in buying my blog and the URL let me know.I guess I won’t have much use for it anymore. 

I’ll still be so pissed if student loans are forgiven.

Back in the Occupy Wall Street hayday, Circa 2011, I wrote my 8th most popular post ever. It was simply titled “I’ll be so pissed if Student loans are forgiven“.

Yesterday I read an article by the New Yorker titled “A Student-Debt Revolt Begins“. Here’s a snippet from the article, but make sure to click through and read the whole piece.

On Monday, Heiney and fourteen other people who took out loans to attend Corinthian announced that they are going on a “debt strike,” and will stop repaying their loans. They believe that they have both ethical and legal grounds for what appears to be an unprecedented collective action against the debt charged to students who attended Corinthian schools, and they are also making a broader statement about the trillion dollars of student debt owed throughout the country.

If you took the time to read the whole piece, you’ll learn that it’s pretty clear Corinthian was likely not putting the students’ needs first. But then again, what would one expect from a for-profit entity? Of course the executives primary concerns are going to be how much money they will make, and how much money they can make for their investors.

It’s also abundantly clear Corinthian was taking advantage of the government’s generosity just as much, if not more, than they were taking advantage of their students.

Does this sound familiar? How about just a few years ago when all the financial institutions utilized predatory lending practices, knowing the fed was there to bail the bank out in the event the crap hit the fan.

Tons of upside. Virtually no downside. 

But to be honest, I actually feel for Heiney and think she should pursue legal recourse. If the college operated unethically, and the Dept of Education, requires that colleges do operate ethically, then I don’t know if the blame can necessarily be placed on her decision to enroll.

If she was deceived and lied to, how can I demand she pay back her loans. Lord knows if I was unknowingly ripped off, I’d like a chance to plead my case and get some type of relief.


Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at Feb 25, 2015, 11.20.55 PM


If she is successful in getting her student loans forgiven, then I would demand she forfeit any degree or credential she earned from her student-loan subsidized education.

I mean, her whole case is predicated on the fact that the school she attended sucked, wasn’t actually worth a single penny, and she feels her degree is useless.


Give up the degree and I’m cool with you being able to explore student loan forgiveness.

Treat student loan forgiveness the same way that we treat foreclosures and bankruptcy.

I don’t get to revolt against my mortgage AND keep my house. No. The bank will kick my butt out, take back the house, and essentially forgive my loan (and damage my credit a good bit).

I don’t get to file bankruptcy, but keep my vacation properties, fishing boat, two dirtbikes, and $40,000 in personal savings. If I go to Bankruptcy court and convince the judge I can’t afford to pay back my creditors, the court takes whatever I do have, and distributes it amongst my creditors. My loan is forgiven, but I have to forfeit most of the things that debt allowed me to acquire.

So yes, even in Ms Heiney’s situation, as sad as it is. I will still be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pissed if her student loans are forgiven.

You can not have your cake and eat it too. 

Where do you see the student loan forgiveness issue going?

I think it’s inevitable and within 10 years student loan forgiveness will be a thing. And I’m sure it will be abused just like bankruptcy and foreclosure often are.

Heck, I’d take a damaged credit score for a couple years if it means I can swoop a free degree in the process.

*** keep in mind I graduated college with $28,000 of student loan debt, which was above the national average for my graduation year, so I’m intimately familiar with the “Frick, what did I do” feelings that come with a student loan obligation***

You might be wealthy, but are you free?

You ever read a blog post that went something like this…

You might want to think twice before you buy that scooter. It would set you back $3,000, and will likely only provide you entertainment for a handful of years.

What if you invested that money instead? 

If you put $2,000 in to a Roth IRA and let it grow for 30 years, at 8%, you would end up with $30,000. 


Is that scooter really worth $30,000 to you? I didn’t think so. Now go give yourself a spanking and put yourself in time out for even thinking that buying a scooter was reasonable! 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read some iteration of the post above. Maybe instead of a scooter, it’s a vacation. Or a boat. Or a house. Or probably the most popular topic for an argument like this to appear, a wedding post.

Consider this my permission to flip those other PF bloggers the internet version of the bird and tell ’em to buzz off. Unless of course, your goal is to be miserable for the rest of your life.

Then by all means, drink the kool-aid.

Personal finance bloggers commonly confuse the terms financial freedom and wealth.


Say I had $1,000,000 in my 401k right now. I am literally a millionaire. You’d probably even say I was wealthy.

But am I free?


My 401k isn’t going to pay my cable bill, put groceries on our table, or a car in my driveway for another 30+ years. Yeah, I’m a millionaire, but I’m no more free than the dude that bags groceries down the street at the local Safeway.

We both still have to go to work tomorrow.

Do you get it? 

You need to be working towards financial freedom, not wealth building.

Even though I still have to work, I consider myself relatively free. My job provides the best work/life balance of anyone I know. We have a roof over our head. We contribute 15%-20% towards retirement. And we’re content living within our means, no pinching pennies, but we still have to be mindful of our spending. As far as I’m concerned; we’re retired.

It’s a beautiful place to be, and a place I hope you are in, or working towards finding. 

Don’t get discouraged by the PF bloggers who talk about how great early retirement is even though they are still slaves to their blog (or their portfolios), who make you feel terrible for buying a new car, or who tell you there is no such thing as saving too much.

Those bloggers suck.

You be the best YOU you can be. Make a plan. Stick to it. And enjoy the ride along the way…even if that means you end up having a $30,000 wedding.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to be happy. Promise. 

I hate all Extreme Cheapskates.

Apparently there is a show on TLC called Extreme Cheapskates.

I hate it.

Full disclosure: I’ve never actually watched an episode since Girl Ninja and I didn’t sign up for cable until a week before I left for Europe. But what I have done is watched a few clips from the show on the TLC website. It’s disturbing.

The show focuses on people who go to great lengths to save a few bucks. The clip above features a couple who takes all of their showers together. They give themselves two minutes TOTAL to get clean. They not only share the same bottle of shampoo, but the guy actually takes the soapy suds out of his wife’s shampooed hair, to clean his.

It gets worse.

They then proceed to use the same razor. Right as the woman finishes shaving her armpits, homeboy takes the razor and starts shaving his face with it. Yuck.


They then pop out of the shower and share a toothbrush to brush their teeth. I had enough as I watched them share the same piece of dental floss to clean their teeth. #VOMIT

I’m sorry to inform you, but these actions don’t make you appear as though you are a budget conscious saver. Heck I wouldn’t even use the term “Extreme Cheapskate” to label your actions. The only word I can think of that adequately describes your behavior is WEIRD. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind sharing a shower with Girl Ninja on occasion, but when we do, I can assure you it’s not to save money 😉

But hey, at least you aren’t peeing in a bottle to save some money on your water bill…

Don’t even get me started on bottle pee-er lady. She admits to having a gym membership, but wont flush her freakin’ toilet? Oh, or the lady that doesn’t believe in buying toilet paper so she wipes her butt with her hand.

Faith in humanity is gone forever.

That time I did a video interview

Just came across this gem. It’s an interview I did at FinCon, the financial bloggers conference, in Denver last September. If you want to know what I sound like go ahead and give it a watch 😉


p.s. I didn’t realize how annoyingly I chew my gum. My apologies.