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How Can Somebody Check the Status of Their Application?

Filing for a new Tax ID with IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Service tends to be an efficient way to get your new EIN, but efficient doesn’t mean instantaneous. When the IRS has a slower processing cycle and you want to make sure you keep up on the status of your application, waiting for the service’s automatic email communication is not always good enough. That’s why the service also provides an easy to use tracking page that will provide you with updates about the status of your application.

How to Check Your EIN Status

If you have already submitted an application with payment, it’s easy to check EIN status updates online:

  • Navigate to the tracking page on
  • Enter the email address used to file for the tax ID
  • Follow the directions on each additional step for verification
  • The filing service will provide you with an update for your EIN application

Don’t forget, if the application is either accepted or rejected, you will get an email. In the event of a Reference 101 error, the email will come with instructions about how to fix the problems with your filing, as well as a refund of all but a $10 processing fee. Acceptance emails are also issued to you in a timely manner, which allows you to use the tracking page to verify EIN number messages you receive via email.

Can People Also Look Up Registered Tax ID Numbers?

Yes, but only for certain publicly traded companies and nonprofits. In most cases, an EIN is confidential information that is not published. It is intended for internal use within companies and for tracking the proper payment of taxes, and as such, it is difficult to look up existing EIN registrations unless you are the registrant.

If you did register EIN numbers for entities and you need to look them up again, or if you want more information about tracking your applications, contact IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Service today.


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