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California is expensive

How much would you pay for the sunshine? Is it worth a 10% income tax? How ’bout a housing market few can afford? I personally think California is overrated. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and after living in California for 6 years I have realized it’s just not worth the cost. Not only is California overpriced, but I’m not a big fan of the lifestyle. It’s too fast paced for this small town kid. I’m getting itchy to make the move back to the PNW so I can establish myself there and settle down.
Kinda weird, I’m 23, but ready for the life of a 70 year old.

P.S. California I’m pissed at you cause I pay a lot of money for that sunshine and the forecast shows a chance of rain tomorrow!



  1. I lived in California for 8 years and saved about $2000.00…Fast forward 8 months back east and have save 10k already!

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