Businesses you’ve never heard of

Saw this article on Yahoo Finance about million dollar businesses you’ve never heard of and thought it was worth sharing with you all. If you want the full details about each gig you’ll have to click over to the article, but here’s the gist…

1) Geese Police Dogs chase geese off golf course. Revenue: Estimated $2.5 million in 2010

2) Texas Driving Experience – Drive a corvette around a racetrack. Revenue: Estimated $1.8 million in 2010

3) Mabel’s Labels – Durable kid proof labels for kids’ stuff. Revenue: $4 million in 2009

4) Stave Puzzle – Really hard puzzles. Revenue: $2.5 million in 2009

5) Pet Relocation – Relocate any animal from point A to point B. Revenue: Estimated $4 million in 2010

6) Black Socks – Sock subscription (like a magazine subscription) Revenue: $5 million in 2009

7) Sky Zone – Trampoline gym. Revenue: $3 million-plus in 2009

8) DNA 11 – DNA artwork. Revenue: $1.4 million in 2009

9) Murray Associates – Spy stuff. Revenue in 2009: $760,000

10) The Fiero Store – Auto parts for Pontiac Fieros. Revenue: $2 million in 2009

How can you read that article and not feel at least somewhat entrepreneurial? I mean come on, who woulda thought teaching some dogs to chase geese would turn in to a multimillion dollar business? Wanna know what’s even cooler? The start up cost for Geese Police was a measly $3,000. Incredible right!? I’m keeping my fingers crossed Punch Debt In The Face will make it on Yahoo’s list next year 😉 Haha, yeah right.

Here’s your mission today. Drop a line in the comments below with what your dream business would be? It doesn’t matter if you know the business would fail, or if the start up costs are too high. This is hypothetical, so we just get to pretend everything would work out somehow. I’d probably start a cereal bar, much like a Starbucks or a Einsteins Bagels, but with cereal instead (side note: I know there are already such places, but not where I live). You walk up to the counter and take your pick of hundreds of different types of cereal. A bowl would cost $1.50 and you could get any type of milk (or soy product) you wanted to go with it. Maybe I’d call it something cheesy like Seriously Cereal. Ah yes, that would be my dream. What’s yours?

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  1. The geese police huh? Wow.

    I don’t know what business can compare to this. Maybe it could be an amusement park of human size hampster wheels….I mean, haven’t you always wanted to see what it was like to run in one of those wheels?

  2. There was a guy who did a talk at school and he had a million dollar business renting porta potties to construction sites. He was making a killing. The other one I recently heard was trailer park landowner. You charge rent to people and turnover rate is really low.

    I don’t know what mine would be. The things I like to do (like cooking) would require working weekends. I think B2B is where the money is at though.

  3. I’m intrigued that the sock subscription club is so profitable. Do that many people really enjoy socks? Aren’t socks the quintessential boring “Dad” gift that no one actually wants to get for Christmas/birthdays?

    If something that mundane can rack up good revenue, I’m inclined to spin off of it and do a “____ of the Month” club of my own. There are a zillion possibilities: Cupcake of the Month, PJs of the Month, Random Useless Doodad of the Month. If socks can make it, I’d think anything else could stand a decent chance.

  4. I hope the dogs don’t hurt the geese but I’m terrified of geese so I guess that’s my fave! They used to chase me around college…not cool when you’re trying to look cute for your future husband!

    But on a serious note…I love the idea of adult playgrounds. I think it would be so much fun to have “people” sized slides, swings, and other fun activities! Oh wait…we have those…oh well back to the drawing board!

    Have a great Christmas Ninja!!!

  5. Cordelia you’re so right about crap-of-the-month! In the same vein of laziness, how about a personal shopper service? The customer enters their friends/parents/spouses birthdays/anniversaries/mothers day and a list of allergies/things to avoid (only the things they hate most, like leprechauns or whatever), and the service sends out gifts on the appointed day, with an email to you (the lazy a$$) so you know what you “bought” him.

    I’m all about businesses with low overhead – you could run this from your garage!

  6. In the vein of adult playgrounds, I have two ideas that I would love to start, mainly because I would love places like this actually existed. I would start an indoor adult playground like the kiddie playgrounds, with ball pits and bouncy castles and slides, and trampolines (if only Sky Zone were in my area). On a more relaxed note, my sister and I want to start a hammock park where you could rent a hammock by the hour or half day or whatever. We would have themed areas (beach, forrest, etc) and sell people ridiculously overpriced cocktails with umbrellas. And don’t forget a VIP area with a velvet rope just for us.

    • I would be all about a hammock park!! Cocktails and hammocks sounds like the perfect day, especially when we can’t afford a “real” tropical vacation. If you ever create this, I want to be on the mailing list! 🙂

    • LOVE your hammock park idea! Id much rather pay over for priced cocktails while relaxing in a hammock on a beach or in a forest than at a crowded sweaty night club!!

  7. Professional Dog Walker or Pet Sitter… to not have to sit in an office all day and hang out/play with pooches and kitties? That’s my idea of HEAVEN!!

  8. This article made me laugh out loud because my friend actually is a Geese Police officer. When he first told me he was doing the job, I was like “what the f** is the geese police?” and he made me watch the nifty 2 minute video they have on the website to explain it. Now whenever I see a group of geese I immediatly think of him and text “help! i need the geese police!”

    As for my dream job, I pretty much already have it. I’m an EMT and I’ll be studying for my paramedic soon, so to be able to do my job and get paid while doing it, is pretty sweet 🙂

  9. My passion is food, so if I were going to follow my passion I guess I’d get into the restaurant business.

    Only problem is I know a few folks who failed miserably in that business, so I don’t know if I would ever take the plunge.

  10. I’m going to go with a mobile gas company. You type in a few buttons on your iphone app, and someone comes to your office to fill up your gas tank. Although, I wouldn’t want to run this company, because gas is not very interesting.

  11. I am working on my dream job! I started my personal financial blog 4 months ago. Now I just need to earn enough money so I can write from a Paris cafe, Hong Kong or some exotic beach. Like I said, I am working on it. 2011 is my year to accomplish it!

  12. I think that there should be an as seen on TV rental place. You know that all of the products that you see in infomercials look amazing, but once you get them you find that they aren’t as awesome as they seemed, or you just don’t have as much use for them as you thought. With rentals, you pay a minimal fee to test it out and if you like it, you buy it!

  13. Hate to bust your bubble but the cereal thing exists. The Cereal Bowl and Cereality are chains. Maybe you can buy a franchise? Okay my dream business? Building off the grid, self sustainable housing.

  14. I’ve been contemplating opening a pet kennel. I’d need space and a kennel built, but overall, the overhead would be pretty low and you can easily make $25-$50 a night per animal. 🙂

  15. I’d never heard of that kind of cereal bar, but I can tell you that you’d make a bundle off of my family members! Cereal has always been our backup meal for any time of day 😉

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