HomehousingWe bought a house.

We bought a house.

The phone call came at about 6pm yesterday. Our offer was accepted. Girl Ninja immediately started crying. I know what you’re thinking, she was crying tears of joy.

She wasn’t.

She was crying tears of “Oh my goodness, what did we get ourselves in to.” I think she set the world record for quickest buyers remorse at a whopping 0.5 seconds. Haha, gotta love that girl. She definitely likes to keep things interesting.


After the initial shock of making the biggest purchase of our life wore off, after a phone call with her mom to reassure her that feeling scared is normal, and after talking with our agent, the tears eventually turned to smiles. We went out to a nice dinner to celebrate.

If our offer was accepted at an escalated price (which it was), we required the sellers to provide us a copy of the competing offer. If you remember from yesterday’s post, Girl Ninja and I offered $340,000 for the property, but were willing to escalate up to $357,000.


The competing offer started at $350,000 and they were willing to go up to $378,350. Or in other words, they were willing to pay $21,350 more for the house than we were.

Definitely makes us feel a little better about the whole thing.

Why didn’t the seller accept the other offer? A few reasons…

  1. They were only putting 3% down. (we will put down 20%).
  2. They only offered $7,500 for earnest money (we offered $10,000).
  3. They had a financing contingency. (we waived this since we shouldn’t have an issue).
  4. Their offer escalated in $3,100 increments.

So while the other people were willing to pay $378,350 for the house if necessary, they only wanted to escalate other offers by $3,100. In essence, if the sellers picked their offer instead of ours, the sale price would have been $360,100 (exactly $3,100 more than our highest offer).

Our offer is less risky, and so the sellers were willing to forfeit three grand in profit to make sure the deal closes.


Assuming the appraisal doesn’t come in stupid low, the house should be ours. We are supposed to get keys on July 24th, exactly six hours before we leave the country for three weeks, so we’ll definitely need some help movingwhen we get back.

Here’s to hoping we make a million happy memories in our first place.

….Oh, and here’s to hoping real estate appreciates 150% in the next six months 😉



  1. Congratulations!!! The home is so beautiful!! I think I would have done the exact same thing Girl Ninja did – making big decisions can be scary! But I’m glad she is happy with it now and I can’t wait to see more pictures!

    • Hell, I cry every time I have to move. From one bedroom to another as a kid, when going home for summer break during college and back, and especially now whether we are buying a house or just renting. I don’t handle moving well, obviously.

  2. Congrats! I LOVE love love the pictures of this house so much. We are in the process of buying our second house and we just can’t seem to find that PERFECT one.

  3. Oh my gosh congrats!! What a BEAUTIFUL home! Girl Ninja and I sound like kindred spirits… I’m pretty sure I will have the same reaction when we buy a house. Congrats again!

  4. Congratulations! and don’t forget to take that grand piano out of storage; there’s a chance you might now find a corner to squeeze it in.

  5. Congratulations! I actually felt kinda numb after we bought our first house. I was in shock that signing a few papers could mean that you had to pay for something for 20ish years. It all felt like fun while we were choosing and preparing our offer, but then it became very very real. It’s all good, and my shock wore off fairly quickly, but I can certainly empathize with GN! Wishing you many happy returns in your new home. 🙂

  6. Congrats, ninja family!! That house is absolutely amazing!! I was wondering when all of these real estate posts would turn into a ‘we bought a house post’.

  7. Congratulations!!
    Such a big step, I totally understand the tears and freakout, I’m sure I’ll react similarly when we finally pull the trigger on a house.
    The house looks beautiful and the back yard looks like a great place to hang out and entertain in!
    Wishing you years of happiness in your new home!

  8. Wow! I would be shocked too! I’m currently in the process of setting the financing for our house. Getting pre-approval, and then going to talk to a realtor to see what turns up. I’m pretty scared and nervous. The process seems daunting! But millions of people do it, so it shouldn’t be too hard, right???

  9. Congratulations!!! I had a feeling this is how the home buying process was going to go down for you guys – BAM! found a place, own a place.

    Are you going to blog while you’re out of the country? I don’t know if your readers approved of this kind of absence? 😉

  10. Based solely on the pictures I would say the number one reason this hold sold so quickly was the staging. Everyone has commented ‘love the pictures’, etc. and most of it is based on the staging. The house is great, the bathroom door has been cut to fit which leads me to think that very few things in this house will be square (common with older homes, remodeled or not).

    Only two things I would change, kitchen countertops being tile (the grout gets dirty super easily) and cut down all that stuff in the backyard. 😉

    Congratulations Ninja, you will love home ownership.

    New post idea: “Pay off mortgage early or invest?” – The age old question.

  11. Congrats Ninjas!!!!!!

    I am smiling so huge for you guys right now. I know that feeling of panic that Girl Ninja experienced…but it’s not like you guys rushed into this. Perhaps you rushed into making an offer because you knew what felt right, but you guys have been so well prepared to purchase a house and know what you want and how much you want to spend. I am proud of you!

    In the meantime, this should now give you some new subject matter content for the blog, if you felt that you were running out of topics to come up with (just like the person who posted for me – are you going to start paying down that mortgage ASAP)??!!

    the house is absolutely charming. Well done!

  12. Congrats on getting your first house! It’s something you two have been saving up for and I bet it feels awesome to finally achieve your goal!

  13. The house is beautifull!! You guys are gonna be so happy; big congratulations coming at you from Canada!! 🙂

    Tell GN that when we viewed the place we bought last year, our realtor (who’s also a very good friend of ours) had us over for a BBQ… as soon as we signed the approved offer, I casually excused myself from the table, went to the bathroom, and threw up!

  14. House insurance will only cover claims if someone is inspecting the property on a regular basis. Maybe a friend could drop in every day?

    My plumber says that the seal in the dishwasher dries out quickly if it is not used regularly so throw a cup or 2 of water in the bottom before you head off on vacation. So much to think about and do when you are a home owner.

  15. You really don’t hope it increases in the next six months, unless you are planning to sell then. Otherwiise, it’ll just make your property taxes go up.

  16. Didn’t think I’d see the day when Ninja bought a house! Congrats. I just got my first place about 18 months ago and love it.

  17. Congratulations!!! I’m closing on my first place this afternoon, so I understand the roller coaster of emotions.

    Enjoy the feeling of being a new homeowner.

  18. First, congratulations!!

    Second, careful about that closing date – actually closing the original date is hellish. If you can push it up a week, do it. This will give you a little wiggle room. In the business building homes, and trust me, most don’t close the original day expected, especially with underwriters being as careful as they are now. PS, I am in the Seattle area as well.

    • I agree with Angela on the closing date! I just purchased my first home last month, and was horrified when, after I had taken time out of my schedule to make sure I could be at the scheduled closing day/time, I realized that everyone else plays by different rules. Even the seller wanted to push it out (she decided this the DAY OF closing!). I went bonkers (looked like that drawing you made!), and what we ended up doing is that *I* was there for the closing, but after I signed all of the papers, the seller’s agent actually had to drive the papers TO her just to get her to sign them. Hope your closing goes smoother but I think you should give yourself more of a buffer. Congrats!

  19. Congratulations! I got the key to my house 2 hours before I was supposed to leave the country for two weeks. I snagged the keys, ran over, did a happy dance in the middle of the living room and quick drove to the airport. Made is almost surreal to come home to a completely new house. (I was lucky enough to have a family that moved all of my crap in and even assembled the furniture while i was gone!)

  20. Congratulations! Like others said, this purchase will for sure give you more material for this blog. I feel like you & GN have been rockstars for the past few years. You both seem like a practical couple so I can see how the biggest purchase of your life can freak you guys out!

    But really sit back and enjoy. This is all your hard work and a goal you’ve reached together!

  21. Friendly landlord here. – Congrats.

    When are you buying another one? (It’s best to own multiple properties for long term wealth accumulation).

    No need for regular inspections to maintain insurance coverage – never heard of that.

    Closing can definitely happen on the closing date scheduled – the underwriters don’t start working on the papers until 72 hours ahead of time. No worries.

    What repairs did the inspection report indicate you should make? The dinged corner of the lower cabinet can be fixed with two pieces of trim cut to size (a big box store will do this for you) and nailed with finishing nails. What else did he find?

  22. Congrats! The place looks great. Random room design advice for when you move in: in the green bedroom, you could rotate the bed so that the headboard is where that dresser currently is. Then the nightstands would be hidden away in that niche and make the room look bigger, and the room would looked balanced with those unusual windows.

  23. Congratulations! You and GN are rockstars! I can only hope in a few years I can buy a house the way you guys did (20% down, baaa blam!).

    I know you guys are a practical couple so the largest purchase of your life can feel crazy! But make sure you enjoy please! I know all of us readers just want you to be happy and all cozied up in your new home 🙂

  24. Wow! Serious congrats on that beautiful home! The strategies you used in your offer was quite interesting and should help others in a tight housing market. I hope you will provide details on the closing costs involved. Being your first mortgage, it should be quite the learning experience. It took me 2 mortgages to finally wise up to the fine details of the costs involved in a real estate transaction. Of course there was no Internet during those times to easily research it.

  25. Congrats! And I second what Angela said – get that closing date pushed up sooner if you’re going out of the country for the next 3 weeks. I’ve bought 2 house and neither closing took place when they were supposed to. Hope I’m not scaring you – but I’d really check into that. Good luck.

  26. Congratulations! Next, it’s time to punch mortgage in the face 🙂 A whole new chapter for you and a very exciting one! It’s important for the young people out there to follow, through this blog, such a nice couple like you two, through all the big events in life – we saw already college, debt repayment, engagement ( and ring purchase), wedding, saving for downpayment, budgeting and now, buying a house! You offer a lot through this blog: good advice, solid example, fundamental traditions, faith and giving back to the community and much more – I am looking forward to see your journey and I root for you two! Congrats again!

  27. I am so scared for you! I cannot believe Seattle’s market is like that. My stomach hurts just thinking about having to put an offer so quickly. I really hope you guys love the house!!!

  28. Congratulations! My grandmother just sold her house and bought a condo with a super quick turn around between listing hers house and moving in to the condo.

  29. Congratulations!! What a beautiful house. I can totally understand the tears. When I bought my condo a few years ago, I remember feeling completely overwhelmed when everything was finalized. I remember sitting in my office and actually saying out loud “OMG, what did I just do”?

  30. YEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAA. way to go …and so move in ready it is awesome. I was wondering if I would EVER see the words from you: “We bought a house.”
    Yes, the timing is wonderful… you will go out of your mind on vacation thinking all about how you want to set up the house. Maybe the break will allow you to change your mind 37 times on paper so when you get back it will be a snap. Have a wonderful time dreaming and planning these next few weeks…. and just try to get some sleep, eh?

  31. Congrats on the big move!

    You waived the mortgage contingency?! WHAT ATTORNEY LET YOU DO THAT?!?!?!?!?!?! Next you’ll tell me you waived the inspection?!

    • Holy shit just read the previous post. You waived inspection, too?! My God Ninja.

      This may just be the lawyer in me (I try to keep that guy down as much as I can) but you are have left yourself (and more importantly $80K) completely exposed.

      98% of the time it works out, but here is to hoping you aren’t in that 2%

  32. The home is beautiful! Tell GN it’s totally normal to be scared. The night before closing on our first home (which i LOOOVE) I spent hours researching the penalties and options for cancelling the deal. I tried to talk my husband into not showing up, cancelling, running away and renting forever. It is VERY scary.

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