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Let’s be not boring today :)

I was browsing a friend’s Facebook profile yesterday and they shared this image…

Since I really don’t want to hear about the sex life of the two or three thousand of you that will read this post, let’s put a little spin on it shall we? How about you describe your financial habits with a movie, song, or tv show title instead.

Make sure you follow the title of your choosing with the financial habit it describes. For example…

  • Fast and the Furious or Gone in 60 Seconds: How I spend money when I see a cool pair of shoes.
  • Lord of the Rings: How I felt when I dropped some serious cash on my wife’s engagement ring.
  • UP: My net worth.

You get the point? Okay, good. Let your creative juices flow…



  1. The Blind Side: How I feel every time I make a payment to my student loans.
    Ransom: How it feels to have a large amount of debt because of student loans.
    Mission:Impossible: How I feel every time I look at the amount I still owe on my student loans.

    Really, student loan repayment has taken over my life…

  2. What an entertaining idea… 🙂 Some movie titles that come to mind for me are:

    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy: things I wish I didn’t have to spend money on.
    The Turtle and The Hare: my slow and steady saving will (hopefully) win the race.

    Some movie titles that might apply to personal finance in general:

    Flashdance: you can come from modest means and still impress people with your success.
    Dumb and Dumber: how most people are with their money.
    Wall Street: how many people feel about financiers, etc.

  3. Natural Born Killers: What I’m doing to my debt.
    The Abyss: When I look at my credit card statement, this is what it feels like sometimes.

    I liked Dumb and Dumber as a suggestion! People are really stupid with their finances sometimes, and it’s crazy that there’s such a need for folks to steer them right.

  4. Scream: when I see my Federal tax bill for 2011

    Up in the Air: how I feel when searching for all my documents this year

    A Bridge Too Far: thinking about retirement

    Stranger Than Fiction: how I must look to others when I tell them I never carried student loans or credit card debt

    Pursuit of Happyness: choosing to spend on experiences rather than stuff

  5. The Proposal – What I always feel items that I want are doing to me, and I have to say no
    Girl Interrupted – My financial progress every time I have to shell out for tuition
    Lost in Translation – How I feel about investing

  6. The Notebook: The place I keep track of all of my income and expenses.

    The Awful Truth: The fact that I owe so much and simply must pay it back.. or… The fact that I can’t buy every purse I think I need.

  7. Happy Gilmore-How I feel now that we have that little extra to blow when ever we want
    The Good The Bad and The Ugly – Income, expenses and taxes
    American Horror Story – The Country’s current Financial situation

  8. Groudhog Day – The same thing over and over and over again. (This doesn’t really describe me, I just saw a clip of Groundhog day a few minutes ago and wanted to talk about it.)

  9. No Strings Attached – the lies credit card companies try to sell you
    Paycheck – what I’m dying for
    Limitless – life without debt
    Hot Tub Time Machine – what I wish I had to use to go back in time and prevent myself from going into debt
    Paid In Full – ha! I wish

  10. Eat, Pray, Love — My naive money policy up until the last few years.
    Beauty and the Beast — The cost of being a fashionista.
    Iron Man — My boyfriend is so freaking practical and sensible about his spending.
    The Sorcerer’s Apprentice — How I feel around my boyfriend when it comes to money talk.
    Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps — He’s an economist by trade, so he’s got me investing. Yay IRA!


  11. As Good as It Gets: Trying to be as responsible as I can with what I’ve got. It’s not perfect or ideal, but it’s on the right track.
    The Best Years of Our Lives: what the boyfriend and I are trying to build together.

  12. Lost: Where I was with finance knowledge about 3 years ago.
    You Again: What my banker probably thinks everytime I call him to discuss my refinance.
    Apocalypse Now: What I think our countries finances are headed towards.
    Gone Baby Gone: What I’ll say when the last of my debt is gone.
    Burn After Reading: What our politicians must be doing after reading the constitution.
    I Love You, Man: What I think of this sweet blog!!!

  13. 10 Things I Hate About You: Not knowing if college will be worth it, not knowing with 100% if I’ll be able to make my student loan payments in 3 years, etc.

    • If you’re still in college, I have one word for you: INTERNSHIP.

      My advice is to MAKE college worth it. Don’t rely simply on your degree to get you a job. Work experience going to be much more valuable to an employer than your degree on its own. I have a degree in political science and education but I work in marketing because of the skills I developed through various jobs and internships that I held through school.

  14. Our financial past:
    The Black Hole (1979) [doubt anyone’s surprised by that one] or Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

    Our financial present:
    Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope (1977) or Transformers (2007)

    Our financial future (hopefully):
    Independence Day (1996) or Serenity (2005)

    BRILLIANT Post, Ninja!

  15. “Since I really don’t want to hear about the sex life of the two or three thousand of you that will read this post”

    But I do! 😀

  16. Back to the Future- there’s a few things I wish I would have done differently (like not getting student loans)

  17. King of wishful thinking: Everytime I play the lotto.
    Titanic: The insane student loans I’m about to take on.
    Year 3000: Hopefully it will get better.
    Some beach: My wish to have money to travel.

  18. It’s rather funny that you say you don’t want to hear about people’s sex lives and then ask people to let their juices flow.

    *slinks away*

  19. Sleeping with the Enemy – my relationship with Sallie Mae; the loans were necessary and is reaping dividends but not without risk

    • I vote for Kim to get some kind of prize! This one cracked me up.

      Not a movie but….
      The Roast of Charlie Sheen- My financial situation is that tasteless and ridiculous.

  20. So fun!

    Workin’ 9 to 5 : I really work more like 7 to 8, but, meh, this movie’s title song is kind of my work jam. Plus, I hope to one day have Dolly Parton’s net worth.
    The Office: I gotta work to pay my bills.
    13 going on 30: I feel like there’s a whole lot of financial management someone my age should know that I have yet to learn. I also am constantly asking people for financial advice, kind of like a 13-year-old would.

    And finally, “Working for the Weekend” (song) – yep, I work so I can have a killer weekend and vacations.

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