What would you do?

We all have fantasies about our ideal job. Dream jobs come in all shapes and sizes. Some are already working in ideal situations, while others are desperately trying to gain the experience needed to move up the corporate ladder. I got a little predicament for you. What would you do if you were offered your dream job, but you had to be willing to move anywhere in the country as part of the offer?

Well mi amigos, this kinda happened to me. A couple weeks ago I received a conditional job offer from a government agency that I never would have thought I had a prayer at getting in to. It’s not a sure thing, but it is definitely a great start. One of the conditions of the position, however, requires that I sign a mobility agreement. Basically that means that I agree to work wherever the agency places me. Not only that, but I could potentially be moved a couple different times throughout my career. I guess it would be kind of like the military, except not as frequent moving and I could quit whenever I wanted without receiving legal ramifications.

Before I continue on the hiring process I have been thinking “Would I be willing to give up my dream location for my dream job?” I really want to move back to the Pacific Northwest (where I was raised) and have been planning to do so within a couple years, but now that this offer has come up my plans may change. Life is about being flexible and going after your goals, but what the heck are you suppose to do when those goals conflict? There is always the potential that I get placed where I want to live, but there is also the chance I get placed in French Lick, Indiana (nothing against any of you readers from French Lick).

So bloggers, it’s time for your two cents. You helped me adjust my student loan payments and were responsible with the sale of my motorcycle. Now it is time for you to tell me what to do with the rest of my life. Would you be willing to relocate for your dream job?

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  1. HELL YES I'd relocate!

    I already work in my dream job and industry, and I am willing to move anywhere for it, depending it's a good city, etc..

    It's why I am already halfway packed and planning on only moving with 3 large suitcases and 2 carry ons 🙂 No furniture, no hassle!

  2. Location matters very little, imo. You can adjust to wherever you are placed. Mobility offers you a much wider range of job choices, and thus, flexibility and security.

    When I graduated, I got a job offer and was 2000 miles away within 2 weeks with nothing but 2 suitcases. Yesterday, my boss told me that I'm moving to Chicago for the next 6 months. It's very stressful, but it's cool. The job is interesting as hell, and the pay is decent.

    Furniture is definitely the big drag of moving, as FB said.

  3. I relocated to a place where I didn't know a single person within 500 miles for a job that I really wasn't even sure what it was. "Paycheck? Where do I sign?!"

    A couple months ago I would have moved in a heartbeat, but now that I am living with the BF, I'm not so sure (he was luckily placed in the same area as me for his job). I know it shouldn't be about the money, but his job as a mechanical engineer earns him almost more than double what I am earning as a marketing major. I wouldn't want to be without him because we did the long distance thing long enough, but I couldn't ask him to move away from a job that will allow him to quickly pay off his debt. We are also at the point in our lives where the money is important (want a future house, kids? paying off loans, etc) so I place more importance over his high-earning job than my job (not saying that I would sacrifice happiness; I am in a good spot, but at this point I would sacrifice the 'dream job').

  4. Moving out of the area would be very tough for me. Joining new stations is never fun, means having to leave the old station behind, etc. For someone who isn't tied down by such things, though… whetaver. I'm not the one to give advice on this, I just know that I wouldn't be willing to move out of this area any time soon. If anything, I want to move closer to the station 😀

    My dream job, however, is being a truck driver. So while I could live in the same place, I'd hardly ever be here.

  5. Moving once for a job is one thing, especially if you're single. But this sounds like they can move you whenever they feel like.

    If you've got a serious relationship, you've got to deal with their job and their needs. If you have a house, you've got to go through the whole hulabaloo of moving and selling it. If you have kids, you're uprooting them from their schools and friends. Even adults will need to find new 'local' friends and groups.

    Personally,, I'd never take a job that would require me to relocate more than once. Mr and I both relocated from NY/NJ to D.C. for his job (also gov't), but his office/job will never relocate.

  6. Hmmm….Seems like it's a pretty split vote. I am going to continue through the hiring process because I don't want to give up on this position. I'll be sure to keep you all posted as I progress. It seems that the young singles are more than willing to relocated and the "in love" and settled folks aren't going anywhere.

    Thanks for all your input!

  7. I'd definitely relocate, there's not much keeping me at where I'm living in Australia at the moment. Would be excellent to to have a change in scenery and a job that I really wanted.

    So Ninja… stop being so mysterious. Tell us a bit about this dream job??

  8. @ Josh – I gotta keep it mysterious. Lets just say it involves bad guys and lots of danger.

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"Hi my name is Debt Ninja, and I’m a banking whore."

I’ve come to realize I’m kinda whorish, let’s just say I get around. I just can’t stay tied down to any one financial institution. I keep my Roth IRA with Wells Fargo, I use Chase (the artist formerly known as WaMu) for my checking account. I use Bank of America for my personal credit card. And I had an online savings account with Countrywide, which is now BofA.  I feel dirty inside for having relationships with so many different financial institutions, but I also have reasons for why I maintain accounts at each place. Let’s take a look a closer look shall we?

Roth IRA:
I maintain my Roth IRA with Wells Fargo for one reason. My financial analyst friend works for them and is intimately familiar with their investment account interface. When I first decided to contribute to my Roth, I knew nothing and woulda had one heck of a time trying to figure it out. I knew my friend would be able to walk me through the process and that he could help me out if I had any questions. It’s worked out quite nicely and I thus far, I remain a satisfied customer.

Checking Account:
I have had this account for seven years now and had no plans to get rid of it. I opened a checking account with WaMu when I was 16 y.o. so I could use a debit card, I stuck with them all the way to their tragic end. I am now a customer of chase. I’m testing the waters with them before I decide if it’s worth sticking around or if it’s time to move on. Thus far, I’m not too excited about them.

Credit Card:
I chose BofA, unknowingly. I really wanted a credit card that earns me frequent flier miles . Being that I live on the west coast, Alaska Airlines is what I fly 99% of the time. I signed up with them about two years ago and have enjoyed the perks that come with the card. One free plane ticket, two $50 plane tickets and some other sweet incentives. I plan to stick with this card for a while.

Online Savings:
I opened my online savings account with Countrywide around a year ago. They offered decent rates at the time (around 3%) and was happy with their service. About a month ago the Countrywide website transitioned over to Bank of America. The interest rate is currently 1.65% which is still pretty close to the average. Im not one to really chase interest rates so I’ll probably be stickin’ with this account for some time.

I’m sittin’ here thinking to myself … “Is it stupid to bank at so many different institutions?” I wish I had a family member in the military so I could jump on board with USAA ’cause I read a lot of sweet stuff about them. No one bank has been able to satisfy my varying financial needs. I definitely think it would be easier to have all my money in one place, but so far I have been able to manage my life just fine. Help me out bloggers. I know you all love to give advice and I need some. Would you consolidate all your accounts with one or two banks? Or are you as whorish as I am and spread the love?

7 thoughts on “"Hi my name is Debt Ninja, and I’m a banking whore."”

  1. I don't see a problem with this. As long as you are able to keep track of all of them, do what you wish! You might find that as you get older ( buy a house, have savings accounts for kids and a wife) it will be easier to add on to institutions that you already use, but I think diversification is important for all aspects of life.

    That said, make sure to leave a clear record of all the places you have accounts and money in case something were to happen. When we were trying to sort out my grandma's estate we found she had opened random accounts everywhere and it took FOREVER to get it all sorted out.

  2. I'm also a banking whore. 😉

    I have my bill paying checking account with Bank of America and my credit card with Bank of America. The checking account because my mom opened it for me with Sunwest Bank when I was 10, that later got bought by Nations Bank, which later merged with Bank of America. So since my mom worked at BofA and they were REALLY good to her when she got sick (and eventually passed away) and they also gave me quite a bit of money for college, I plan on keeping this account for "loyalty" sake. The credit card was simply for the Hawaiian Airline Miles (I currently have a free round trip to Hawaii or one way trip to Australia waiting for me!)

    My "emergency" checking account (where my tutoring money goes to and that I can deposit checks into since there are no BofA ATMs in my new state) with Chase.

    I have my everyday expenses (gas, food, dog stuff, ect) with ING and my savings account with ING – mainly because the overdraft protection is great and the interest rates are amazing.

  3. I used to go nuts logging in to 10 different websites to check all my account balances. Since I started using Mint, it isn't an issue anymore.

    While I would prefer to have 1 checking, 1 savings, and 1 credit card account with 1 institution, it would be a lot of hassle to change everything now. Maybe the next time I move…

  4. Oh yeah, and I also have retirement accounts with 3 different companies: Goldman Sachs, Fidelity and TIAA. I like having different accounts because it sorta feels like I'm avoiding the Bernard Madoff fiasco. Who knows, maybe I'm just deluding myself, but I feel comfortable with it.

  5. I prefer to do banking with less banks since I can get a better deal in some cases. (like when we refi'ed our mortgage our credit union had the lowest fees, rate AND awesome service.

    I don't see a problem with it as long as you can manage it, or it's automated. I hate having to log into so many accounts, so as our debt is paid off things will get easier and easier. Right now I use wesabe to keep track of all our accounts, that helps a lot.

    And yes, USAA does rock. We're members. 🙂

  6. @ Calquist- I definitely agree, as my life get's more complicated (houses, kids, wife) it will probably benefit me too try and consolidate other aspects of my life. I do use quicken to track my spending so that keeps everything in one solid location for me too 🙂

    @ Dr. Faith- Whats up doc?! I'm glad you're in the whore community with me 🙂 Customer loyalty is a good thing for sure and often benefits you as well. I don't know why you would want to avoid a Madoff repeat…he made a lot of people a lot of money…haha.

    @ Donnie- I feel ya man, I think if I was starting fresh I would try and do everything with one company, but I'm too lazy to switch everything around. I guess we have adjusted to the semi more complicated money managment style.

    @ Kelly- I'm jealous that you have the ease of having everything at one bank…it definitely would make life easier. And im pissed at you for rubbing your USAA accounts in my face…boo to you, haha

  7. I'm w/ Kelly 100% – USAA has got a hold on 13+ accounts of mine 🙂 the only accounts i have outside of them is for my 401k which i can't control and my 1st mortgage cuz it was way lower for some very odd reason.

    1 bank surely makes my financial life much more easier to track and stay up with.

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