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I’ll take nine blizzards.

Girl Ninja and I were at Young Life (a quasi youth group) last night with our high schoolers and we made an impromptu trip to Dairy Queen with some of them afterwards. As we walked in we were welcomed to the most glorious news ever, “Blizzards were buy one get the second for $0.99.” Are you freakin kidding me!?

I professed to the entire DQ restaurant, which only consisted of our Young Life kids, that Blizzards were on the Ninja household. The kids didn’t know what to do. At first they thought we were joking. Then they thought we were crazy. And then they realized we just wanted to do something nice for them. High school kids love desert and they love free stuff. Only cost us $18, but meant the world to these kids (some of whom had no money on them).

That my friends is the best part about being debt free. Wait, scratch that. You don’t have to be debt free to do a good deed. Let’s try this again…

That my friends is the best part about having your finances in order and a little extra cash flow. Remember, being generous doesn’t require thousands of dollars, or having a huge net worth. No, all one must do is see an opportunity to do something nice, and take advantage of said opportunity. It’s really that simple.

I’m challenging you to use $18 for good this week. Leave a huge tip after a meal. Pay for someone’s groceries when you are checking out. Just do something sporadic and fun for no other reason than you can. It’s good for the soul.


On a side note, I tweeted the following picture yesterday and people seemed to get a kick out of it. Apparently, my wife is addicted to pillows as I am in awe of the amount of pillows we have to put on and take off the bed every day. Check it….

Apparently people think it’s weird that we sleep on a full-sized mattress. What, you don’t think my 6’2 frame fits? Haha, can’t WAIT for a queen (or king) one day!

p.s. favorite nails from yesterday…. No Time To Explain and You Mean To Tell Me



  1. We put down a $6 tip on an $18 meal on Monday night, and I am bringing 2 cases of water to the church this morning for transport to the southern Indiana tornado victims. Some of the stories coming out of the area are incredible.

  2. Hahaha, BF and I are both about 6ft and we sleep on a full mattress just fine 🙂

    PS: Yay for treating the kids 😀

  3. I have a queen mattress and my significant other has a king. When you upgrade, I recommend the king. It will be so worth it.

  4. Ninja –

    The pillows look nice. It’s all about the look and besides I like lots pillows myself. My husband and I slept in a Full Size bed for years and he’s 6’2″ himself. Eventually we upgraded to a Queen and now a King. Baby Steps 🙂

    I love the generosity people show to young kids! What you did at DQ in buying the Blizzards for everyone will not be forgotten by these young kids I’m sure of it. When we lived in MN there was a Christian Radio Show that did a drive thru’ difference once a month in which you pay for someone’s coffee or meal. It was great to always listen to those that called in to share their story. Here’s the link if you want to check it out.

    And I just bet it felt good to treat those kids!

  5. Aww that’s so nice of you two with the Blizzards!

    And we have a Queen! I want a King soon though.

  6. I don’t get the pillow thing but we have the same set up as yours plus 2 additional really large square ones. The pillows literally go halfway down the length of the bed when it is made. When it is time for bed, 9 pillows have to be placed (neatly) beside the bed and then back on in the morning. While I don’t get it, if it makes the wife happy then all is well in the world.

  7. I love the $18 challenge, I will do it! In fact, I need to do a good deed like this every week.

    Ugh, I love pillows but hate removing them, putting them back, etc. So I have since given up my pillow habit. 4 pillows on each bed. Speaking of that, no WAY could I sleep in a double bed with another person at this point in my life. I have a queen size bed to myself and I wish I had a king. LOL it must be my 10 lb. dog hogging up all the space.

    That llama pin was hilarious!

  8. Pillows are ridiculous. In my opinion, they are for sleeping. Period.

    And I know how to do something nice with $18. If you are ready to get yourself an adult sized bed, I’m willing to contribute $18 to the cause.

  9. I’ll never get a king bed – it is just too big. I’d probably lose my husband. Queen is perfect for us!

    Every time i see a bunch of pillows, I think of Along Came Polly. That captures my attitude towards them.

  10. Go for the big bed Ninja. Just remember the bedding prices grow exponentially with your increase in mattress size. That part is really quite irritating. Just think of how many pillows girl ninja could fit on a king size bed. It boggles the mind.

  11. I love that you shared your generosity with those kids, I truly believe that being kind to other people makes our lives richer. You set a great example for those young people and probably inspired them to do something nice for someone else, ie: paying it forward.

  12. Treat yourself and get that bigger mattress soon! I’m 6’4″ and I couldn’t imagine having to regularly sleep on anything than a queen. It will give your wife more room to put all her pillows too. I don’t really get the deal with all the pillows either. Then again I never make my bed. So I guess I just don’t care how my bedroom looks.

  13. […] So every time I'm pregnant, my husband and I try to decide if we'll find out the sex of the baby be…">find out the sex of the baby before the baby is born, usually at the regular mid-pregnancy ultrasound. Most of the time one of us wants to know and the other doesn't. Though we have both known, both not known and have had one know but not told the other… (How is that for variety?) […]

  14. […] So every time I'm pregnant, my husband and I try to decide if we'll find out the sex of the baby be…">find out the sex of the baby before the baby is born, usually at the regular mid-pregnancy ultrasound. Most of the time one of us wants to know and the other doesn't. Though we have both known, both not known and have had one know but not told the other… (How is that for variety?) […]

  15. I’m sorry, how the hell is it a good deed when you were only paying .99 for the second one? It’s not a good deed, it’s a…eh. Really paying for all of them would have been a good deed, and I think everyone here knows you can more than afford it.

    • C The Writer,

      Why would the cost of the gift have any factor in the “goodness” of the deed?

      You make my brain and heart hurt by how negative you are. Your trolling is quite obnoxious; please stop.


      A truly Typical PDITF reader

        • Is it really necessary that I share Girl Ninja and I wrote a $2,000 check two months ago for charity for no reason other than we wanted to? That is no more honorable than an $18 DQ treat. Both were gifts.

          You are back for one reason and one reason only. You want traffic to your blog, and if you keep this up, you wont be allowed to comment much longer.

          • No. I’m not here for traffic to my blog. I’m here to be the antithesis to everyone’s “yes, Ninja, of course Ninja, whatever you SAY, Ninja, you’re so AMAAAAZING, Ninja.”

            Because that gets boring after awhile. I’m not saying I have nothing nice to say about you, but I figure your ego is fine at its current size.

          • Ninja, of course its not necessary that you share what you give to charity. Don’t let C get under your skin. You know why she is here. Plus, even if she did enjoy the content you have she too negative to waste your time on her. Maybe some constructive criticism would warrant replies but not the junk she writes

    • He *did* pay for all them. That they were on sale is just a nice bonus. Kids with no funds, and adults who can plan for a splurge like this is a winning combo. Why are you always so negative?

      • Super classy to mention that he got a “good deal.”

        If he’d had to pay full price for all of them, would he still have done it? No. He did it because he wasn’t really paying for all of them. Which is ridiculous when you’re talking about a man who makes over eighty thousand dollars each year. Ugh.

        • If he’d had to pay full price for all of them, would he still have done it? No. He did it because he wasn’t really paying for all of them.

          These 2-for-1 deals are just typical examples of marketing gimmicks that all businesses use to boost sales by giving customers the illusion that they’re getting a good price, when in reality all the business cares about is its bottom line and is still selling the item at a huge profit margin. So the business doesn’t mind selling at that price, Ninja was happy to buy at that price (since our Pavlovian reaction is always to buy more when we’re being conned to think something is on “sale”), the kids were apparently thrilled, and everybody’s happy except C The Writer.

          I’m here to be the antithesis to everyone’s “yes, Ninja, of course Ninja, whatever you SAY, Ninja, you’re so AMAAAAZING, Ninja.”

          I don’t feel like digging through pages of threads to find it, but there was the time a few months ago when Ninja complained about how I was becoming nothing more than a constant antagonist to him.

      • Oh for fuck’s sake. I just reread and those were kids he was with in a youth group. Who he presumably was supposed to give a damn about. I thought it was just a random group of kids.

        Never mind. There is no good deed to speak of.

      • It also just occurred to me that Ninja was going to walk into this place, buy himself ice cream, eat it in front of the kids who had no money. If they’d, ya know, been the usual price.

  16. Oh, and I’ll take $18 and buy myself and my snookums a nice dinner.

    Typical PDITF reader

  17. LOL I have that many pillows on my bed too, except they are usually on the floor since I only make my bed when we have guests coming. I figure since I am going to sleep in the bed just hours later, what’s the point of making it? Hmm….blame my disorganized nature.

    I also have a full size bed with my hubby. He’s probably around your size too. The bed is fairly new so I don’t see us upgrading anytime soon.

  18. “What, you don’t think my 6’2 frame fits?”

    Maybe if you took the pillows off the bed before going to sleep, you’d have more room.

  19. Blizzards! On me!! It reminds me of Curb Your Enthusiasm :). That’s fun though. I love the spirit of giving.

  20. My husband and I received a great marital advice from family friends who have been together for over 35 years and still in love today as much as they were when they first met: never upgrade from full size bed. They said that no matter how mad you might be when you go to bed, the bed is so small that you are forced to cuddle and spoon together.

    • Um…wouldn’t an angry person just go sleep in the other room?

      If I was really pissed at someone, I wouldn’t want to cuddle and spoon with them.

      • I guess for some. We are in a one bedroom apartment so it’s either the couch or sharing the bed. Unless I am absolutely livid, I’d rather cuddle on the bed than sleep on the couch. 🙂

        • There are things a spouse can do that can make you livid.

          I imagine. I’ve never had so much as a significant other, much less a spouse.

          • Of course there are things a spouse can do to make you livid but that doesn’t mean it should just be ignored by sleeping somewhere else. Having a small bed doesn’t mean you have to cuddle(you can sleep back to back) but sharing a bed means you do have to see each other and you would be more likely to communicate w/ one another and work through the issue before it got even worse

  21. I am always thankful that my neighbor cat-sits when I’m out of town. Tomorrow I’m taking her to breakfast, and we’ll have good eats, good coffee and quality conversation. I’m happy to do this as I have a little extra cash that she doesn’t, and am very appreciative that she is a kind caretaker to Miss Fluffy Pants, and I know that she is in good hands with Nice Neighbor.

  22. Aww that is sweet of you and Girl Ninja. I think it’s nice to always treat others once in awhile, whether they’re younger than us, colleges or friends, our family, etc. People focus too much these days on trying to split everything equally or making sure they get their dues.

  23. You definitely need a bigger bed! While I love to cuddle up with my husband while falling asleep having my own space to actually sleep in is nice. Do you realize a full size bed, when shared by two people, is equivalent to sleeping on a crib mattress? While you’ve decided your not ready for a house, baby or dog, you’re certainly ready for a matress upgrade!

    My husband and I will seemingly never be out of debt due to excessive student loan debt on both our parts. However, we realize the importance of blessing people and budget $50 monthly for this purpose. Is it ever fun to drop a fifty on the table as a tip for a $10 breakfast. We were once chased down by our waitress because she thought we meant to leave a five.

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