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Meet my face.

I have no idea if you guys even really care enough about this for it to be any kind of big deal, but I’ve been wanting to come out from underneath this stupid black bar for quite a while. I started feeling this way after the Financial Bloggers Conference last October.

Contrary to what you might think, I did not wear a mask all weekend long. That means many of you PF bloggers out there already know what I look like. I did, however, remain anonymous and go by Ninja all weekend long. Only told maybe two people what my real first name was.

I think people get confused by my anonymity. They think I do it because I’m trying to protect myself from my employer. That’s not true at all. Many of my coworkers, and virtually all of my friends/family know this site exists. I’m anonymous for one reason and one reason only. So my REAL NAME isn’t tied to this blog for “googling purposes”. Because of the nature of my work I interact with a lot of different people. People who I don’t necessarily want contacting me or learning more about me than I choose to tell them in person.

I’m not dumb. I know people could still make the connection if they wanted. I don’t write anything that I wouldn’t be okay sharing with my best friend or worst enemy, but I do my best to limit the ability for people to connect the dots sometimes.

I’m pumped for this new era of PDITF. I’m looking forward to being able to post pictures more frequently, without having to open up photoshop before hand. Readers meet my face. Face, meet my readers….

Girl Ninja gave me permission to include a picture of me with her (sans black bar) as well, but I figure I can’t just reveal her gorgeous face without a better reason. Still trying to decide what that reason should be.

Is it weird seeing the man behind the blog? Do my eyes look like what you thought they would? Should I go back to the black bars?

Oh, and here’s your personal finance for the day.



  1. Well that’s kinda what I already pictured your eyes looking like – very handsome! Cannot wait to see Girl Ninja – I’m positive she is even more beautiful without the black bar.

  2. The black bars were better. The mystery was way funnier. Now I am dissapointed and may never read your blog again! Just kidding. GO MANTERESTING

  3. Well, at least now I can stalk you much easier…. Just Kidding!!! Face, no face, bar, no bar, you’re still the Ninja! As long as your posts are entertaining and informative (which they almost always are), I will still be a daily reader.

    Perhaps for revealing Girl Ninja, you could start an auction and donate the money to your favorite charity….

  4. Haha love this post! Don’t go back to the black bars!

    I can’t wait until I have the courage to show my face on my blog. Right now it’s just headless pictures.

  5. You are a total hottie. I say this in a very, totally-not-hitting-on-you-cause-I-rock-the-gay-pride way!
    But I knew that because I saw you at FinCon.

  6. You look EXACTLY as I’d pictured you, blue eyes and all; very handsome! Looking forward to see a pic of GN as well; I’m betting she’s stunning!

  7. Actually we knew what you looked like already from the Veronica Mars pics. It’s the guys with the red clown mouths and blue spots for eyes that I wanna know about.

  8. Alright now that we’ve seen the face, are we gonna get a little neck, shoulder etc action?? LOL
    Gotta confess I didn’t spend a whole lot of time pondering what you looked like behind the bar. I think now that you have come out from behind the bar I don’t think you can go back.

  9. You have kind eyes and a nice smile, very handsome! I love putting a face to a blogger, so thanks for posting the pic.

    I love your daily favorite manteristing nails everyday, and that one was particularly apropos. Too funny!!

  10. You’re quite good looking! But those two guys standing next to you … you made them look TERRIFYING.

  11. Congratulations Ninja! Now the bloggersphere can put a face to the Ninja. I absolutely loved the Manteresting post.

  12. I though for sure you would have darker hair! Only kidding. Why is it important to know what you look like? How does it affect what you do on this blog? Since I blog semi anonymously, I do not get it, Does it give you more credability?

  13. I wish I had some witty comment like all those above me, but I’m fresh out. The comments were totally worth the read, though!

  14. Now I kind of wish I hadn’t gone to FINCON, because that was just one big letdown for me. Kind of like finding your Christmas presents in your parents’ closet, then feeling kind of meh when you open them. And there’s another Christmas coming up in a few months so you know you’re just going to get more presents, and by now you don’t even like Christmas anymore because IT’S JUST NOT THE BIG DEAL YOU THOUGHT IT WOULD BE.

    Seriously, nice to see your face around here. I’m going to find a way to make it amusing for Manteresting. It’s kind of odd that I’m a girl and I like it so much, but it’s way cooler than Pinterest for people like me who don’t want to be tempted to shop.

    • I would show my face but I don’t know how to change that little avatar. So for now I look like a chubby purple blob…not my favorite color:(

  15. Handsome 😉 hahaha I’ve resigned to being googled and having my blog found. It’s just the way it is! There’s no anonymity on the internet.

  16. […] at Punch Debt in the Face finally revealed his face because his new website venture reached 1000 […]

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