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Best Streaming Services

Typically consumers pay for cable service to get their television. In recent years, streaming services are on the rise. So much so, that people are able to rid their of cable service, for good!

You can now find your favorite TV show or movie as quickly as you went for a bathroom break back in the day. Many streaming services have been established but which ones are the best and worth the cost? Let’s find out!


Netflix is the streaming pioneer that was founded in 1997. It began as a DVD service where you would get to choose movies from their library and they would arrive in the mail for a number of days before you had to return them.

Within a decade, it turned into an online video streaming platform and was the originator of the concept. They offer good content, both new and old, and even original series and movies. The library they have is top-notch and offers no commercials which is the best part. 

Disney +

Disney Plus is also another excellent streaming service and production company operated by Walt Disney. 

This streaming service is like no other. Nothing is more classic than Disney, you can always find something good to watch whether it be an old movie you watched as a kid or brand-new originals.

Amazon Prime

Amazon is known for its easy and fast online shopping. But they’ve now also added other services with the prime membership which include music and movies/tv.

Amazon Prime is different than Netflix in that there are movies and shows that come free with prime but they also have a library of basically any movie or show you want for purchase. They also offer original content like Netflix and Disney +. You can also add particular channels for a monthly fee.


Hulu is another streaming service that offers movies and television shows. You can get access for a minimal fee if you don’t mind watching commercials. For a larger monthly rate, you can gain access to more of their library without commercials and also live tv.

Sometimes these services offer bundle deals. Disney +, Hulu, and ESPN offer deals if you buy them as a package. All of them offer a range of pricing depending on what you can afford.

So go and subscribe to whatever fits you best. Heads up: Netflix is a must!


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