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The Best iPhone deals for September


With the recent announcement of the groundbreaking iPhone X and its astronomical upfront cost of £1,000, here we run through some of the best iPhone deals on the market right now and how to best navigate the costly, crazy world of mobile deals.

iPhone Deals

It has been a hectic few weeks for Apple. The Californian tech mammoth has announced not one, but two iPhones to the public with a flurry of new features, such as the quirky — if not unnecessary — animated emoji poop (or “animoji”). But with this whirl of attention and with lines of diehards (as always) set to brace the Apple store for the new iPhone launch, there are numerous deals to be had for those seeking older models in both the iPhone 6 and 7 variations.

There are as yet no deals on the upcoming iPhone 8 aside from pre-ordering the device (between £699 – £949) directly from Apple.

iPhone 7 Deals

Whether you are needing unlimited data a free device deal, there are many options for the iPhone 7. However, although the 8 is set to come out, deals have not yet cheapened for the 7 in anticipation. So what are the best deals this month?

EE are offering a 32GB iPhone 7 (in black) for free with their contract. The deal includes unlimited texts, minutes and 5GB of data at a cost of £32.99/month for 24 months. EE have some of the best UK 4G coverage and the deal comes with some perks: 3 months of BT sport and 6 months of Apple Music.

02 have a similar deal, limited to 3GB of data with an upfront cost of £110 for the device. The contract is 24 months and priced at just £27/month. If you act quickly, you can get £10 off at with the coupon code 10OFF.

Vodafone have you covered if you need big data. At £44/month for 24 months, you can get 16GB of UK data, unlimited texts and minutes with the device for free. This is for a 32GB black iPhone 7.

3 have a deal for a whopping 30GB of data, free phone, unlimited texts and minutes, all for £37/month for 24 months. The iPhone comes at 32GB in black and is free with this deal. Further yet, you are guaranteed £10 cashback with this deal.

iPhone 6 Deals

Real savings can be found with the iPhone 6 and 6s. With deals at under £20 per month and a decent amount of monthly data, these deals are best for those trying to constrain their wallet. Although the device is now three years old, it runs on the (still) impressive A8 cheap which hasn’t aged badly at all.

EE have a deal for a 32GB iPhone 6s (in all colours) with 2GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts, all for £22.99/month for 24 months. The deal requires an upfront cost of £75. If you up your data to 5GB, you can get a similar deal for £27.99/month with an upfront cost of only £45.

3 have a more generous data deal on the market for their 32GB iPhone 6s in all colour variations. For £31/month for 24 months and with an upfront cost of £19, you can get a massive 30GB of data with unlimited texts and minutes.

EE also have a competitive 32GB iPhone 6 deal with a basic 1GB data package and unlimited texts and minutes, all at just £17.99/month for 24 months. The iPhone 6 is all round lighted (but more fragile) than the 6s, but still the differences in speed and power are slight.


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