Best Apps for Managing your Finances?

In this day and age, there is an app available that can help you manage every aspect of your life, whether it be exercising, eating right, your travel, or keeping notes. One of the most important things that you should constantly keep an eye on though, are your finances.

Everyone wants and needs money available for their bills or any surprise payments. Maybe you are saving for a holiday? Or you’re a big sports fan and you want to place a bet on your team that’s made it to the final. Either way, you need money available.

You need your finances in check to do just about anything, but keeping a close eye on them can be difficult considering not everyone is going to sit down at the computer and trudge through their statements and expenses every single night. This is where a handy app comes in.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is one of the most popular money management apps out there. Not only does it give you a complete overview of your finances, but it has your budgets, allows you to manage your investments, and is generally easy to use and view.

Personal Capital may not have all the features you would need for your financial management, but what sets it apart is the fact that it includes your investments in the equation which gives you a much more holistic view of your finances with nothing be left out or overlooked. 


Mint is another app that is similar to Personal Capital. Even though it has tools to handle your investments, it is definitely more of a budgeting app. There are many different budgeting options, from a simple, single budget, to multiple, more extensive ones.

You are able to create as many budgets as you want, as well as categorize transactions whenever you want. Mint also automatically takes all the transactions from your account and credit cards, and puts them all in one place.

Mint also analyzes your spending habits, and then gives you feedback on where you can improve and save. Another feature that is very convenient, is the fact that the app will tell you when your bills are due, as well as allowing you to pay them directly from the app. 


Acorns is a rather unusual app that does something quite different with your money. Instead of keeping your change in your account, Acorns invests the difference. It really is quite simple too, you just set it up, and Acorns does the rest.

You can also use Acorns to round up all your transactions which gives you more money to invest. You are also able to do once-off payments to boost your account. Acorns also partners with some brands, and when you shop with them, you will get a small investment into your Acorns account. 


Prism is the go to app if you need help staying on top of your bills. There are 111,000 “billers” that have partnered with Prism, including utilities, allowing you to keep track of every one of your bills.

Prism will automatically track all of your bills and send you reminders as to when they are due. You are also able to schedule payments all from the app, meaning you can set it and forget it, and not worry about missing any payments. 


A lot of financial apps focus solely on an individual’s finance. Spendee is designed to help you and your family and friends manage your combined finances. This is a brilliant solution for people who share a household.

Spendee allows you to gather all of your bills and expenditure from multiple people onto one platform. You are also able to keep shared budgets, as well as keep track of your bills and receive reminders for when they are due. 


Dollarbird is an app for those individuals who want to budget, but are then too nervous to spend money because they think they won’t have enough for their monthly bills. Knowing how much you’re spending is great, but knowing how much you’ll have at the end of the month allows you to safely splurge a little. 

Dollarbird puts your expenses into a calendar format, allowing you to see when you need to pay for certain things, as well as constantly updating your projected balance so you know how much money you will have at the end of the month.


Mvelopes is the modern day version of the classic budgeting strategy of placing your money in an envelope, and then just spending that on food, entertainment, or whatever else you spend your money for that month. 

You are able to create multiple envelopes, and this ensures that you never dip into money that you are saving for a car payment, a bill, or an emergency expense. You can also create a budget for even more control.

These apps cover almost everyone’s needs when it comes to tracking your finances. Whether you just need a simple budget, keep an eye on your investments, or need a reminder to pay your bills, one of these apps is perfect for you.