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Being a Teacher Won’t Make You Rich. Here’s Why You Should Still Think About It

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There are few professions as rewarding as that of a teacher. With a career in education, you’ll be able to rest assured that you’ve had a major impact on the lives of countless individuals. Even though a career as an educator may mean that you’re always on a budget, here are the reasons we still think it’s worthwhile to get your online teaching credentials and become a teacher.

Every Day Is Different

One of the biggest problems with most jobs is the drudgery of doing the same thing every day. When you’re a teacher, every day is different. Kids are anything but predictable, and their energy and ingenuity will make every class feel fresh. No matter how consistent your materials are, the students will never cease to surprise you with their imaginations.

You’ll Never Stop Learning

Teaching is a great career for lifelong learners. There are always new strategies to tackle, and professional development is a major part of the job. There’s no such thing as a perfect teacher, so you’ll have the pleasure of constantly perfecting your craft.

The Effects Of Your Work Are Obvious

While all jobs contribute to society in one way or another, the effects of the contributions are not always plainly evident. With teaching, the fruits of your labor are right there in the classroom, smiling up at you with inquisitive eyes. You’ll see first hand how your methods have helped your students grow.

You Earn Trust And Respect

Everybody likes to feel appreciated. As a teacher, you’ll enjoy the esteem of your pupils and colleagues. By being patient and always caring about the kids, you’ll earn their respect and admiration. This, in turn, will make you feel better about yourself and the world you’re living in.

You Can Be Creative

When you’re a teacher, it’s on you to devise fun, workable lesson plans. This gives you ample opportunity to flex your creative muscles. From designing activities to inventing games, good teachers use their imaginations to bring flair into the classroom.

You Can Work Anywhere In The World

Teachers are needed all around the world, giving you an immense amount of flexibility. Want to live in your hometown? You can probably find a job with your former school. Hoping to travel the world? Become a teacher of English as a second language and make your globetrotting dream a reality.

You’ll Get Job Security

Once they’ve got tenure, teachers are afforded a remarkable amount of job security. This allows them to breathe easy, certain in the knowledge they’ll be able to support themselves and their families. With such a secure job, economic downturns and unforeseen disasters become much less scary.

You’ll Become Part Of Your Community

When working from home or commuting to a distant office, it’s easy to feel isolated from your community. When you work in the school, you’re a trusted and key component of the community’s pulse. You won’t go to the grocery store without seeing parents and students, and, as the years go by, you’ll even see former students carrying children of their own. 

You’re Granted A Certain Degree of Autonomy

Nobody likes working with an overzealous boss breathing down their neck. While teachers have to adhere to a curriculum and are subordinate to administrators, they’re still afforded a decent amount of autonomy to conduct their classes as they see fit. This allows them to break free of convention and do things their own way.

Summers Off!

While there are plenty of more noble, selfless reasons to celebrate a teaching career, there’s no sense in denying the obvious: Having summers off is a pretty awesome perk. Whether you use those free months to work a second job, travel the world, or lounge around at home, there’s nothing not to like about so much free time. 

There’s hardly anyone out there who can’t point to a handful of teachers who had a significant impact on their life. Much more than mere educators, teachers are role models, community leaders, and central figures in the lives of their students. Above, we’ve listed ten of the main reasons to consider a career in education. If you ask any teacher, they’d surely be happy to give you dozens more. 


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