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Boston Bark Bahk

I’ve been missing in action lately because I spent a long weekend in Boston with Girl Ninja. On our flight back to Seattle last night, I opted to watch Pitch Perfect with GN over write you all a new blog post. Maybe one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  While I might not have a new blog post for ya, I do have a list of things I liked and didn’t like about Boston…


  • Everything is WICKED old (see what I did there). We don’t have three hundred year old buildings in Seattle so that was cool.
  • Public Transit that makes sense. Taking the “T” around couldn’t have been more straightforward.
  • The diversity. Every square mile feels like an entirely different city.
  • BoLoCo. Boston’s version of Chipotle, only WAAAAAAAAY better.
  • The free Selena Gomez concert that was going on in front of City Hall


  • Everything is WICKED old. This made some things/places feel pretty dirty and run down.
  • Why do my glasses fog up when I walk outside? The humidity is brutal, us Left Coasters aint use to it.
  • Walkers don’t wait for cars, and cars don’t wait for walkers. This makes crossing the street quite the experience.
  • The number of stops the train makes. Felt like every 100 feet we were at a new stop.
  • A lot of the historical sites have become nothing more than lame gift shops.


Overall, I’d give Boston a B…pun intended. 




  1. Wife and I are heading to Seattle last week of July – we are hoping to see some fish tossing and spend a few nights around Rainier. Any preferred eats or activities for the few days we have in the City?

  2. Weather-wise, you picked a bad time to come to the East coast! It’s NOT always so humid here.

    What made you decide to go to Boston?

  3. I didn’t know you wore glasses.

    And J. is right; the northeast is going through a very unsettled humid spell these past weeks. But we do get a lot of humidity in the summers. Tell us more about what you did and why you came; I can’t believe it was just to ride the T.

  4. Hope you guys had a fun trip! I lived in Boston for 7 years before I moved to NYC, and I really love that city. I agree it is unbelievably humid in the summer. Any chance you were able to make it to a Sox game??

  5. If you are not used to the humidity it will eat you up. Yes, you have to shower 3x a day.

    I love wicked old. I am jealous.

  6. I grew up on New York City! and now live in Los Angeles. The rules are well known and understood in NYC. In LA, some follow them and others don’t. I prefer the NYC style in that respect. The weather is miserable in NYC that is one good reason to live on the West coast. Since I am “old”, but fit, I like old!

  7. I am zoning in on you mentioning Pitch Perfect. I don’t know why I loved that movie so much, but I now have an entire Pitch Perfect pandora station. Jude me. It’s cool. 😉

  8. I loved visiting Boston, but I don’t think I would ever want to live there.

  9. Haha…hope you had fun here! I’m guessing you were on the green line at some point with all the stops? And yes, it’s quite a dangerous adventure to just cross the streets around here sometimes… 🙂

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