bAHston is wicked awesome

Boston Bark Bahk

I’ve been missing in action lately because I spent a long weekend in Boston with Girl Ninja. On our flight back to Seattle last night, I opted to watch Pitch Perfect with GN over write you all a new blog post. Maybe one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  While I might not have a new blog post for ya, I do have a list of things I liked and didn’t like about Boston…


  • Everything is WICKED old (see what I did there). We don’t have three hundred year old buildings in Seattle so that was cool.
  • Public Transit that makes sense. Taking the “T” around couldn’t have been more straightforward.
  • The diversity. Every square mile feels like an entirely different city.
  • BoLoCo. Boston’s version of Chipotle, only WAAAAAAAAY better.
  • The free Selena Gomez concert that was going on in front of City Hall


  • Everything is WICKED old. This made some things/places feel pretty dirty and run down.
  • Why do my glasses fog up when I walk outside? The humidity is brutal, us Left Coasters aint use to it.
  • Walkers don’t wait for cars, and cars don’t wait for walkers. This makes crossing the street quite the experience.
  • The number of stops the train makes. Felt like every 100 feet we were at a new stop.
  • A lot of the historical sites have become nothing more than lame gift shops.


Overall, I’d give Boston a B…pun intended. 


11 thoughts on “bAHston is wicked awesome”

  1. Wife and I are heading to Seattle last week of July – we are hoping to see some fish tossing and spend a few nights around Rainier. Any preferred eats or activities for the few days we have in the City?

  2. Weather-wise, you picked a bad time to come to the East coast! It’s NOT always so humid here.

    What made you decide to go to Boston?

  3. I didn’t know you wore glasses.

    And J. is right; the northeast is going through a very unsettled humid spell these past weeks. But we do get a lot of humidity in the summers. Tell us more about what you did and why you came; I can’t believe it was just to ride the T.

  4. Hope you guys had a fun trip! I lived in Boston for 7 years before I moved to NYC, and I really love that city. I agree it is unbelievably humid in the summer. Any chance you were able to make it to a Sox game??

  5. I grew up on New York City! and now live in Los Angeles. The rules are well known and understood in NYC. In LA, some follow them and others don’t. I prefer the NYC style in that respect. The weather is miserable in NYC that is one good reason to live on the West coast. Since I am “old”, but fit, I like old!

  6. Haha…hope you had fun here! I’m guessing you were on the green line at some point with all the stops? And yes, it’s quite a dangerous adventure to just cross the streets around here sometimes… 🙂

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