My bad

So I totally spaced on the fact that just because it is Saturday for me doesn’t mean it’s Saturday for you. Totally forgot to write a blog post ’cause I thought it was the weekend.

My bad.

p.s. I’m flirting with the idea of stepping my stick figure drawings up a level by bringing them some color and maybe a little more “personality” like the one above. Might even try implementing multiple cartoons in to my posts for a little visual aid to go along with whatever I’m talking about. Thoughts?

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  1. I kinda like the stick figures: I think they’re always funny when you pair them up with awesome sayings or include graphics. If you include more elements like teeth and blocks of color it can be a lot to look at and take away from your message. And as I’m typing this I know my art school is showing…sorry about that.

    “Stick” with what works. (ayuk)

  2. I like the traditional stick figures. BTW were you spying on me this morning cuz that’s exactly what I looked like when I opened my feed, and there wasn’t anything from you?

  3. The new one reminds me of the figures on Hyperbole and Half. Which I love. But your stick figures rock. So my vote? Keep the stick figures.

    • “The new one reminds me of the figures on Hyperbole and Half. ” <– I was thinking the same thing.

  4. I’d say keep using the regular stick figures, a la Besides, that little guy you’ve got up there looks like he’d chew someone’s fingers off….creepy. :/

  5. I guess I prefer the old stick figures. Multiple per post would be really nice, and maybe you can make the second one in color and see if they grow on us.

  6. I’m glad you have an explanation. I wasn’t very happy this morning when I saw that there was no blog post… had a minor freak out…
    PS Keep the old figures.

  7. I mean this not as a criticism but in the kindest possible way: you shouldn’t feel obligated to update every weekday. Quality not quantity!

    Love your blog regardless though.

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