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Bad Acne = Credit Card Debt

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I was watching tv the other night when I saw a commercial for an acne product. I don’t know why, but I thought to myself “Self…pimples and credit card debt are pretty darn similar. They both suck, no one wants it, and it’s hard to get rid of.”

I think of acne in three different phases.

Phase I: Everyone gets a little bit of acne when they begin puberty. I put little pimples on my credit card almost every day. I use it for all my purchases and each time I do, I increase the amount owed to the CC company. BUT, I pay off this debt each month. Its equivalent to the tiny pimple you get on late Friday night and it’s gone by the time you wake up Saturday morning. Sure you had a pimple, but no one knew it! Phase I is were you want to be.

Phase II: Phase II represents the kid that was born with naturally oily skin and unfortunately has a pretty bad acne problem. This person has a choice. He can choose to see a professional, get acne medication, and be disciplined enough to battle his greasy genetics everyday….or he can choose to ignore the problem and let his acne turn in to Phase III boils. Maybe you have more debt than you would like? Maybe it’s not even your fault you have debt! But you have to face the reality that you have bad debt acne. The only ways to clear up your financial blemishes are to seek professional advice, obtain the proper tools, and commit to fighting the debt battle with all you heart! Pop your financial pimples so they don’t ever want to come back! The kid with oily skin has a choice to make. Do you want a face full of pimples? Or would you rather, have flawless skin that everyone is jealous of?

Phase III: Phase III individuals not only were born with a predisposition to terrible acne, but they actually massage their face with butter, pizza grease, and fried chicken and don’t care. They eat greasy finger food, don’t wash their hands, and smear their hands on their skin…all the while they complain that they wish their skin could be like Jessica Alba’s. I have no sympathy for these people. They abuse their credit cards. They spend more money than they make. When all is said and done they have poor financial hygiene! They look in the mirror and stare at their oversized pimples and sigh “oh well” as they walk out the front door. Phase III individuals are seldom able to change their ways and their “acne” problems will only end upon death.

Go pop a white head,

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  1. Credit card debt is a problem for many people and is a major contributor to personal debt. Funding your lifestyle with a credit card is easy but the hard part is paying it off and clearing the debt.

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