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Back to School During Covid

Nothing more is on a parent’s mind than the idea of the upcoming school year for their children. This school year will be unlike any other anyone has experienced in their lifetime. All around the country, school districts are making plans and attempting many different methods and models for the sake of children’s education. Everyone can agree on one thing, that we want our kids to be safe. The problem is, people are seeing thay playing out in different ways. Children’s health isn’t something to gamble with, and it is not only physical but also mental. So many factors are involved and it is hard for decisions to be made and people to be happy with those decisions. Unfortunately it seems like no matter what call is made, there are people who aren’t happy. 

Health is the primary concern. With the number of cases on the rise, will kids be getting sick? Will they be spreading the virus to others? There are so many things doctors are still learning about the virus that it is hard for people to know or predict the future. There are strong recommendations of things that lower the risk but of course there are always exceptions to the rules.

With kids well being in the forefront, one thing is often overlooked by some. The business side and economical impact has been huge. Not only are businesses, but also people are struggling to support their families. With jobs being lost or furloughed, or childcare sacrificed, there is a huge economic impact of this pandemic. Because of this, a lot of individuals need school to open. Not only because they need to work, but they also need childcare. Private childcare is often expensive and most people can’t afford to hire someone to come to their home on their own. They also need to work so they can’t watch their children.

Besides the economic factors in determining if districts should go back to school, the mental well being of everyone is also being taken into consideration. What kind of toll will all of this take on children? If they don’t go back to school will they suffer? If they do go back will they be too restricted and not get to be kids and psychologically affected due to all of the new health rulings?

Many people can talk in circles regarding this subject but it is important to think about the health, economic and mental concerns the situation brings to see where you stand. The best thing to do is consider them all and make a firm stance without looking back. Once you teeter in another direction you could drive yourself crazy. All that matters is that you are making the best choice for the health and economic well being for your specific situation. 


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