Homenet worthName our baby, get $100, and a net worth update too.

Name our baby, get $100, and a net worth update too.

Now that we know we are having a boy it’s time to get to naming him. If you have come across a cool boy name recently hook a Ninja up and drop it in the comments. Need you to get those creative juices flowing since I probably wont get my way and name our kid Sir Awesome. And if we pick your name, I’ll even give ya a $100 of our own money (sent via PayPal) 😉

Alright enough baby talk, let’s get on with the Net Worth update…


Cash: $32,454; -$651

Wasn’t expecting anything too exciting here since we paid off a $5,000 credit card bill last month. The holidays and travel weren’t cheap, but they are some of my favorite things to spend money on.

Roth IRA: $48,279; -$1,940

What a lame month. Can’t win them all.

401Ks, Traditional IRAs, etc: $81,702; -$1,560

I’m sensing a trend here. Cash is down. Roth is down. Why not lose money on the 401ks and IRA’s as well?

Home equity: $73,826

If we sold our house today I think we’d reclaim all of our down payment, but probably not much else. I plan to only increase this amount by $400 each month since that is how much our mortgage lowers by when we send off a payment.


Credit Card: $1,678 (change not reflected since balance is paid off each month)

I love it when our credit card balance is under $2,000. Aside from our mortgage, we use our credit card for payment on virtually all of our expenses. Have a few home expenses coming up (tree service, skylights, and electrical work) so probably will have some higher balances over the next few months.

Not a great month for us by any means, but when a lot of your net worth is tied up in a market that hasn’t performed the best, what can you expect? I’ll tell you what you can expect.

A decreasing net worth. Haha.

We’re sitting at $233,583. Which puts us down about $1,500 from last month. Pardon me while I go throw a mini temper tantrum. 

And for those of you who care, here is a recent pic of my main mistress Nova…



You can see all of my net worth updates here.



  1. If she hasn’t already Girl Ninja should check out the Baby Name Wizard website.

    The rule is that the person actually giving birth gets to veto. There has got to be some compensation.

    DD was going to be Jonathan (nn Jonty) Albert (after my husband’s grandfather).

    Caspar/Casper means wealthy or treasurer and Caspar was of course one of the 3 wise men. So fits in with your blog and also your faith (if you are looking for a name with a biblical connection).

  2. Another name worth considering is Edward – means wealthy or prosperous guardian, heaps of nicknames (Ed, Ned). Although the whole Twilight thing might put you off.

    Plus I have no idea what your surname is, so their might be initial issues or rhyming ones.

  3. Edward is going to be our boy’s middle name 🙂
    Lachlan and Jack are nice as first names. I’d like one of those those but it’s going to be hard to come to a compromise with the other half. He doesn’t like my choices and I don’t like his.
    For some reasons I find boys names more difficult to pick than girls names.

  4. When considering, looks at rhymes for the names – things that their names can be turned into to make fun of them. Watch for initial type words. If we had a girl (it was a boy, and no choice – we was the fifth of his name) the front runner was Caitlin Renee for about a week, until we initialized it, and realized CRY probably was not a great thing. How much do you like your name? How would you feel about a Junior? How would you feel about him going by your middle name for most of the growing up?

    Two favorites
    Daniel Alexander (but probably not if you last name starts with ‘M’)
    Christopher Stephen

  5. We just had a little girl, 12 weeks ago. She is our 4th girl in a row. My two oldest are boys, and in my opinion boys are easy! So, congratulations!
    A few of my favorite names for boys are: Brent, Declan, Jace, Seamus.
    When trying to find a name for our last baby, who we named Briar Reece, I spent a lot of time on this blog:
    Good luck in your search for a name!

  6. Dave.

    Rule of thumb, you have to be able to imagine a pirate having that name. That’s when you know it’s a strong name.

  7. My son is Tristan and I LOVE that name! It gets a lot of compliments and funny enough it isn’t too common (at least around here).
    I also liked Xavier, Xaverian, Jackson, and Ty when I was pregnant. We also liked Jordan & Cameron and kept them as unisex names when we were pregnant with our youngest and didn’t find out the gender until she was born.

  8. My new son is going to be Jack. My old son is Eric. Love both names! (Obviously, since I used them on my kids). I also adore the name Max, always have.

  9. I will suggest a Catalan name: Nil
    Easy to write and to pronounce for everybody. In top of that, it’s a nice name!

  10. A coworker is naming his son kieffer danric. Its actually a combo of their names and I thought it was super cute. Really liked danric

  11. My husband was OBSESSED with the name Sledge before our daughter was born (we didn’t know the gender). I have met a man with that name before, so it’s apparently acceptable to some people (not me…haha).

    I was informed that it was a very powerful name, and that there were no reasons to NOT pick it. So very glad we got a Sarah instead 🙂

  12. Whatever you do, take into account how Baby Boy Ninja’s initals will look like. I have a friend with the last name Spinelli, and they contemplated naming their son Paul Michael… until I pointed out the poor kid’s initals would be PMS!! Luckily, they opted for a different first and middle name!

    I’ve always liked the names Scott and Andrew.

  13. Elton.
    Try not to fret too much about the numbers. You’re already doing much better than some folks your age (and even some folks trying to retire in the next five years).

  14. I love the name Max (although I think this was already said!).

    We went for Robbie and I think my next if it’s a boy may be William or Liam (I can’t decide between the two!).

  15. James really appeals to me. It’s my fave uncle’s name. It can be shortened to Jim or Jimmy. It’s just a great, traditional masculine name. I’ll leave the middle name to you and Girl Ninja. ;o)

  16. I love the name Holden, but it sounds really dumb with our last name. Jameson is also super cool but not weird.. this was our runner up but ended up naming our boy Lincoln Ellis… i am a big fan of the old man name. Noah is also a great name 🙂

  17. I named my son Talon Anthony…he’s now 23 and has enjoyed the perks of having a strong and powerful yet unique name. He, and many people over the years believe it is AWESOME.

  18. I think it depends on if you are more traditional in your thinking, or more outside the box.

    With each set of my twins, we picked 2 boy names, and 2 girl names (since we didn’t find out the sex), and out of ALL of the 8 names….only one is traditional (and that is my son who is 11).

    But I will throw out there the boy names that didn’t get used:

    Gage Laughlin
    Zain Reilly (but Zain Reichan, pronounced RYE-kin was my preference)
    Ronan Alexavier

    On the traditional run….I like Joshua, Matthew, and of course my son’s name…but I don’t post that. Sorry!

  19. I really wanted Skeeter, was willing to settle for Skeet and ended up with Trevor. You see how much clout I have! Keep your hundy and get some diapers.

  20. I don’t know what your family name is so it is a bit hard to suggest names for you.
    But PLEASE I beg you, don’t join the ‘surname’ club and give your kid a weird first name.
    My maiden name was Bailey and my married name is Delaney and the amount of kids who now have these names as first names is crazy.
    I gave both my boys nice Irish boy names to go with their Irish family name: Sean and Liam.

  21. I love brainstorming baby name suggestions but posting more than 10 seemed like cheating. Some suggestions of names that sound cool but wouldn’t be ridiculous on a grown-ass man:

  22. What about naming him after someone that represents something you believe in like Friedman after Milton Friedman or Keynes after JM Keynes?

  23. I am partial to Liam and Koen for boys, but my oldest was almost Archer, but Liam won at the last minute.

    Don’t feel like u have to have a name nailed down. We did with my boys, but had a list of 8 names for our third, a girl. When she came none of the names suited her, we borrowed the baby name book from the nurses and came up with Lilah.

  24. Just remember, if the first is Riley, the second (if there is one) can’t be something like Dante.
    I have a Riley, Liam and Makenna. (I wanted Iain, though) I think you should go with Iain.

  25. Nathan (Nate for short)
    Christopher (Classic)
    Noah (Biblical)
    Gareth (Welsh name meaning “Gentle”)
    Harrison (Love Harry for short, or as a name in itself)

  26. We have three boys and we (in my opinion) have been very creative! Lol

    North Niko (he is 6, so we had the name before Kim & Kanye) 😉
    Anchor Bay
    Harbor Night

    Good luck with your creative juices!

  27. I really wanted Declan for a boy but the wife used her veto power.

    For a girl I have always loved Alex and the wife also liked but we ended up going Keira which I also love.

  28. kobe is my top boys name. but in keeping with your ninja theme you may want to consider:

  29. Peter – the name of my favorite apostle. If anyone understood the Grace of God it was him. If you do pick that name, don’t give me $100, give it to Young Life or another person in need.

  30. Seriously, if for some bizarre reason you don’t pick Larry, here are some other boys’ names I think are nice: Matthew, Andrew, Ryan, Alex, Daniel, Todd, Troy, Austin, Colin, Connor, Brian, Zachary, Ethan, Justin, Jason, Scott, Shane, Sean, Brandon . . . .

    (Well, maybe Brandon isn’t so nice.)

    Of course you can give the kid 2-3 middle names.

  31. I teach at an elementary school, and 5-9 years ago Aidan, Jaiden, and Braden were apparently the most common names then, because we have a bunch of them spelled in very imaginable ways.

    I have four sons myself, so I know a little about naming boys. My son Grant loves his name – he’s 24 and still tells me how much he likes it. Other names I like are Blake, Troy, Bryce, Tyler, Adam, Sam; I used a few of these myself and they are still favorites.

  32. I will add this – my cousin has worked in Labor and Delivery nearly 30 years, and she has said that it’s more common than you think for parents to expect a baby of one sex and deliver the other. If that’s the case, my vote for a girl’s name would be Meredith, Carmen, Natalie, or Charlotte.

    I am surprised by the variety of our kinder class this year: lots of what I’d consider older names like Lucy, Esther, Priscilla, Cecilia.

  33. You two are people of great faith so I think you need an

    or my fav right now but not biblical Hudson…….:)

  34. I’m partial to Biblical and family names. My three boys each got a family name for their middle (from Dad and both Grandpas) and a Biblical first name. Since I don’t know your Dad’s names, Joshua Brandon or Matthew Brandon. If you have a David in your family, Matthew David means beloved (David) gift of God (Matthew). Can you tell I have one of those?

  35. Charles and Alexander – traditional but can be shortened if that is desired: Chuck, Charlie, Chas, Alex, Xander, Lex!!

  36. Names:


    haha, those are the names I used to tease my wife with when we started talking about naming our kid. We are expecting our first in April 2014. We chose to not know the gender.

    Congrats on the kido!

    Thanks for posting all your numbers.
    My wife and I just started posting our numbers too!


  37. Personally, I like Jordan. Mostly because it can work for both a boy or a girl’s name. But I already see someone put Jordan up there, so I’m also going to put down Warren. Because they rhyme. Also, Warren G – enough said.

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