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Are you above the golden arches?

I was browsing the internet today when I came across a rather interesting article. You can find the full article here, but this is the gist of it…

McDonald’s creates jobs for long-term unemployed.
Fast food giant McDonald’s is offering 85 jobs to the long-term unemployed across Kent. It is part of a nationwide programme that could see up to 6,000 vacancies at McDonald’s filled by people who have been out of work for at least six months.Job Centre staff will explain the scheme to candidates and those who are interested may be offered a trial in a McDonald’s restaurant…

This article got me thinking two things.

1) Heck Yeah McDeezy! That is super cool to open so many positions in a depressed economy. Although I’m not the biggest fan of your food (your ice cream is amazing though) it definitely makes me respect you more.

2) More importantly, it made me think… If I was “long-term” unemployed would I cruise down to the local McDonalds and turn in my resume? Am I above working for The Man…aka Ronald McDonald? How long would I have to be unemployed before I considered the fast food industry as a temporary employment option? I know one thing for sure, I would work for McDonalds before I would use my credit card to subsidize my bills.

I often listen to the Dave Ramsey Show and listen to people call in complaining that the job market is terrible where they live and they haven’t been able to find a job in 3, 6, or even 12 months. Every time I listen to one of those calls, I think “What kind of jobs are you looking for!?” If you’re unemployed and have bills to pay or mouths to feed you don’t have the luxury of casually browsing the job market. Don’t complain that you can’t get a job when you haven’t walked down to the local 7-11 to apply for one. At some point we need to realize that not one of us is above the blue collared industry and if necessary, I would hope everyone would be willing to say, “Would you like fries with that?”



  1. Very insightful and elucidating blog post, I was recently dialoging this pardigm with my roommate.


  2. Good post!

    Its funny how the McDees and Walmarts have been hated on for so many years during the good life with people making more money than they know what to do. And now that the economy and everything is upside down its these companies that are helping people get through these tough times. I am sure once everything gets back to normal people will start hating them again.

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