Am I old?

Sometimes I think to myself “I can’t believe I’m a grown up!”. I don’t feel old. I don’t look old, and I sure as h-e-double-hockey-sticks don’t act old. I use to think “old” was an age, but I’m quickly learning it’s a lifestyle.

I remember being bored to death when my parents would watch political news. It didn’t make any sense to me. Why was watching some old guy talk about two other old guys interesting? If it wasn’t on MTV, I didn’t watch it. (Still love me some 16 and pregnant…I know…embarrassing).

Same goes for finances. Although I have always enjoyed numbers (self proclaimed math nerd), I hated dealing with money. Did you know I didn’t learn how to write my own checks until I was 21 years old. Twenty-freakin-one. Pathetic right? I also didn’t know how to log in to my checking and savings accounts until after I graduated college. I had to have Mom Ninja sit me down and show me how online banking worked.

As much as I don’t want to accept it, I guess I’ve kind of become a legitimate grown up. I’m married, I manage my own money, and heck, I even cook my own dinner sometimes! I find myself becoming more and more interested in “old guy” stuff like politics and finances. I can’t help but laugh when I reflect on how much I hated the shows my parents watched when I was a kid, to now find myself watching the same darn things.

I sit here wondering “What other things will become interesting to me as I age?” Maybe I will take up quilting, lawn bowling, or listening to AM radio. Wait, what am I saying… in an attempt to enjoy my young spirit, I think I’m going to go buy a pair of Jnco jeans (please tell me someone remembers these), a hacky sack, a set of pogs, and I’m gonna go watch Boy Meets World and Full House (TGIF for the win!!!!).

Have you found yourself enjoying things you once hated (art, coffee, reading for pleasure, history channel, etc)? What “childish” things do you still enjoy (cartoons, video games, Macaroni and Cheese)? At what age does one go from young to old?


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  1. I totally agree with you that “old” is a lifestyle and not an age. This post reminds me of a 20/20 special on the elderly living with their children. One reporter asked a guy why he didn’t live in a nursing home and he responded: There’s so many old people there…and I’m only 81!!!

    That’s definitely gonna be me.

    But, I don’t know about enjoying things I’ve once hated, but I see that I’ve started hating things I once liked. I used to spend all day watching tv, but now, mostly for lack of time, I don’t put my shows on top priority. Still love me some Jersey Shore, Challenge, AND 16 and Preggos. I also stopped eating fast food. Will blog about it some day, but I just can’t stomach Chinese Food or McDs. In that same vein, I also am more interested in working out and in general being healthier. I do still love cartoons, namely SpongeBob Squarepants. That show really isn’t for children…it’s too awesome.

    That said, I’m fully aware of my youth and want to live it to the fullest. I want to always be “old enough to know better, but young enough not to care.”

  2. I go to bed way early (old) but, if given the chance, I sleep late (young). I still have trouble making my own meals – I tend to wait until I’m famished to start cooking – but I’m anal-retentive about planning other aspects of my life (school, in particular). Friends have told me I’m an old soul trapped in a young body… but I’m OK with that actually.

    Also, I’m really looking forward to getting old. I mean REALLY old. I want to be wrinkly and saggy and then I’m going to sit on my porch and heckle neighborhood children. I want to tell stories that begin with “Back in my day…” I want to complain about new-fangled contraptions and how kids these days… etc. I can’t wait! =)

  3. At 44, I certainly don’t feel old mentally, but tell that to my knees and hips! I agree, “old” is a state of mind, and I hope to NEVER get “old” 😉 I find that I don’t enjoy take-out food as much as I used to, I enjoy watching the news and can’t stand loud music. I’m glad for all the lessons I learned back in my younger years, but quite frankly, youth is wasted on the young!

  4. I caught a kid ringing my doorbell and cornered him. I yelled and cussed at him till he was about to cry, all at the old age of 27. I still feel good about it!

  5. I just like hearing that as you age we seem to stay the same…so when you stop changing I guess you stop aging?

  6. I always say I’m the oldest young person (25) I know. In bed by 8:30-9, maybe 10pm at the very latest. I never had my teenage rebellion years, I never really let loose in college and did all the … college-ey things. I mean, what kind of student PREFERS 8am classes? I much enjoy spreadsheets for planning, engaging political discussions, reading about stock markets and the business world, etc. I currently live in a metropolitan area, but recently have begun to refer to it as “the big city,” and am entirely of the opinion that the lifestyle is too fast paced for me and I’d rather live 30+ miles from the nearest Walmart/Target/grocery store / etc.

    That being said, I would like to point out that video games are not a “childish” thing…according to the ESA, the average game player is 37 years old and has been playing games for 12 years. And mac and cheese is still FTW, mostly because it goes with anything! Hot dogs (but I’ve outgrown Fun Dogs and Oscar Mayer…), with pizza, on pizza, or with a nice juicy steak…mac & cheese is great!

  7. I just turned 38, and my wife and I made some observations on this phenomenon.

    It goes both ways. Sometimes I feel like I’m in my early 20s. Sometimes I feel old. Sometimes I feel a mastery of my life. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and declare “this calls for a grown-up!”

    It’s astonishing to me that I’m able to be married … own a home … two cars … two cats … a prestigious job … etc. etc. etc. … while still wearing torn concert t-shirts and stained shorts in my off-time. Are 38-year-olds SUPPOSED to watch pro wrestling and eat Doritos? Are 38-year-olds SUPPOSED to be keenly interested in their retirement funds and potential hernia surgery? Yeah, I can be both.

    But, to answer your question, it all starts going downhill at 30. 25, really, but at 30, it really starts to tank.

  8. I definitely feel old sometimes (I’m 24!) I find it especially in my interest in certain things, like world events or politics. Like, I distinctly remember my prof in first year of university basically begging us to care about the federal election that was going on at the time, and we were all, whatever man. It’s boring. But now? I AM TOTALLY THAT PERSON. It’s like I grew up a little and I guess not so much developed an interest in politics, but I started to understand why such things are really effing important. Now I am completely blown away by adults who claim not to care about politics. How can you not care?!? You’re giving them money and they are running your whole life. Have an opinion!

  9. I seriously haven’t seen “JNCO” in print, in person, in text, or in pictures for 20 years! Thank you for bringing back some HS flashbacks.

  10. The things have not changed, it is my attitude about aging that changed! I am not hinking about getting older, I am old. I am turning 65 years old this year, that was old. I don’t feel old though.

  11. I remember those jeans. Thank you middle school! I’ve been struggling with the same thing lately. Just hit the quarter century mark and it makes you start to reflect. I think it’s all about how old other people perceive you as. “How old would you be if you didn’t know when you were born?” – Warren Miller

  12. Old is a state of mind Ninja. I admit, hubby and I act like old people sometimes. We like to take food to go and eat at home to avoid going out. We cook at home. He watches the History Channel religiously. But we’re still young, and so are you!

  13. You’re old when you consider your retirement and think, hey, that’s not that far away.

    Doesn’t matter if it’s 4 years or 40 years.

  14. How about the fact that I like friday nights at home? I love going to bed before 10pm, and I think sleeping in is until 7am. I am OLD!

  15. I actually love being middle aged.(45) As I often say, you can b***ch about old people and young people in the same sentence. I love that.

    I find getting older is a series of lines. Once you cross a line, there is no going back. Living in Australia, sometimes my husband will say maybe we should stop listening to 3RRR (community radio station – young) and start listening to ABC. But as much as I know that ABC has great programming and I would love it I CAN’T CROSS THE LINE, BECAUSE THERE IS NO GOING BACK!!! the other day I bought a new top for my MIL who is old -86 at this slightly hip old lady store, and they asked me if I wanted a store card. I felt like saying very loudly, “NO, CAN’T YOU SEE I’M TOO YOUNG TO SHOP HERE! I CAN’T CROSS THAT LINE!”

    There have already been lots of lines I have crossed, and gladly, but I know when I do, that’s it, they are crossed. So if you start saying things like, gee the music is loud, young people today, will there be anywhere to sit down etc, etc, a line has been crossed and you have entered middle age.

    Welcome to the darkside!

  16. I always thought when I was a kid that at some point you just feel and know that you are an adult, that there is some shift in personality and consciousness. But as that never really hit me I realized that you just keep your same consciousness and get older, you never really are the adult, you’re always you instead.

  17. Boys Meets World! TGIF! Weeeeee!

    I think it’s all in your attitude! My dad – who is 48 this year – still acts like a kid. He loves goofing around, playing videogames, telling lewd jokes. I mean, if you weren’t looking at him, you might mistake him for a 19 year old! But he’s a responsible adult at the same time. We often poke fun at him for being such a kid at heart, but honestly? I hope I have his attitude when I’m 48! I don’t want to ever be “a grown up”! 😉

  18. I’m getting to the point now at 25 that i’m starting to feel old. I got married, I have owned a condo for 2 years, and i’ve had a full time job through out my last year of college….

    While I miss goofing off and midnight taco bell runs and going to class in my PJ’s with a blanket and pop corn for “lecture hour” (yup… totally did that…) there is something else to be said for being an adult.

    Some of my friends are a bit younger than I am so I still get to morph a bit but my college days are kind of behind me. Its a bit sad to see them go, but its also kind of awesome to start a new chapter.

  19. Reading all your rememberances of being young has me thinking I was never young! I never did, and still don’t like to stay up late, or eat junk food (and not for some fadish or health reson, just didn’t like the taste), listened to ‘old people’ radio stations, didn’t drink (my first beer was age 27, liquor long after that), etc. Didn’t own a TV for the first decade of living on my own, and still don’t watch much other than solid news not trash or faux news),etc. Maybe being told from Kindergarten that I was to be out of the house and get a university education at age 18 cramped any of the ‘natural exuberance’. But, I don’t think I missed out at all! My guidline for old was always ’20 years older than my oldest paren’t…I was therefore never old by my definition. At 40 however the physical body started to tell the tale of years…glasses, then different assorted surgeries, and not the same stamina to do hard physical labour (heavy cleaning, landscaping etc). for 8-14 hours a day for fun/holidays. Or while I still go camping, now I use an airmattress in the tent…Now in my 50’s, I’m lucky to do 4 or 5 hours of hard work before I need a break, and then need to find the motivation to get back at it. However, as my mother at 90 is still going strong (with some minor assistance), traveling internationally, exploring new foods, new experiences, I still say I won’t be old until I’m 110!

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