Almost there

It’s 11:22pm and I’m an hour out of Portland. I’m actually writing all this from my phone :). According to my GPS unit, I’ll be getting to my parents house at 3:39am. That makes my total travel time 24 hours and 39 minutes. Towing my car definitely made the trip take longer.

Anywhoozle, this is all I’m gonna write because I feel a little carsick typing…boo. I’ll be in full force on Tuesday. Here’s a pic of my rig.

Notice I had to go with Budget Truck, irony or intentional personal finance tie in? You decide.

8 thoughts on “Almost there”

  1. Happy moving! (If there is such a thing.) My guess is you’re going to spend more than you want to. Makes me car sick every time I pull in to the gas station!

  2. Hope you are enjoying have the OR gas attendants fill up the truck. I always thought it was a little odd when I drove though Oregon…but now, with 3 kids, I wish WA had the same policy at gas stations:)

  3. Congratulations man.

    As someone who has driven across the country four times, Delaware to Utah, Utah to Delaware, Utah to DC (a seperate trip), and DC to Utah….I feel your pain. What a long expensive road trip. At least you didn’t have to drive through Wyoming or Nebraska (long and painful).

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