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  1. You should really get into traveling the world, even if it's just to confirm how AWESOME San Diego is. America's Finest City! Nice pics – looks like one was taken from Coronado, and the other from Sunset Cliffs?

  2. you have one of the funniest personal finance blog I've ever stumbled upon. I love the way you write and how its directed to young audience like me! Keep it up!

  3. Gee! You look and sound so much like my brother. I wonder if you are his twin. On second thought, you can't be. He doesn't go to church that often.

    Continue to keep your blog real. That's the most enjoyable part!

  4. I read your page on Extreme Couponing and replied before reading your personal profile. I thought you’d be a middle age woman! Oh well. I lived in Temecula for 35 years before moving to another state. Enjoyed your BMX photo because my son raced at the BMX Super Track in Lake Elsinore years ago. It was a good family time traveling around. S. California to the various races. San Diego is a great city.

  5. I’d love to add a comment about autopay but there is no link to click to add one. Could you move my post to that site? thanks!

    I had a cell phone with Sprint and let them deduct my monthly payment from my Chase credit card. I renegotiated my contract to a much more favorable rate (and had it in writing) but they still kept taking the wrong (double) amount out.

    I called Sprint, I called Chase and neither would tell me how to fix this. I started paying Sprint at their store with cash and sent Chase proof.

    I tried to change account numbers 3 x and even completely CLOSED my account but Sprint STILL kept tapping my effing card while keeping my cash payments.

    I asked Chase WHY the were letting Sprint do this when I was the one who had an account with them. They said because I had authorized Sprint to take money through autopay, they were allowed to keep doing this until I got them (Sprint) to give me a cancellation number. Sprint NEVER SAID ANYTHING about this during the numerous calls and visits.

    Sprint could tap my account for whatever they felt I owed until I died. Even if it WASN’T what I actually owed. Grrrr.

    Chase said it wouldn’t even matter if I cancelled the card completely. They and Sprint were legally allowed to do this and I would have to keep paying until GOD stopped it.

    Chase didn’t care. Sprint didn’t care. They were working together to fk me.

    I finally went to a consumer reporter at the local paper and she contacted someone in Sprints PR dept. THAT finally ended it.

    I’m done with Chase and pay Sprint in cash because I DO NOT want to give another cell phone provider my SS#.

    I will NEVER, EVER use autopay again. If you do, you deserve what you get when problems come up.

    Use online banking where YOU are the one who decides what amount goes to the company. Not the other way around.

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