A tree fell on our house. 

No really a Giant tree crashed down on our house yesterday evening during a gnarly Seattle Storm. Check it…


Have a dozen or so holes in our roof and two busted skylights, but otherwise things seem to be in decent shape.

Now I get to go through the process of learning how a homeowners claim is handled.

6 thoughts on “A tree fell on our house. ”

  1. As an Insurance Agent, my best advice is “Document, document, document”. There more paper you can throw at an Adjuster, the easier you make their job and the easier your claim will go. Save receipts, make detailed lists with values, and take pictures.

    And when it comes to claim settlement, I hate to say it but the squeaky wheel gets the grease. If something doesn’t look right or you don’t agree, speak up. You can always request the insurance company to re-adjust or re-appraise if all else fails.

  2. There must be something going around in the PF blog world. Holly over at ClubThrifty just recently wrote about a tree coming down on her rental property. Go over and see how she and her family turned lemons into lemonade.

    Glad you and the family are safe.

  3. I’m relieved to know that none of you were injured. I hope everything goes smoothly with the homeowner’s claim and the repairs. Good luck!

  4. As long as you, your wife and son are safe the rest is fixable. I agree make sure you take tons of pictures and make tons of notes. But thank God you are safe

  5. Holy crap dude! Huge bummer. We got that same storm here in PDX, but no down trees at our house (we only have a Charlie Brown tree in our yard, so no worries).

    Hope all goes well with the cleanup. Could be a fun day to play with a chainsaw?

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