7 tips to choose a forex broker in Singapore

To be a successful forex trader, you need to choose a reliable and reputable forex broker. Forex brokers are market intermediaries that allow retail traders access to the forex market.

Forex brokers can make or break a trader’s career. For this reason, it is important that you conduct thorough research on the forex broker that you choose to trade with. Here are a few tips to consider when picking a forex broker.

An easy to use and understand trading platform

Forex traders allow you, the trader access to the forex market through a trading platform. It is important that you choose a forex broker who offers an easy to use platform. A trading platform is a website that allows traders to trade forex and even take out their profits from the markets.

Security of your funds

When picking a forex broker, ensure that you pick one who is trusted by others and is registered with a regulator. This ensures your peace of mind that your money is safe and is unlikely to get lost in the hands of the broker.

In Singapore for example, there are brokers who have been in existence for over twenty-five years. This shows their professionalism and that customers trust them with their hard-earned cash.

Spread levels

Forex brokers make their money on the spreads that they offer. However, the spreads should not be too high as to eat into your profits. Even as the broker makes money, a good broker ensures that their clients are also making profitable trades.

Where the spreads are too high, forex brokers make their money while traders are left with very little profit that does not sustain their forex trading activities. As a trader, compare the spreads from your selected forex traders before settling on one.

Easy access to your money

Another feature of a good forex broker is that, through them you can easily access your money or deposit money to trade.

A forex broker who makes it difficult for you to deposit your money or access your profits after a trade is not a professional broker. Forex brokers primarily exist to ensure a smooth and easy access to the forex market.

Forex brokers should be seen making it difficult for their clients to trade or access their profits once they have exited a trade successfully.


Leverage is an important factor in a retail forex traders’ business. Leverage in forex refers to a loam that forex traders provide to their clients to enable them to take advantage of trade position that they could not without it. Leverage is considered a boon to the trader when they are in a large profit position and a disadvantage when in a loss position.

Different forex brokers offer different rates of leverage. Depending on your trading strategies and techniques, it is important that you consider the rate of leverage offered by your preferred forex broker.

Currencies you can trade

The best forex brokers offer their clients an opportunity to trade a variety of currency pairs and even in other asset classes. Before you pick a forex broker to assist in your trading, ensure that you are aware of the number of currency pairs you can trade on their platform. Also find out if there are other assets you can trade.

Besides forex, brokers allow their clients to access commodity and equity markets and recently they allow their customers to trade online currencies such as Bitcoin.

A broker with a wide variety of investment opportunities offers their clients more than a single avenue to make money in.

Customer relations

This is an important in assessing a forex broker to choose. Ensure that they communicate quickly are intent on serving their customers.


Considering all factors when choosing forex broker ensures that you are focused on trading. A good forex broker is the first step to becoming a successful forex trader. Therefore, carry out thorough research and choose wisely.

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