7 Easy ways to save money

It’s often hard to save money when you have bills and rent or a mortgage to pay. To help make it easier to increase your savings, we’ve highlighted 7 different ways to save money.

1. Change one habit

Often your habits could be costing you a lot more money than you realise. Try just changing one habit and you’ll be amazed by how much you can increase your bank balance dramatically in the long term.

Some of the habits you can change include:

• Stop drinking coffee from cafes and start making these at home or work instead. You can also try not drinking coffee.
• Get rid of your gym membership and exercise outdoors instead. If you like doing weight training, buy a cheap set secondhand online and use these.
• Rather than buying lunch, make your lunch at home.
• Have your friends or family over for dinner instead of going out.

2. Save money on clothing

There are many ways you can save money on clothing, while still having a great wardrobe! Here are some of these below:

• Don’t buy any clothing that requires dry cleaning.
• Before you decide to go ahead and buy something make sure the item of clothing matches other things you have in your wardrobe, so you won’t have to invest in other clothing to make up the outfit.
• Go to op shops and markets to find bargains.
• Shop when there is a stocktake sale or season clearance.

3. Look for savings on groceries

You can save heaps of money by cutting back the cost of what you spend on groceries. Some of the different ways you can do this are listed below:

• Go to supermarket chains that are known to be cheaper for your groceries.
• Keep an eye out for items you regularly buy that are on sale and buy these during this period.
• Buy long-life grocery items in bulk when these are on sale and put these into storage. An example of this is cans of soup or vegetables and packets of rice.

4. Save on your bank fees

Do the research and find banks that have no account keeping fees or don’t charge overdrawn fees or have a minimum deposit amount.

5. Shop smart using shopping coupons

You can find shopping coupons for everything from clothing and dining through to entertainment and travel. By using shopping coupons it allows you to save money while enjoying everything you love. You can find these offers by accessing a promo code and coupons portal.

6. Save money on electricity

We often use more electricity than we need around to the home, but just by making some changes to our lifestyle we can save on electricity and also be more environmentally friendly. Make the switch to only having lights turned on in the rooms you are in at night, rather than turning on several lights. Have shorter showers, to save on water heating. Also, limit your use of heating by warming yourself with blankets or throw rugs.

7. Ride your bike to work instead of using the car

If you’re close to work, why not ride your bike? It not only saves on petrol costs but it is also better for the environment!

These are just some of the many ways you can grow your savings quickly and easily!