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5 Ways to Increase Small Business Profitability

Experienced business owners understand the difference between making more money and creating a more profitable business model. Indeed, more income may not necessarily translate into more profit, sustained growth, and a better company overall. Because, if a model is flawed, more sales will come with higher costs. To help businesses owners form a winning financial plan, here are five ways that you can increase your company’s profitability:

Streamline Ecommerce Features

An ecommerce store is a great asset to many businesses. After all, ecommerce stores allow consumers to purchase products from anywhere, at any time. However, some companies make mistakes in their ecommerce payment setup. Asking for too much information or requiring consumers to jump through too many hoops can curb the effectiveness of an ecommerce site and drive visitors away. Streamline your processes and make it easy for your customers to buy the items they want!

Stop Outsourcing

Freelancers, marketing agencies, IT companies –– they all provide quality value for small businesses. Yet, at the end of the day, a lot of companies can save money by bringing these services in-house. True, this transition may take time and could cause some growing pains, but in the long run it will likely prove the most cost-effective route.

Refinance a Loan

Securing a business loan can be an excellent way to cover costs and promote expansion. Refinancing that loan at the right time can be an even better way to free up more cash and save your company money. In addition, you may want to consider paying off a loan in full if you’ve got the extra capital –– that way you can avoid paying off interest rates for months or years.

Cut Costs

Want to make your business more profitable? Then consider cutting costs. Look for inefficiencies within your expense sheet. Odds are, even the most well-run small businesses are paying for goods or services that aren’t providing decent value in return.

Prioritize Sales

Whether your company sells sophisticated lab equipment like tissue culture flasks or more commonplace products like area rugs, reorganizing your business model to focus on sales will likely boost your profitability. By turning your attention toward generating high quality leads, hiring extra sales staff, and deploying more ambitious marketing and sales tactics, you can increase your company’s sales numbers in a significant –– and sustainable –– manner.

The Bottom Line

Some business owners may not enjoy poring over their company’s numbers and financial reports, but it’s an important task all the same. A business that isn’t profitable simply won’t last very long. So take these five tips into consideration if you’re looking to climb out of debt and create a successful enterprise.


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