5 Reasons You Should Start a Blog as a Side Hustle

Is money a little hard to come by? Having some trouble making ends meet? Your regular job just not bringing in quite enough each paycheck to get ahead? Worrying whether that job will keep going?

Maybe you need a side hustle. But not a minimum wage, part time second job. You need something with a little more to it than that. Here’s some reasons starting a blog might be just what you are looking for.

1.Low Risk Opportunity for Entrepreneurship

If you’ve ever wanted to try to start a business, but found the investment a real barrier, starting a blog is much cheaper than most business startups. Your first year has a few initial costs, but even including those you can spend less than two hundred dollars to start your blog. That’s a remarkably low startup cost for any business.

Tired of working for someone else? With a blog, you can be the boss. You can set the schedules, decide on content, make all the choices. Everything is in your hands and you get to call the shots. (Whether you’re ready to form an LLC or not).

2. You Can Actually Make Money with a Hobby

If you are considering starting a blog, you probably have a topic in mind. And it is probably something you enjoy, something you are passionate about. You would probably spend time on it anyway, even as a hobby. Now you get to use your hobby as an investment and get a return on it. Way to do what you love!

3. You Can Expand Your Skill Set

Feel like your day to day job just doesn’t push you very hard? Or maybe it is pushing you far out of your comfort zone. Either way, with your blog you can control how challenged you are. Want to dig deep into a subject and learn something new and complicated? Or maybe try a new writing style? Or dial it back and only write one post a week, taking your time over the weekend to polish it and get it right? It’s all up to you.

Starting a blog is bound to teach you a lot of new things. How to make a wordpress blog for one. How to compare hosting services. What to consider for advertising or other ways of ‘selling space’ on your site and making money from your blog. Each post you write can include new research teaching you more about your topic.

If you aren’t learning new things, you are probably polishing up existing skills. If nothing else, your writing will get a workout. You will have every chance to practice and get better at it.

4.You’ll Learn to Prioritize with Time Management

Getting everything done, day job, side hustle, family and friends, takes some organization. Meeting deadlines for your blog means figuring out what is most important and organizing your time. You can’t publish until you’ve written. You can’t write until you’ve researched. And make sure you have time for editing before you post.

With no one but you to schedule things, you’ll quickly learn that time management is a treasured skill.  Without it, things tend to fall apart. If you struggle with time management, get ahead of the game by structuring your day with apps like Trigger and Harvest. Keeping yourself accountable may be the biggest challenge you face.

5. You Can Diversify Your Income

And it isn’t just about making money, it’s about having the money come in from more than one source. If the only place your money comes from is your day job, you will live in constant, low-grade fear that something will happen and you will lose all your income. Working a blog on the side gives a new revenue stream independent of that. Diversifying your investments is a good way to build your financial portfolio. Work to diversify your funds.

As nice as all this sounds, don’t expect to be financially independent overnight. Blogs can take a long time to reach the point where money is rolling in. The advice ‘Don’t quit your day job’ applies here. Until you’ve built your blog up to the point where it can provide all your needs, stick with that day job as long as you can. At some point your side hustle may start bringing in more money that the steady job. Don’t stop until it starts costing you money to go to work.